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  1. I have managed to now have 2 defaults removed, which to be honest were a piece of cake, the problem i'm having now are the other 2 defaults which are proving a little more tricky.1. 2 Letters sent over the last 3 months to Lloyds TSB asking them to formaly remove all information and default regarding there company, guess what - No reply what so ever to both letters.2. First letter sent to Cabot, formaly asking them the same questions, got a reply basicly saying - as you signed a credit aggrement we can process your information and no default or other information will be removed from your credit files. Cheers Cabot, i belive you!This seems slightly funny to me as i sent a CCA request 2 years ago and no Credit Aggrement has been supplied, but they must have one because Cabot told me i'd signed it, so i must be true!Next thing i here from Cabot about a week after there first letter and in writing - we are unable to locate the alleged Credit Aggrement therefore we have placed your alleged account on hold.So i sent a letter back saying - your company cabot seems to be contridicing it's self, first of all you say i signed an alleged aggrement so you have to right to process my information, a week later you say you can't locate the alleged aggrement and put the alleged account on hold.So again asking them to remove all information from my credit files.I have had no reply to the last letter sent to Cabot over 6 weeks ago, my question is what do i do now? Who do i need to complain to?Cheers.
  2. Cheers for that.Just another quick question, does the account statments up until 2002 constitute as the statment of accounts as per CCA request or should the statment of accounts be fully upto date including agreed payments upto 2007 & total balance outstanding. Should this also be signed by Egg.
  3. My wife had an Egg card back in 2001/2002, she defaulted on it in 2002 which has now dropped of her credit file.Cabot seem to have now purchased this debt but on CCA'ing them they sent her the follwing information.Credit Agreement (Looks ligit, but not 100% sure)A copy of statments up until the default date in 2002.After the default she agreed to pay a set sum per month right to Egg until 2007 but none of these payments are on any statments.As the statments only go up until the default date of 2002 does this mean this account is statue barred? or do they process these ageed payments another way which don't show up on statments.Cheers.
  4. So i take it that's why it's been removed so easily?
  5. Here's the letter i sent, very basic but works. You can change it to suit your needs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Your Name & Address Date: Bank Name & Address. Account number: Dear Sir/Madam FORMAL REQUEST TO REMOVE DEFAULT Upon carrying out an audit on my Credit File I have found out that BANK NAME have placed a Default on my file on the DATE while this account was clearly in dispute with regards to bank charge reclaim. I was fully successful in claiming all my bank charges back totalling over XXXX which would have totally cleared the remaining overdraft to which the default was issued. Further to the above mentioned I received no Default Notice regarding this account and I am now requesting a signed true and certified copy of the original default notice your company issued me with on the DATE. I would request that this data is provided to me within the next 28 days, if you are unable to provide this data then I must insist that the default is removed from my files as unsubstantiated. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully
  6. N***WEST Account - Had default removed after just one letter , it was as easy as that - they have never replied to the letter i sent them around 4 weeks ago but upon checking my credit files today all N***WEST information has been removed including Default, i'm chuffed to bits :-D:-D I thought this proccess was going to take months but likly not. If anybody wants a copy of the letter i used please let me know - it's very basic but it worked. Cheers.
  7. Dorabell - Did they default you on the same date as the OC's Default or on a later date.Cheers.
  8. Spot on cheers for the letter. My worry is they will stick another default on my account and the whole 6 years will start again.Cheers.
  9. Both DCA's or collection companies who ever they are both claim they now own the debts as they have been purchased from the banks in question. If the new owners of the debt can also default me does they have to register the default on the same date as the banks registered there original default or can they start the whole 6 years all over again.Cheers.
  10. I have had 2 banks persuing me for 2 debts from 2002-2004. I CCA'D them about 2 years ago and both banks haven't supplied me with an agreement.After checking my credit file i noticed that both banks have removed defaults - one bank has been marked as settled and the other bank has vanished off my credit file all together (I'm not complaining).It seems these debts have now been sold on, my question is, if the debts have been sold can the company that purchased them default me again for that debt.Any help would be much appresiated.Cheers.
  11. In early 2007 I had a Natwest Current Account with a £400 overdraft limit & the overdraft was made up of bank charges that has acumilated. As the charges were coming think and fast my account soon got upto £586 overdrawn, at this stage i desided to put a claim in for all my bank charges and refused to pay the overdraft until they paid me my charges back, to my amazment they give me all the charges back worth over £900 so clearly clearing my overdraft.At this point i thought all was fine until i checked my credit report. Natwest have defaulted me on the £586 although they give me £900 back - is this allowed as the overdraft was made up of bank charges.Any help would be appresiated.
  12. I think they a calling them selves EOS Credit or something along them lines. They will be no dobut of another call tonight so i will ask exactly who they are.
