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  1. Unusually, they've got permission for the signage. However... Was there also a planning application to vary the terms of the original planning consent (from when the car park was first built) which probably didn't impose a 1½ hour time limit on 'free' parking? And/or any subsequent application that varied that original consent. Neither Asda, Farm Foods or (more likely) ParkingLie can decide one morning that '3 hours is too long, let's change it', it doesn't work like that.
  2. Oyster uses RFID. Were/Are there any other cards in the same holder as your Oyster card that also have RFID tags in them? Credit, Debit, Work ID cards, anything like that?
  3. You might not want to do exactly what lookingforinfo states though. The discount is 40% not 60% and, whilst it doesn't make it any more valid, 40% off of £85 is £51, so they're actually offering a discount of more than 40% (ain't that nice of them!). But equally, you don't actually owe them £50 or £85 or any other amount that they can come up with, so it's not really a discount at all
  4. That's not quite how it works sgtbush. The UKTV channels (10 of them (and their +1's)) are not all Free To Air (FTA). So VM will be paying a negotiated rate for access to the non FTA channels but bundled with the rights to re-broadcast the FTA channels as well. Dave for example is a FTA channel that anyone can watch on $ky, Freeview, Freesat, TalkTalk TV, BT TV and up until today, VM. And whilst UKTV might make that channel available for free, it's bundled with others (with the exception of Freeview and Freesat which only carry the FTA channels) that are not. So if you lose the rights to the UKTV channels that you're "buying in" you'll also lose the rights to air the UKTV FTA channels. So without VM paying UKTV for access to channels like Gold, they won't have the rights to show Dave. So, VM customers (from today) have lost access to.. Alibi & +1, Dave & +1, Drama, Eden & +1, Gold & +1, Good Food & +1, Home & +1, Really, W & +1 and Yesterday. Plus any access that they had to UKTV Play via the VM STB (if they had that anyway). Even though some of them are FTA and available via an aerial for example.
  5. I don't have any Live TV in the house now UB and I don't miss it at all, and what's better, no TV Licence either Youtube and Amazon Prime (as well as what I've already got on my media server) are more than enough for me and I save over £50 a year on my TV licence despite paying for Amazon. I spend maybe 2 hours a day (if that (unless i'm watching a film)) in the same room as the main TV, although I do have other TV's that I use as PC and games console monitors (which work out cheaper than 'proper' monitors (no idea why)).
  6. DCBL will threaten you more, but they have no more power to demand your money than I do. That'll be £150 please
  7. I wouldn't be describing the BPA Code of practice to be honest. Athena are IPC members Here's the relevant CoP for AOS Members. https://theipc.info/uploads/-imXk-gEBVk2UV_c_WWpjuthUeH2hwEwihq7Np6Q030/Code%20of%20Practice%20v6%20Amended%2014th%20June%202017.pdf The grace period is mentioned at 15.2
  8. OK, so strictly speaking, they're within time to issue a court claim (they have 6 years) but I can't see it happening as it would be so easy to fully defend. VCS have lost before now at LJLA (and more than once) because it's not "relevant land" for the purposes of the POFA as it's covered by its own byelaws. So there is no keeper liability under POFA. They've got nowhere to go with this.
  9. Can you remember when in 2012 (roughly will do) you got the original ticket? All the usual "threats" aside, I can't imagine that anyone will actually be taking this in to a court room, as VCS don't actually have any right to issue a private parking ticket (to the keeper) on the airport roads, and to be honest, it's pretty sketchy on the car parks too
  10. VM up to their old tricks again then I see. They obviously don't learn, they lost quite a few thousand subscribers when they lost access to $ky channels in 2007 over them (VM) refusing to pay what $ky was asking for access. Now they're playing the same game with the BBC & Discovery Inc, Muppets.
  11. Probably had to change them due to the new GDPR rules that came in to force on 25th May 18 and a sticker is cheaper than a new sign. I don't think that there would be any legal requirement to notify anyone that the T&C's had changed. ParkingLie would probably argue that it is up to the users to check the T&C's each and every time that they wish to use the car park. Like anyone does
  12. Steven Doughty. (Lab) Stop tittering at the back. He went on to say. And whilst this is a letter from a constituent, it's now been read out in parliamentary committee, so makes it in to Hansard. Giles Watling. (Con) Wow!
  13. And the latest update to this. Parking (Code of Practice) Bill (First sitting). Bill Committee stages. Hansard transcript
  14. Removed name and reduced document size. QDR obviously don't have a clue. They haven't even used any red ink. Amateurs!
  15. Am I missing something? According to that .gov page, the companies are... Capita Business Services Ltd Excel Civil Enforcement Ltd Jacobs Enforcement Outsourcing UK Ltd JBW & Equita aren't mentioned, so how do they come in to this?
  16. I think what EB meant is not waiting for the PPC to initiate court action, but the vehicle keepers taking the PPC to court for the breach(es) of the DPA. If that was done in such a way as to one morning, when the YTS kid is opening the mail, and letter after letter is a claim form for someone that's suing them, well, I'd love to be a fly on the wall that day
  17. Personally... With your permission of course, I'd be parking a different car in your space (with no permit displayed) every day for a month, just to mess with them What they gonna do?
  18. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?481398-UKCPM-gladstone-claimform-Windscreen-PCN-visitor-permit-own-space-***-Case-Dismissed-***
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