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  1. Considering my local court is Croydon County Court I can imagine i'll be in for some wait - LOL. Thanks, a great help as always!
  2. Ok cool. I think i'll sit and wait then. Approximately how long do most people wait to have a court date allocated to them?
  3. Hi guys, I returned my AQ as well as the CPR 18 request to my local court and Cobbetts as needed. My response to Cobbetts CPR 18 request is as below and a combination of a some of the templates on here (thank you) as well as my own workings. My general stance was that all the information they require has already been provided. Also that the CPR 18 request was not suitable for the small claims track and that I feel that the sole purpose of this request is intimidation. Despite my objections I complied with their request as best as I could. My response was as follows.
  4. Hi guys, Is the £100 that needs to be sent with the AQ reclaimable?
  5. Hello comrades, Received the defence and CPR 18 request for more info from Cobbetts today. I am ready to fire back with one of the template letters detailing the intimidation and the fact that I have already supplied the info a number of times. A couple of questions: 1, I haven't received an AQ as of yet. I know that I should reply to the CPR 18 request by writing to Cobbetts and sending a copy to my local county court. However, I am confused as to who the local county court are. Are they the Northampton county court detailed in cobbetts correspondence?
  6. Hi guys, I sent my letter off declining their offer on the 20/12/06. Yesterday, however I receive a letter dated 30/12/06 from Natwest. The letter was basically exactly the same as I received last time round offering me the same amount of money that I declined last time. I just had to sign and accept within one month The only thing that seems to have changed is the date. Is this another delay tactic after they know well and truly that I am going to reject such an offer a second time? What type of a response shall I write to this lastest offer? Has anyon
  7. Superb. Thanks for everything - will keep you all posted.
  8. Cool. Last question. In the template letter you posted above should I just give them a total of the fees that I want refunded or shall I edit it slightly to include the breakdown of refund of charges plus court fees @ £120 plus interest @ 8% accruing at X amount per day? Is this necessary for legitimacy or am I just over egging it for this response?
  9. Ok, I think that is what I will do then - cheers! What do you think is the next likely step for them? Are they likely to say fair enough or do they start playing hardball now? Up until now Cobetts have not been involved. I expect that by the time your suggested response gets to them with the Xmas post and all Cobetts would have put in their defence and the long drawn out process begins - something I have avoided thus far. Sod it, I never expected anything back this soon so I think I will fight them all the way with this even if it takes another 6 months. Thanks again.
  10. Hi guys, The latest is that I issued my Court claim on the 12th December and it was deemed as served on the 17th December. However, today I received a letter in the post from NatWest dated the 16th of December offering to refund all of the 6 years charges incurred. It goes on to say that I have one month to accept their full refund of £1,130 but if I am not willing to accept it as full and final settlement to let them know in the enclosed envelope. The problem now is that with my court claim I applied for 8% interest which has currently accrued to £357.61. Also I
  11. Just filled out the MCOL paid the £120 and submitted the claim. Now we wait - I will keep you all informed.
  12. Hi guys, Quick question. Currently filling out my MCOL. I am not sure what to put down as the address of the defendant. My prelim letter and my LBA I addressed to the manager of my branch. Shall I continue with this or should I use the Natwest registered address as the address of the defendant? Probably a silly question but thanks.
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