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  1. I only have a few days left to reply to them, any ideas?
  2. what do you think I should reply to DG Solocitors? they have sent me the CCA for the loan but not the Credit card, they now want me to get in touch with them within 14 days.
  3. Jubaxt I found this on another thread.......... Accept the payment as part payment of your claim, but stress you are continuing with your claim for the full amount plus interest, and yes, notify the court you have been paid something. hopefully this will help you! but i'd wait until someone knows more than me that can give you better advice!
  4. Right here goes quite a long one, On friday I received this letter Obviously this is the SAR that I have been awaiting, I also received the 6 years of statements with this letter which I have yet to go through so this is for the Bank Account and Loans. They also sent back the £10 Postal Order. On Saturday I received this from DG Solicitors : Also there was this credit agreement With a whole load of other statements which are exactly the same as the ones HSBC just sent me! So I'm still awaiting the CCA for the Credit Card, but is that the true CCA for the Bank Account/Loan......... Any advice?
  5. bit confused here Rory, isin't the LBA to ask for the charges? I can't ask them for the charges as I havn't received the SAR to see what charges they have put on the account. Thanks
  6. Update: they sgned for the letter 11/06/07 still not heard anything from them, they have until Tuesday to send out the SAR for the Bank Account. I have 2 questions re:- Bank Account who do I report them to if they fail to send the sar? Also even though they did not send the "original" CCA for the Credit Card account what will I do regarding that, obviously reading my posts in this thread you will know whats happening.
  7. Just to keep you updated this is the letter that I sent......... I'm really crap at writing letters but didin't want me to tell them how much time they have remaining as they should already know this. Anyway I posted that letter yesturday. I'm still awaiting the SAR for the Bank Account which was sent on the 30th April. Even though I have received the Credit Card statements and an application form and not the original CCA, Iam really getting confused on the dates. Putting the bank account to one side at the moment as they still need to send the SAR for that. The Credit Card statements and (their supposidly CCA) were received by myself on 24th May, I then sent the letter back to them stating that what they sent me was an application form and not a CCA , this was signed for by them on 31st May. that is when I received that last letter from them which is posted on this thread. any advice appreciated.
  8. received another letter from the co-op today (9th June) I refer to my previous letter, unfortunately, we are still require more time to fully investigate your request. I would like to reassure you that we are still looking into your complaint within FSA guidelines. (and that they will be in touch within the next 4 weeks! they said within 4 weeks when I received their first letter basically exactly the same as this one and I received that 10th may.
  9. hi princess, sent you a message back
  10. thank you rory, very much appreciated!
  11. sorry to start another thread but I really need some advice I already have a created thread here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/85581-hsbc-mcs-ltd.html hope someone can help thanks............. (sorry to admin for creating another topic) please delete this later thanks.
  12. Thanks Princess need help regarding the 8% interest, right i've done the calculations for charges without the 8% which I already send the bank, now when I put in the same charges in the spreasheet to add the 8% and it shows "number of days" what do I put in there? because when you change the days the 8% interest also changes! I don't want to make a mistake when I send it to mcol.
  13. just trying to keep this on page 1
  14. £1000, so i'm expecting it to cost me approx £100, but obvioulsy if yours is only £130 and your fee is £30 how much is mine going t cost with the 8% on top of mine?
  15. I think i'm at the same stage as you jubaxt, my lba was signed for on the 23rd also. Being honest I can't afford to pay court fees yet not until I get paid on the 22nd lol, so I think I will resend my LBA until then and see what happens! what do you think?
  16. i'm confused what do i send or fill in is it the MCOL or the N1 and whats the difference? also it's over the 14 days now since I sent the LBA still not heard anything.
  17. anybody...............................
  18. can anyone give me some advice asap please appreciated! Thanks
  19. still waiting or some advice please
  20. hoping for some advice guys
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