  13. Hi all, my parnter had a call from a Debt Recovery Company last night, she doen't like speaking to them on the phone as they put her under so much pressure so i take all calls, but on this occation the guy on the other end of the phone desided in my option to break the data protection law. Phone call went like this. Them: Can i speak to xxxxx Me: Who's Calling Them: It's xxxxx Debt Recovery, can i speak to xxxxx Me: Speaking (I must sound like a woman on the phone) Them: Can you please confirm your date of birth & first line of your address: Me: I'll tell you what, you tell me what you have on your screen & i will tell you if it's correct. Them: We have your date of birth as xxxxxx Me: I'll just stop you there. Please be aware that i am recording this phone call and you have just broken the data protection act. Them: Yeh, that's all right. Me: Hold on, do you relise you have just broken the data protection act, and i have this full conversation on tape. Them: Well yeh, but i thought you weren't going to give me your details, so i gave them to you for you to confirm. Me: I'll tell you what, i am going to report your company to all the relevent authorities for your breach of the data protection act. Them: Yeh, well, Whatever - Phone went dead. My partner gets phone calls from the same company every night, and i just ask the same question, for them to tell me the details they have on screen, but this is the first time i have actually got them to give such details away, as every other time they just hang up after a bit of playing about with them.:grin: Waiting for another call tonight, i am secretly starting to enjoy winding them up!;-)
  14. Cheers for the advice. Forgot to ask, when i cca'd moorcroft did they need to provide me with a statment of accounts as well as a credit agreement, if so is the credit agreement still enforacable without a statment of accounts.
  15. I CCA'D Moorcroft back in march regarding my egg credit card, they have responded with a copy of the aggrement which looks to be in order (I Think) although it was very late, and i think moorcroft maybe trying to pull a fast one as there is no date on the covering letter. Anyway that aside i have just had a letter from another DCA (Fredrickson International LTD) regarding the same egg account asking for immediate payment, i give them a quick phone call to see who own's this debt and they told me they were acting on behalf of egg and there company did not own the debt. I then gave Moorcroft a call and asked the same question and i got exactly the same reply - Moorcroft are acting on behalf of egg and we do not own the debt. Both company's are saying exactly the same thing here, so my question is what do i do now as there is 2 companys chasing for the same account.
  16. Hi all thanks for the advice, but guess what, by some kind of miracle a CCA arrived today, however it had no covering letter only my account number on top which suggets it's from 1st Credit. This is a very, very poor photocopy and some of the text can't even be read. The problem i have got is i don't know if this is an application form or an aggreement as it seems to be both & if it is an agreement can it be enforced as it is months late. It has all the information on it that would assume it's a CCA however there are some bits that say - we will use credit scoring in deciding whether to accpet your application. Here's a scan of the CCA - I know it's not much use but if give's an idea of the layout. Any info would be appreciated.
  17. I have just give 1st credit a call to see who now owns this debt. The guy said 1st credit still own the debt however it has been passed over to our other company (Connaught Collections) which is owned by 1st credit. Do i still need to CCA Connaught, as this is a company owned by 1st credit, or do i just send them a letter explaining that a CCA has already been requested from 1st Credit. Cheers.
  18. Hi All, it's been some time since i last posted. I have now had a response from a CCA request made on the 23 April 2007 to 1st Credit, however the letter i have just received is from a company calling them selves Connaught Collections UK Ltd. The letter goes like this. We have been instructed by 1st Credit to recover this debt. It is now our intention to issue a statutory demand under the Insolvency Act 1986 (Bankruptcy), as we are unaware of any vaild reason for your non-payment. Please conatct us to arrange a mutually convenient time and date for service. Should you fail to contact us within 7 days then a statutory demand will be issued without further warning. I was just wondering if this would stand up as i have had no CCA from 1st credit. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Yep being to this site however it's says there are unable to check credit agreements on "credit cards" or finance with ppi link to it. I will try and get a scan of the document and get it uploaded. Cheers
  20. Just being thoughly reading the condtions and have noticed on condition 4 it says "Credit limit (see also conditions 5(g) and (h))", however the conditions 5 & half of condition 6 are missing, will this make any differance at all in this being an enforceable Agreement/Application.
  21. Again in the terms & conditions they have sent is says a) we will set and notify you of your credit limit. g) Statments will show the minimum you must pay and the payment date. Normally this will be 25 days after the statment date. It also says above the signature box "I Apply for the asset card on the conditions overleaf. The conditions they have sent are just a photo copy and have no signature on them, my signature is only on the front of the application form.
  22. There is no APR or Credit limits anywhere on the front page, however having a closer look there is APR in the conditions that they have sent. e.g. Outstanding balance first 6 months 15.9% Outstanding balance after 6 months upto £499.99 18.9% £500-£999.99 17.8% £1k or more £15.9% on the front of the document it give me a choice of which card i would like (Visa or Master card), card design etc which pushes me towards this is an application form & not an agreement. Signature box is there with "This is a credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974, sign it only if you want to be legaly bound by it's terms. signed by myself. For bank use only at the bottom of the page - "Siganture for Lloyds TSB PLC". Signed by lloyds.
  23. Just got a cca request back from lewis today with regards to a credit card i had with the TSB 7 years ago & it goes some thing like this. Asset application form & agreement. If your application is accepted by our signature below and we send you a card, then this will form the agreement, made between you the principal cardholder & us Lloyds TSB based on the conditions overleaf. CREDIT AGREEMENT REGULATED BY THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 It has been signed by both parties, however it has no APR etc and the "Conditions overleaf" seem to just be a photocopy of current conditions of there cards. Not to sure if this is forms an agreement or not, could someone please point me in the right direction of some samples or what are & what aren't agreements. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  24. I'm in the same position, however i have sent the non compliance letter off (recorded of cause) signed for on the 27th of April but still nothing from them. Does any body know what the next step is now to get my info. Cheers.
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