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  1. This topic was closed on 2019-03-08. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi This is the first time that i have considered reclaiming PPI. I have sucessfully claimed back Bank Charges in the past and assume that the overall process is basically the same. The Account in question was opened in 1989/90 and defaulted in 2002. The Account remained open/active until 2005 as payments were being made under an agreed payment plan. PPI was cancelled by Barclaycard in 2002. When the application was made to open the account i do not remember recieving any advice or literature regarding the PPI and it was only a simple tick of the box asking whether i wanted to take it out. The first question that comes to mind would a claim for PPI be time barred?
  3. Hi alanalana Thanks for the reply. Yes i have tried googling it. The is a lot of info about regarding PPI, but very little which specifically relates to overdraft protection. It was my hunch that it was one in the same thing. I am just about to go off to work, but will post up a more detailed version of my story tomorrow. Trucker
  4. Hi All Looking for some help please. Overdraft protection, does it come under the remit of PPI? I had an account that was closed in 2004. Are PPI claims restricted to 6 year rule? Sorry if this info is else where on the forum, but have searched and found very little about overdraft protection. Trucker
  5. Still alive and kicking with this one but not got it into the system as yet. A change in circumstances has meant i have not had the time.
  6. Thanks All Edd999 - my tenancy started in 2004 so i am not covered by the deposit scheme. Mightmare4banks - she has been inconsistent in her charging. She tells me in a later email that she has charged me 8 hrs. Now if my maths are correct 8 hours @£8 p/h = £64. She has also back tracked on the replacement rug saying that she has not charged me the full replacement cost. Blitz - Initially she thought house was ok until she went into kitchen. Thats when she decided to get cleaners in. In my opinion the house was spotless. I have challenged her to provide reciepts etc but so far to no avail. I have made an offer to her, without prejudice requesting £200 back from the original deposit of £450, on the basis that i will be challenging all deductions if i am forced to go to court. At the moment i dont think she realises that i will also be claiming court costs and s.69 interest. On the point of s.69 interest do i claim it from the day deposit was paid or the date it was due to be refunded?
  7. Ok No replies to original post. Since then, the LL has emailed me detailing all work carried out, but not by professionals. The cleaners were a couple of kids that she paid cash and she did the garden herself. Can she put a value on work carried out by herself?
  8. The previous day thing does exist, unfortunately. A Paid referral fee relates to being over your agreed limit. If you were inside your limit on the dates shown on your statement then you have been charged incorrectly. You indicate that they offered to refund the charge, have they?
  9. Hi toutvent. Firstly, did you have the mobility disability at the time you were originally employed? You may have a case for discrimination on the grounds of disability, but without knowing the full facts is hard to say.
  10. Binkhus Do you bank online?... what date is the dd showing on the statement. Providing its showing as the 19th and you had sufficient funds in the account by the close of play on the 19th you should not have recieved the paid referral fee. Paid Referral is basically an overlimit charge. If you can prove that simply take your statement into the branch and say "look we were inside our limit, the dates prove it"
  11. Good point saintly... exactly what i was going to ask. Stevens21.... if a will is present the first thing i would be doing is instructing a solicitor. All your fathers estate will now be frozen until probate is obtained. If a Will is present then this will not be a problem as the estate will be divided in accordance with the Will.
  12. Was it an overlimit charge or unpaid item charge?
  13. Hi Binkhus Firstly what time did you draw £10. If it was after 6.30 pm it would automatically be showing automated transactions for the next working day ie the monday, but with mondays date. The charge you recieved was it for return of DD or overlimit charge. If it was overlimit charge you would have had until 6.30pm on the monday to get funds into the account. If it was an unpaid item charge, Barclays T&C's clearly state that funds have to be available the previous working day.
  14. Hi guys and gals. been busy moving and other things so not been on here much lately, but hopefully am back now. will catch up with all your stories over the next couple of weeks. Get well soon saintly Trucker
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