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Status Updates posted by freakyleaky

  1. BF and Dave have still not accepted. I am getting paranoid now.:D

  2. Right so if i post in here can it be seen by all?:confused:

    Just trying to work out the "conversation" thing. All posts are lumped together but if you click on conversation then it just shows the posts between user and individual. I don't get it?

  3. So what do people think of this new messaging thingy? Good idea or not?

  4. Jo, your pm box is full.

  5. Webby is sic. (apparently that means really great or similar):D

  6. Aww you got no friends Roosty.:(

  7. Hi UK.:) Good this innit.

  8. Hello BF. I see you have no friends yet? Well crusher and me will be your friends if you promise to play nicely.:)

  9. Awwww you still only got 2 friends.:( Mind you Pete and I are the only 2 worth having.:D

  10. Yeah PM's are still ok. Just don't confuse the 2. Especially if you are talking about Pete.:D

  11. Oh look at that. 12 friends. Thats 10 more than in real life.:D

  12. hey crusher don't call me weird i have just made friends with you!

  13. Just dropped in to say Hi Johnny. :)


    And to let everyone know that these messages can be read by everyone. :D

  14. I have just been messing and have "requested" the frienship of Bankfodder. I hope he wants to be my friend. I hate rejection.:D

  15. Can I be your friend please?:) LOL

  16. I just don't get the need for it myself. I am even more confused than usual.:rolleyes:

  17. Hey Kenny. I am just getting the hang of this. Reporting my post eh?:o I only wanted to be friends. LOL:D

    I thought these messages were private but everone can see them.

  18. Awwww you've only got one friend. Do you want me to be your friend?:D

  19. Can I be your friend please?:o

  20. Just saying hi and in awe of how many friends you have already.:) I am really trying to see how this thing works:rolleyes:

  21. I will just let you know that these messages can be seen by everyone i think.

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