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  1. The first 12 days are up tomorrow (thurs 17th may) I still have not heard anything regarding the CCA from MCS, I know I have to give them another 30 days before they have committed an offence, but i'm still not sure whether my brother should stop his payments tomorrow or when the 30 days are up. Also should i send them another letter or again wait until the 30 days?
  2. thanks, as usual your advice is appreciated
  3. I'm dealing with MCS for my brother, MCS, & DG Solicitors are part of HSBC, I have already started my own thread but currently Iam approx 2 weeks into the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) for hsbc and MCS have until the 17th May to produce the CCA. Liz (hope you don't mind me calling you liz) at what point did you stop payments to MCS, like i said my brothers CCA request they have until the 17th May did you give them the first 14 days to cancel your payments or did you wait the other 30 days? any advice would be grateful Thanks
  4. received letter from them today saying they were sorry to hear they havn't met the high standards etc etc etc They also say that one of their colleagues will be in touch within the next 4 weeks and that they have attatched information about their complaints procedures (they must have forgot to enclose that) lol What do i do now send the LBA with the corrected spreadsheet or do i wait until the 14 days is up then send it i'm a bit confused with the dates Cheers
  5. WOW!! Congrats Everyone, Helen so so so pleased for you, about time too, you had a right ole time with them! I'm Just about 1 week into the SAR for my brother! Looks like we have a lot to look forward to LOL anyway well done to everyone!
  6. Phew, thats alright then, Yeah it was just the prelim that i posted today, i'll wait until i know that they have received the LPA then give them the 14 days and then post the CORRECT charges LOL, right so just to get this straight I can apply for: Commission Comission Refund Fees Fees Refund Minus the £6 & £8.50 charges for my Privledge Account. ohhh and of course the 8% interest I'm so sorry to be such a pain with all these questions!
  7. Posted by Bolton1 (in Timescales thread) You can claim for commission less commission refunded and fees less fees refunded, I wouldn't bother with the debit interest as it's impossible to work out which percentage of it relates to the penalty charges and doesn't really amount to much anyway. Also you need to look out for unusual amounts in the commission column as these could be where you have used your card abroad and these could be transaction fees which also need to be deducted. In the fees column if you have a privilege account you also pay an amount each month for that typically ranging between £6 and £8.50 as it has gone up over the years, these also nedd to be deducted, they are not always explicit and if you have some fees at the same time as the privilege accouont money comes out they will be lumped together. Bolton I've done mine wrong and posted it, crap, I applied for Comission, Fees and debit interest, I havn't minus the £6 & £8.50 for my privledge account, also I have left the 8% interest on....................what will i do now????
  8. another thing in the spread sheet where it has written "cleared transaction" unpaid dd charge" etc etc do i type over the top of that whether it's a Comission charge or Debit Interest charge? also i read earlier that I can charge them interest at the rate they charged me? can someone help please?? need to get this done tonight as i can only print it off at work tomorrow! Thanks
  9. Hi, Just to let your know I received my list of charges this morning, nothing like i expected (even though i dunno what I expected lol) basically on the sheets it says the DATE /COMMISION / COMISSION REFUND /DEBIT INTEREST/ FEES / FEES REFUND what can i claim back? is it the Comission/debit interest/fees?? and once i've worked out how to do the spreadsheet do i send the LBA?
  10. *bump* can someone help please?
  11. also just been thinking should i send them a reminder letter if so is there a template i can use?
  12. could anyone advise me as it's coming close to the 40 day dealine and i really need helpin what to do next? If i don't receive anything by the 9th May does this mean they havn't getting my SAR? as like i said i didin't send it recorded delivery
  13. CCA to MCS (+ copy to DG Solicitors) and SAR to HSBC sent today, so now i give MCS 12+2 days from the day they receive it or from today?
  14. thanks for the info, the 40 days will be up May 9th, but how can i be sure that they received it because like i mentioned earlier i did not send it recorded delivery, also shelter pie if i ring them what will I say, don't want to ring them and make myself look too stupid
  15. no problem will let you know, posting the letters on monday recorded delivery.
  16. I'm so sorry to keep asking questions, but will he continue paying the monthly payment that he has been paying? if he stops will that go against him?
  17. Thanks your a Star!!!
  18. sorry forgot to add (when i eventually find the cca template) lol should he send it to the solictors address or to MCS Ltd address?
  19. Great, thanks again, sorry but one more thing if you don't mind, I've searched for the CCA template in the templates section but can't find it? have i overlooked it? Thanks again, will keep you updated.
  20. Thanks for the advice LAN01, gonna get onto that now for him, regarding the SAR do I need to send 2, one for the credit card and one for the Loan or do I just send the one SAR with bothe of the account numbers? also do i just make the one payment of £10.00?
  21. Hi guys doing this on behalf of my brother as he don't have access to the internet and isin't computer savvy............ A couple of years ago he got into debt with HSBC, they transferred his debt to MCS Ltd in which he was paying £30 a month for a credit card and £30 a month for a loan, totalling £60 in total, they seemed happy with this, so he continued paying.. He rang them in December informing them that he would be missing a payment but would make it up in Januarys payment, unfortunately he didin't and they have bombarded him with phonecalls sometimes calls being made up to 10 times aday up until 8pm at night and even sundays, so i informed him next time that they rang to inform them that their harassment puts them in breach of section 40 etc etc etc and that he wanted all future dealing made through post only.... this happened on saturday, now today he has received 2 letters from DG Solicitors informing them that they have been instructed to take legal action against him in the county court to recover the full debt. Now he is totally worried and panicked because obviously he cannot afford to pay the debts off in full and is afraid incase they do an attatchment of earnings and somehow take his house of him......... they are giving him 7 days to pay the loan and credit card off in full. What can he do?? All help would be much appreciated, also just to let you guys know he has not issued a SAR or anything like that as they were happy with the payments but like i said cos he missed that one month and couldn't make it up he worrying! Thanks
  22. Hi there, I thought we could claim beyond the 6 years as some people already have done on here? What will you do now phatram?
  23. All these letters are great but bit confusing:confused: for me anyway! Obviously the 40 days aren't up yet but nearer the time should i send them another letter telling them they have so many days remaining? or should I just leave it until the 40 days are up?
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