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  1. just received this today, i noticed this is for the bank account and not the credit card. I'm confused about the £10 as i sent a £10 P.O. when I originally asked for the sar for both the credit card and bank account. what should i do? should i write back to them? if so what will i say?
  2. no princess didin't claim anything from the debit interest column need anymore advice just ask, if i can't help there are plenty of people on here that can. good luck!
  3. my brother decided not to go ahead with the Credit Card charges as the total for late payment fee is only £20 in total, but he is still going ahead with the bank charges, still not received any statements from HSBC and the SAR was sent 30th April so not long to go even though they sent the statements for the credit card.
  4. Hi princess, I had the same problem not knowing what to claim for, read my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/cooperative-bank/78961-neal-co-op.html hope it helps
  5. Well if it's 14 normal days and not 14 working days they have until Tuesday (5th) to pay me, if not I shall then be filing my MCOL. fingers crossed i hear from them before hand
  6. after sending LBA do i give them 14 days or 14 working days?
  7. Hi Dave, Its really anything that can be claimed on the credit card statements I received, apart from what my brother used the credit cards for all that appears on the statements are am I not able to claim for any of this?
  8. thanks sequenci. still needing help on these charges to claim for
  9. This letter sent today (Wed 30th may) also what charges do I apply for? not sure what I should work out? do i apply for the "total interest charged on this statement"? or the other interest. They did send me the full statements for the credit card as the account was only 1 year old until my brother started falling behind with the payments.
  10. Dave wow your thread, I wouldn't know whether i was coming or going with everything that your doing! Also I love your letters, no one better mess with you!!!! so glad I got you on my side
  11. what do you think of this?
  12. Lan again thanks, but now a bit confused over whos dealing with what? When I CCA'd the debt from MCS it was both the bank account & Credit Card (2 seperate account numbers) Now DG are responding with just the Credit Card Account number and not the Bank Account number. I know that I send the letter about the CCA to DG, but do i also remind them about the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) (bank account) or do I treat the 2 as seperate? and send one to DG and remind HSBC of the SAR of just put it all in one letter and send it to DG?
  13. Lan, your going to think i'm a reet ferret , firstly thank you for your post, is this letter ok??? obviously i'll change it a bit but i have a few questions afterwards................... Thank you for the information you sent following my request under the CCA 1974. However, I made a request to you on .... for a copy of the executed agreement applicable to the alleged debt. Under the CCA s77/78, you are obliged to send me a true copy of the actual credit agreement but have only sent me a copy of the initial application form. A regulated credit agreement contains all of the prescribed terms, other required information and statements of my statutory rights. I would therefore be obliged if you would send me a copy of that document as soon as possible. will I also add on that i requested the SAR for the bank account details too and that Iam still waiting? then will I wait until I hear from them again before doing anything with the charges? Also sorry Lan, but bit confused about the charges you mentioned? so what exactly can i claim back from this? Thank You Also if I don't hear from you before have a great weekend! I'm off to Wales to visit the family, not looking forward to the drive here from newcastle.
  14. sorry to go on, what shall I do about the statements that I received? are Credit Card statements differen't to Bank Statements, the reason I ask is because it does not have overdraft charges etc etc, all it has on each statement are: INSURANCE PREMIUM (then £32.00 for example) then further down the page it says SUMMARY OF INTEREST ON THIS STATEMENT Interest on Standard Balance (cash) at 1.167% per month 19.00 Interest on standard balance (purchases) at 1.167% per month 18.70 Total interest charged on this statement 37.70 dunno what this means.
  15. Hi Dave all they sent was those docs that i posted and a years worth of statements from the credit card, I did ask for both the credit card and bank statements but they seem to have just forgot about the bank statements. I'm going to have a good read through your thread now dave, thanks for the links you supplied! Any ideas what I would write in the letter? Just because I can get that posted tomorrow. I keep going over the CCA they sent and i can definately see no there is no credit limit no rate of interest (or apr) no repayments schedule no rights of protection no default charges that you mentioned! I've just noticed that on the first page after the solicitors letter that I posted on the second section where it has facilities and then "mastercard" it says credit limit on the bottom line then further along it says ACCEPT then requested NONE, offered 500, accepted 500 maybes that could be it?
  16. Hi Lan hmmm Looking over the paperwork there is nothing with interest rate or APR that you mentioned............. i'm away tomorrow (saturday) and back on Tuesday so i'll keep checking this thread until I leave tomorrow and if you need to know anything else just holla. Thanks Lan
  17. obviously I had to delete all his signatures and address etc etc.
  18. This is the letter I got with the CCA and statements
  19. Hi Lan they have only sent the CCA for the credit card and only statements for the credit card also! busy scanning the cca now, give me 10 minutes or so. (taking a bit longer, will post it as soon as i can) btw the names Neal
  20. forgot to add, that on the CCA it was signed for on 30/08/01 which was a normal master card, then it got upgraded automatically to a gold credit card February 2005. The only statements that I have received are the ones for the Gold Credit Card dated from 21st february 2005 up until 20th february 2006, the card had not been used from Aug 2005 as that was when he went into debt with it.
  21. Hi Received CCA this morning also Credit card statements going back to the beginning of the account, but they have not sent bank statements that i requested also. thing i'm confused about is that I received the CC statements from DG Solicitors with a letter saying............. _____________________________________________________________ Please find enclosed copy statements as requested. together with a copy of the credit agreement. We are aware that our client has since written to you confirming our involvement in this matter. (NO THEY HAVE NOT) We shall hold matters in abeyance for a period of 14 days, in order for you to put forward your firm proposal for repayment. Should you fail to respond to this letter, within the time specified, we shall have no option but to continue with our normal recovery actions. ______________________________________________________________ So do I wait for the bank statements? who do i now correspond with? them or HSBC? (i know DG work for them) i'm totally confused with this now also what about the time limit from the original S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) that I sent HSBC for the CC and Bank statements? Any help would be appreciated, should i contact them?
  22. subpop, hi from what i understand you cannot claim interest til it goes to court hope this helps
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