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  1. This topic was closed on 2019-03-08. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I think you've failed to follow a lot of this and I apologise for that. I know it is a bit messy. Yes 90% of my correspondence is written and I have the replies. This is an issue where a company has issued a default against a person who has never had a service with them. Never even paid them. Never had a contract with them. Had nothing at all to do with them. This has cost me a lot of money, time and worry and YES i will continue. I will also do what you've advised and send off an SAR in the morning. I'll keep you informed.
  3. I have had no bill from Scottish Power. I have nothing to do with property so have no idea if they've sent them there.
  4. Never paid any council tax and the council have never ever asked for any and have my address on the land registry. They used this to contact me originally.
  5. It's really just guesswork though. I never took out an account with them verbally or written. I never paid a bill. Never spoke to them and then they keep the account open for 3 years without payment ?? Then wait another 4 years to issue a default. This can't be right.
  6. That is a fair assumption but why then say I have an account starting in Aug 2010 and also ask me for payment going back to 2011. This has caused me huge problems over the last 6 months and is costing me daily higher rates of interest. A bill they have just sent me with my name on dated Nov 2011 has an estimated reading from Aug 2011 and estimated Nov 2011. I'm guessing it only has my name on as they have just printed it and it has pulled my name as the account holder but the date of account opened Aug 2010 which shows on my default has me puzzled. You can see how I'm going around in circles.
  7. The property was bought as part of a portfolio on long 999 year leases. I owned the freehold. The few pounds a year was never paid and it became too troublesome chasing payment. I never met the tenant.
  8. Land registry do not have copy of lease. No idea as I've never met him. No council tax off him since 2011 hence why council contacted me. No that is 100% correct I sent claim off on Thurs to Glasgow. After reading your posts in hindsight I probably would have served in England. I haven't discussed this before. I was involved more back in 2006 regarding bank charges etc. Then recently about council tax.
  9. I don't know. I was the freeholder and he/she had a very long lease. I started getting letters from the Council in 2012 saying that they'd compulsory purchase or carry out emergency repairs as the roof was caving in.
  10. Yes but I only got possession on 2/4/13 and it was sold straight away............ ..within weeks as I couldn't get insurance because it was derelict. Hence why I asked to remove meters. Default says ACCOUNT start date 5/8/10 GONE AWAY. I must stress I have never ever made a payment or took an account with them. Balance £4701.00
  11. Scottish Power. They were asked to remove the meters after I received possession and that is what they did. This made it even more bizarre when they did not close the account. When I spoke on the phone she confirmed that she could see the meter had been removed. I guess this is why they've now changed the date of closure but even that is still wrong.
  12. I understand but if they saw how many sleepless nights I'm having over this then maybe they'd take more care. Thanks for that case. The problem is at the moment this issue is causing me financial loss on a daily basis as well as the worry.
  13. Thanks I will tell you the company but I guess I need to get a copy of the SAR first. When I spoke to them a few weeks ago they said that they could see the date in 2013 when the call was made requesting removal which confirms what I say. Is it too late to get an SAR as because I was getting nowhere I gave them notice before issuing a summons. That should hit their doormat in the next few days. I have provided them a copy of the possession order from the court in April 2013. Why would I get that if I already had possession in 2011? I have also provided Land Registry Docs lodged with the Land Registry for sale of the property later that same month. They have this proof. Although the original default which is still on there was for about £4600 I have since received correspondence stating that I 'will be responsible for the charges from July 2011 up to the date that you sold the property in July 2013'. The revised amount is £1,163.80. I sold the property in April 2013 and it was resold because apparently it was in need of too much repair in July 2013. I have this latter period to prove and also the period before the court gave me possession on 2nd April 2013. I have never had a contract verbally or written. I've never used the service. I've never lived there. It's had absolutely nothing to do with me.
