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  1. so whats the point in sending a CCA request if the creditor can still take you to court with an unenfforceable agreement, surley this thread contradicts this whole forum. is this after april 2007 ???
  2. any news on wether they got there licence renewed?
  3. problem with spread betting you can lose more than you have in your betting account,
  4. was this Graduation day for mrs dyde, her first CCJ?
  5. these lot sent an old age pensioner to my door 4 times in 2 weeks, his name was mr donald curtis, this man was not very nice, if he knocks on your door do not entertain him, he discussed this alleged debt with my parents and tried to get them to pay, so i wouldnt have to face court. when I cca'd Mrs Dyde closed file and sent back to the OC
  6. when i lived in great yarmouth a Mr Donald Curtis car reg (MG02) called at my house clamming to be from MoorcRap. shouting at all and sundry, telling everyone my business. watch out for this man, do not entertain him
  7. look forward to the halifax sending an old age pensioner around to your gaff via moorcroft to try and recover 50 quid a week of your debt
  8. a grand for a pony? cant you get a free one nowadays, horse refugees are full horses and ponys looking for a good home
  9. at the end of the day edited way made 15 mill in 07, and 6 mill first half of 08. sadly a buyers gonna be found and business as usual
  10. lets hope mr curtis has been taken off the streets of norfolk for good
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