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  1. Of course he or she should be; it's not MBNA but the FOS ombudsman that needs to be telling MBNA to bring you back to the status quo
  2. Well I am still waiting too. It has been such an extraordinary long time since my complaint went to my ombudsman:-x I doubt very much as to whether any human is looking at my case. But every three months I receive a template letter; no manual intervention, which says: "...an ombudsman will review your complaint and the points you've made before making a final decision; it can take some time for a case to be reviewed by an ombudsman but I'll continue to keep you updated about your complaint every three months." Answers on a postcard, please. If you all think that this, probabl
  3. I have today (27/01/16) received another holding letter; foot dragging... "Dear Grumpy, I’m writing to update you on your complaint against MBNA. Your case is currently waiting to be allocated to an ombudsman to review for a final decision. The points you’ve raised will be considered by an ombudsman before they make his/her final decision. I’m sorry for the length of time it’s taking to resolve your complaint and I appreciate your patience. I’ll continue to keep you updated about your complaint, until it is passed to an ombudsman, but If you have any further qu
  4. Quite so, Miaspa 2010! Clearly MH did not even re-review my case, as promised, as it only took him 6 working days to fire off his 'my position remains the same' fob off routine email. And then firing off the following letter by snail mail, which has been delivered today. But dated Friday 09 October 2015; the same date as the email. "Dear Grumpy, An ombudsman will review your complaint. Because you did not agree, and ombudsman will review your complaint and make a final decision. If the ombudsman's conclusions are different to mine, they will explain why and let you reply
  5. An update on my position. As I thought my FOS adjudicator has not listened nor understood my protestations, as I have just received the following:- "Dear Grumpy I’m writing in response to your letter dated 21 September 2015, and the further information you’ve supplied, which I’ve added to your complaint. I’m sorry for the delay sending you my reply. Following my email on 30 September below, I’ve looked at the letters you’ve sent me and the comments you’ve made in your letter of the 21 September. You’ve said that you feel I’ve been hasty in referring your complaint to an ombuds
  6. Due to the fact that I did not accept my FOS adjudicator's initial opinion, my case is being freshly reviewed; I did supply further documentary information as well as requesting that my initial queries be properly answered. So, we will see but don't hold your breath!
  7. I have now responded to the FOS adjudicator's preliminary opinion. So, for now it is sit back and wait but don't hold you breath...
  8. Miaspa2010, My FOS adjudicator made little reference to the Minimum ('M') scenario, seeming to prefer lengthy explanation about the Full ('F') payment scenario. He is unaware, that I hold a large file of papers regarding my MBNA credit card account which provide documentary evidence that I had not consistently made just M payments for over 6 months. But, even if I had not kept my MBNA statements I could quite easily calculate a minimum payment by checking on my Bank statements the repayments made to MBNA for each and every given month; I hold the MBNA T&Cs original and varied too.
  9. Well, after much foot dragging and copious excuses I have received the long awaited FOS Adjudicators 'Opinion'. And yes no surprise; complaint not upheld. Miaspa10, suggested we start by naming and shaming these FOS Adjudicators. Therefore, I will kick the ball off by naming & shaming number 1: edited This is not sour grapes as edited is so incompetent that he sent my data sensitive FOS 'opinion' to the wrong address; one that I move from over 1 year ago!!! He did not comprehend or even attempt to explain my concern over the 'M' scenario but went to great length to expl
  10. 16 August 2013: MBNA final response and logged complaint with FOS same date; 03 February 2014 FOS adjudicator investigating; 06 August 2014 sent of mass complaint letter to FCA, McAusland & Wayman; 13 August 2014 FCA contacting FOS; 19 September 2014 FOS apologise for delay but still looking at calculations; 24 September 2014 FOS still talking to MBNA and looking closely at their calculations; 15 October 2014 FOS state that they do not have the software to enable them to calculate; 29 November 2014 FOS still considering; 02 April 2015 FOS still considering. Thus so far
  11. How interesting, as I wrote a letter of complaint addressed to both Tony Boorman and Caroline Wayman who asked another FOS individual to respond on their behalf. This individual with the exalted FOS title of, Head of Casework Teams is a Mr. Stephen Dickie. To be frank, I am of the opinion that Mr Dickie does not have a 'dicky bird' about how the true calculations should be done, in order to bring MBNA PPI complainant customers back to the Status quo. Instead of which he started banging on about going to the Independent Assessor - Ms Amerdeep Somal. But, I was not complaining about t
  12. Good Morning! Yes - I have not yet been allocated an FOS Adjudicator, even though my complaint has been logged with the FOS for quite some time,: approximately 18 months. Also, it would appear that Ms McAusland has made no link/tie up between individual complaints made and those of us who sent out the mass complaint open letter. I believe that is due to the manner in which their computer system works. I believe that it was designed along the lines of a 'Call Centre' or, 'Call Centres. My MP is useless, the Government sacked him from a junior ministers position and he will not b
  13. Good Evening, I have also received a letter from Ms. Vicki McAusland - FOS Lead Adjudicator. Ms. McAusland, apologises for her delay in resonding about MBNA and its credit card payment protection insurance redress... "Since last I wrote to you we have been looking closely at the way MBNA carries out its calculations. We have asked MBNA for more information about its calculations and when we've had responses to ALL our enquiries we should be in a position to respond to your concerns. Its taking longer than we had hoped so thank you for your patience while we look into it..
  14. Good afternoon everybody! Both letters have been printed and now in sealed envelopes ready for posting by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery at approximately 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. Reason for sending by Recorded Delivery: I do not trust anyone within the financial industry. Come on everybody, time to bring this shower to account:mad2:
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