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  1. Hi all,


    Im looking for some advice on the refund of British passport fee. I applied for 2 new passports recently. These applications were declined on the basis of 'nationality' issues after me having phoned them for further advice (they have provided this to me incorrectly)


    The problem is I have paid £150 for 2 passports and have been told this fee is not refundable. I have written to complain but they have refused to give this fee back due to the 'administration' involved with the applications.


    I now need to sort out the nationality issues and reapply (paying another fee) of course. ANY ADVICE PLEASE

  2. Can anyone help. I have sent my N1 Form to the Sheriff Court yesterday with my £80 cheque, it was received this morning. Iv just heard about the banks High Court case and I am wondering whether I should just wait and see what happens or try to get my paperwork/ cheque back and then hand it in based on the decision that is made by the High Court. Any advice? I would hate to be £80 down after already paying the bank charges

  3. Thats time up since the letter before action letter, iv not heard a single word from Lloyds (surprise, surprise).


    Im a bit concerned as I dont have the Terms and Conditions for the account from just over 6 years ago. Is this crucial? Especially when im ready to proceed with court action.


    If so what do I do from here? Iv kept perfect records of each step of the claim.



  4. I am currently putting together a list of the charges I will be claiming from Lloyds. My previous statements show a monthly 'Account Charge Fee' of £4/£5. Can anyone confirm what this 'fee' is, and if i can claim this back aswell.


    I also have a 1 off overdraft usage fee????



  5. Use Special Delivery, it costs more but is guaranteed next day and you can track it and get a signature. Iv been using it to make sure that Loyds do not claim that they dont have my requests.

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