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  1. Wow !! They paid up already. I went away on holiday for 3 weeks on 6 June. Got back on 30th June to find Allocations Questionnaire for which I had missed the return by date - and the two letters from Lloyds - one standard blurb stuff and one conditional offer for the full amount I was claiming plus added interest to date !! I signed and posted conditional offer on Monday and they paid it into my account TODAY !! I WON !!! I need to get this transfered to SUCCESSES !!
  2. Hi. Just starting myself a thread here cos I am sure I am going to be needing it. I just lodged my N1 with the court today after following through with all previous steps to the letter. My claim is for £1136 plus 8% APR. To date I have had the standard waffle from Lloyds about how they aim to respond within 8 weeks ....blah, blah, blah...... look into my case/complaint.....blah, blah....will get back to me....etc. I will shout up if I need help, and will keep you informed of the progress. Many thanks for all the help and info I have gained so far from this site. GiveitbackTSB.
  3. Hello everyone. I have been a member here for a while, reading through everything and following the steps to reclaim charges from Lloyds TSB. Today I filled out N1 and handed that in at the court. I used the simple excel version of the spreadsheet to add 8% APR. I am claiming £1136 plus interest dating back from 2002 onwards. The total is just under the £1500 mark. I will start a new thread under "Lloyds" as I am sure I will be needing help and advice from here on in. Just thought I would stop in here and say Hi and thank you all for your help so far. GiveitbackTSB.
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