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  1. Hi all, After a number of very nervous days and nights, I have decided to hand my claim to an idependant company to see through. My luck is the FD will attend court, the court papers are, to me a mine field. I have completed stuff that I really do not understand, the draft of direction is confusing to say the least. Finaces and courts are not my thing. I know FD will have a field day, that is our luck. Good luck to all. Bank warrior.
  2. Do I have to send a copy of the draft Order for Directions, to FD solicitors? Also should I have mentioned on my N149, that many banks have settled out of court and I beleive the banks are wasteing court time? I have attached a copy to my court allocation question form N149, which I have returned to the courts. A very big thank you for all the advice I have recieved thus far.
  3. Hi. Just printed off Draft direction and attached to my N149. Many thanks for you advice again. Should I make reference that the First Direct have settled accounts prior to court action and highlight that this may well be wasteing court time? Again Thank you in antisapation of your advice. Bank warrior.
  4. Hi livelylad Very many thanks for your advice. I have copied it to my documents file and I will process it tonight. Will keep you updated. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Guys, I need your advise again, sorry:???: . I have recieved N149 form. I have read the notes on this form on this site but I am a little confused. I know it does'nt take much. On section G, do I copy the details from this site detailed "Draft Directions". Im nervous enough of attending court and last thing I want is to give FD a home goal by me stupidly filling out the forms. HELP:o
  6. Hi, Can anyone offer any advise? I am at present attempting to reclaim my bank charges. First Direct offered me £1000.00 less than what I claimed. So I registered with the on line courts. I now have recieved notice that Fisrt direct will defend the claim in court. I recieved a court notice from my local courts. Anyone been this far?
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