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  1. Bailiff Advice - thank you greatly for taking the time to write such a comprehensive response. It is very much appreciated and explains the position clearly. I will contact my local magistrates court shortly. Can i do this despite the fact that the original case was at Highbury Court? This is on the other side of London from me (im in Surrey, Highbury is North London)
  2. Is it possible to download a stat dec form somewhere from the internet? Im hoping this is possible and i can then fill it out, take it to a solicitors and send it recorded delivery to the court. Im spending 14 hours a day trying to save a business from bankruptcy at the moment, and just dont have time to go to the magistrates court at the moment (also stress levels are so high ATM i dont think i could cope with it!). Obviously if travelling to the court is the ONLY way to do this i will have to. ps im really sorry if this information is elsewhere and easily found, ive had a brief look and just become more confused. Time is not on my side at the moment!
  3. Hi All- quick update- The Bailiffs are back! I thought i had this under control. After the last post on the 5th December i rang the LCCC and got through to a very helpful guy. He gave me all the details of the case - case number, court, etc and put the bailiffs on hold until 3rd January 2017. I rang the court, explained the situation and they asked me to write an email asking for the case to be reopened and attach a copy of my insurance certificate. They said i would then be contacted by post (after confirming my address). I did this and waited for a letter. Nothing. Christmas comes, my Grandfather dies and i go away to look after my father and support him. Come back 3rd of January- no letter. I get on the case again and find out that the court had sent me an email telling me i had to file a statutory declaration. I dont know how i missed it. Next day i get back from work and the Bailiffs had visited. In everyones opinion, what is the next step? To file an out of time statutory declaration?
  4. Hi All, Thanks so much to everyone that has helped thus far. Unfortunately after my last post i was taken ill and have just returned from hospital. I will be back on this again now. Luckily it appears that Bailiffs have not revisited whilst i was in hospital, but i had better get this sorted before they do! I will keep you all updated, and thanks again!
  5. So i can just call the number 020 7556 8556 and give them the reference on the final notice and they should be able to give me all the information? Is the court normally quite helpful in situations such as this? Just out of interest, how did you get that contact information from "HMCTS London NW"?
  6. Hi All, I could really do with some expert help here! A Bailiff visited me on 29/11/16 to collect money for an issue that i had no prior knowledge of. The bailiff told me it was for driving without insurance (something i have never done and can prove), and that is all the information i have. I want to do a section 14 statutory declaration, but have no information about the court hearing / date / court etc. How do i find this out without contacting the bailiff? I dont want them to find out im trying to stop them, and put further effort into recovering the money!! The only information i have on the final notice is a reference number and the client which is HMCTS London NW. Any ideas?
  7. I have trade insurance through Tradewise. I didnt expect them to be particularly helpful, and knew that if i was to write my car off through my own fault then it would only be valued at trade price. But seeing as this is not my fault i reckon its only fair that i should receive market value. To be honest im completely gutted. I was very attached to that car and its almost irreplacable. Feeling pretty hard done by at the moment, struggling through work in pain with no car to get home in! Guess life likes to give you a bit of a kick sometimes! Has anyone had any good experiences with accident management companies? The attraction of having someone else sort it all out is quite great at the moment!
  8. Hi All, On monday i was on the way to work and i was hit by another car from behind. I was following a car down the highstreet that stopped at a zebra crossing. I pulled up behind it waiting for people to cross. All of a sudden i didnt know what hit me! I was hit very violently from behind. Not sure if i blacked out but felt very disorientated. Got out of the car in shock and legs gave way. I think i hit my head on the steering wheel quite hard- airbag didnt go off. A girl rushed over to me very apologetic, saying that she was adjusting her glasses and hadnt seen me. She said it was all her fault and had hit me at full speed not breaking at all. She had hit me so hard i was pushed into the car in front. The car in front appeared to have no damage, but my car looks like a writeoff with extensive damage to the back and front. A passerby called an ambulance and the police arrived. I was checked over by the paramedics and despite developing aches and pains was deemed to be ok and told to see a doctor. I was interviewed by the police that confirmed the girl had already admitted liabilty and was probably speeding. I gave a statement and recovered my car and went into work. Now, i called my insurance company who were very unhelpful. |The first call the girl answering the phone told me she was passing me over to her colleague (that turned out to be an accident management company). The second call i was told that if i claimed i would have to pay my excess (£500), my car would be valued at trade (£600) and my premiums would go up. I need a hire car to get into work, cant afford to rent one myself, but dont want to end up in the accident management company trap of being given a credit hire car at a ridiculous daily rate that the third company isurance wont pay for. And a settlement cheque that is way below the market value of my car. Any advice?
  9. Once again Tomtubby had come to the rescue and helped me out with alot of my questions. The only one im still worried about is what happens if i am too sick to attend court? Is it abit silly of me to request a court hearing when im pretty sure i wont be well enough to attend? But if i dont send form n244 and request a court hearing then the bailiffs have won. They will come and take the car and i cant afford to pay them.
  10. Hi All, Im sorry if this is in the wrong place but i had no idea where to post this. Originally a car i was using was clamped by a bailiff because of a PCN i did not know about. Tomtubby helped me to file an OOT statutory declaration and the car was unclamped. The statutory declaration has now been refused by the TEC. This was refused on the 5th November and now i need to fill in the N244 and i believe it has to be in now, but i have some questions. 1/ What if i am to sick to attend court (I have health problems, ME, depression amongsth other issues and cant see how i could possibly make the trip to court)? 2/ How do i fill out this form, it makes no sense to me! 3/ In box 10 can i state the reasons that were put on my OOT statutory declaration? and which box do i tick? 4/ Can i retrospectively claim the court fee exemption? I see that form EX160 requires a letter stating that im on income support dated within the last month. This will be impossible for me to get in time and means i will have to borrow the money. 5/ Am i the claimant or the defendent? 6/ If i fax the form through to the TEC how can i make sure they get the fee in time? Sorry if some of these questions are stupid, but when i am stressed my M.E prevents me from being able to think clearly.
  11. Good morning all, im posting this early out of desperation (been up all night having a panic attack about this). Ive been advised to just to pay it with anything i can find, i could possibly use my rent to do this. Ive seen letters i can write to the council about being classed as a vulnerable person etc but i cant see how any of that can help the immediate situation that any moment a bailiff will remove my car. Is there any last ditch effort i can make to stop my car being removed?
  12. If they do take the vehicle would my stepfather be able to get it back? what documents would he need? although he doesnt have anything except the receipt/invoice i gave him when he bought the car off me (he only bought it to help me out of a financial mess).
  13. To be honest i dont know whether ive received any statutory notices. I dont want to go on about this but i just havent been able to deal with anything recently. I suffer from depression as well as quite bad M.E, Migraines and IBS. I have been through a very bad patch and everything has piled up. The council that are mentioned on the letter are not my local council and i am sure i have never received a parking ticket in that area.
  14. Its registered with me, but i know this is not proof of ownership. Sorry for the lack of information, im not sure what im allowed to say, should i give name of bailiff or more personal details?
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