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  1. thankslesh will look again and add up overdraft charges too, will keep you posted thanks
  2. hi i have just received my statements today and have added up, do i include overdraft charges....not sure on that one, they total nearly 7 k really couldnt beleive it its alot to claim any advice would be great thanks
  3. i have requested my statements 3 weeks ago they have now just cashed my cheque for the £10 so am now waiting, good luck
  4. hello, just new here so your all have to bear with me, just waiting for statements to come thro hopefully anyday now will let u know
  5. hello, just awaiting statements but i am nervous about the whole thig esp the court action!!!!!!!!!:-?
  6. hi this is my first time here, i am awaiting my statements from alliance and leicester its been 3 weeks now cant wait to see how much they have took off me i know it was alot last year so lets wait and see, any help or advice would be great thanks
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