  14. I need some help urgently as I'm really on the verge of a breakdown with this. Until Sept I had a near perfect credit record and then as I was looking to take advantage of a renewing a few 0% credit card deals I started to be rejected. It soon became clear that I had a default for £4,600 on my credit file. I enquired with the company concerned and it relates to a property that I owned and had to take possession of in April 2013. It's a long story but it was derelict after it was abandoned by a previous long term tenant. Because I could not get insurance I sold it within 3 weeks of the possession order to a local builder. I also asked the utility company to remove the meters as with the property empty and falling apart it was the safe and right thing to do. So I thought it would be straight forward after I explained to them but not at all. After numerous calls and letters they say that it was in my name since Nov 2011 and sent me a bill with my name on. This could only have been obtained by the land registry or added on since I asked them to remove the meters in 2013. I have not been able to obtain finance since Sept 2017 and am falling into arrears with my finances. I'm in constant tears - I know this might sound irrational. I have just issued a summons for the costs and absolute distress for over £2,800 because I'm getting absolute desperate. I'm not greedy but this is really tearing me apart. I've kept the name of this major supplier off here as I can't think straight and don't want to say anything that might damage my case. Any thoughts please?
  15. I did send attachments of photos of medicine, hospital and my mental health specialist letter. It was ignored by baillif. Not holding my breath waiting for a reply by Newlyn themselves although an email was sent. In the meantime the texts continue. I did honestly call in August. At the time I was in and out of hospital and I genuinely thought I'd paid it and was just confused.
  16. I was going to post the full conversation but it's proving difficult. The reason for the quick replies is because it's the bailiffs phone by text. Emails have gone to council and the bailiffs head office.
  17. Well I've had a response from Newlyn. They still want their money. Not interested in the medical evidence. Not interested in providing a call. Sadly they appear unanswerable to anybody. I've now emailed my Council to advise them. In the meantime just had another intimidating text..................... .we're coming round to take possessions. Furious. ill, anxious.
  18. I have text the number on the notice of removal as he wasn't answering. He did reply though saying that that in 'August you was advised of your payment date. As such additional fees are warranted given you last payment before action was on 14/7/17' When I questioned this he said 'As I have said the fees are warranted. An fee free to contact the council. As I have explained we have done nothing wrong. You have not made your payments as such it is warranted'. I then pressed about my mental health condition and he replied 'Can you please provide proof of any medical issues you wish to be taken into account. And I have not made a comment on the call as I was not on it. But this is your dent as such your responsibility to make payments.' I have since made Aug and Sept payment and sent in lettres from hospital. mental health practitioner and photo of my meds with my name on. He also said there may be a fee to listen to call.
  19. I really need some help. Back in May I got an enforcement notice for unpaid Council Tax of £949.70 from Newlyn I rang them up and agreed to pay £125 a month. I paid June and July and I rang August to be told that I'd already paid and to call in middle of Sept. Today I had a visit from a bailiff whilst I was out saying they came to remove goods and also added £235. I can pay £125 but I feel I've been conned. I work
  20. Yes it is the first offer. The solicitor however has said in her letter 'I strongly urge you to accept this offer as if the judge awards less you are likely to receive nothing'...............or words to that effect. I'll look for Kemp & Kemp
  21. It is mate. A solicitors who advertises regular for car accidents. She's not greedy and expecting a fortune. Just her Mum think that having to be rushed to hospital with head injuries (albeit later finding out superficial). Having head scans and scans of ribs etc. Missing exams. Being in pain for weeks and having PTS thinks it a bit low. 8-9k and she'd be happy but solicitor says accept now because if you go to court and the judge awards £1 less you'll end up with nothing.
  22. Could I please ask a bit of advice for a friend. She is only young and was hit by a car whilst walking home one night. She was on the pavement and the car insurer has obviously accepted full liability. She went to a Solicitor who has urged her to accept an out of court settlement of £5,500 She had head injuries and needed stitches Had 3 broken ribs Post Traumatic Stress Missed her exams Three weeks loss of salary Out of this she needs to pay her Solicitor 25% Does this seem a fair settlement?
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