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  1. OK wide-minded, let's be open an honest here for a moment, if that isn't too much to ask. You work for AS Parking, Athens Security or a company associated with them. Maybe you're even Kevin or Louise. Am I correct?
  2. So, that'll be a no then. Thought as much I've a good mind to drive down to Cornwall and park (badly) in as many of your car parks as I can find. I'll even forego any rights to an appeal. I'd like to see you (and those two other clowns at Gladrags) try to beat me in Court
  3. Perhaps you'd be able to furnish us with one single (properly defended) case, so no default judgements or cases where the wrong arguments were used, and a transcript would be nice, where the courts (and I don't mean the Muppets at the IPC "kangaroo court") have found in favour of AS Parking/Athens on that point.
  4. I smell the blood of an AS Parking/Athens Security employee Let's have a look at your only other post in the over 4 years that you've been a member. Hmmmm, somethings fishy
  5. Photographs redacted and converted to PDF Question for the OP. What is that in the top nearside corner of your windscreen?
  6. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?488948-Athena-ANPR-PCN-Overstay-LIdl-Gainsborough-**-Cancelled-by-Lidl-**
  7. As I said earlier, in fairness to Lidl, they have always been pretty good with this kind of thing. It's just a shame that they (Lidl) can't or won't fire Athena out the door. But I suppose that would cost them loads for some supposed breach of contract. Anyway, well done on the result and I'll update your thread title
  8. Obviously HX need to read the ANPR instruction manual CCTV does that, but ANPR most certainly doesn't.
  9. They have a right to your telephone number if it is necessary to carry out a legal obligation. In your case, a court order. However... They have your address and can write to you, therefore a telephone number is not necessary. If they refuse to remove it from their system(s), your next phone call should be to the ICO. Or failing all of that, your phone provider to have your number changed, then don't give them the new number or ring them (it's best not to do this anyway) without withholding it. They could try that (non communication) but unless they can convince a Judge that the Royal Mail (and/or email) no longer exists, they won't get very far
  10. I won't comment on anything else because I've not been following this thread, but, with regards to the constant telephone calls and text messages, you are well within your rights to demand that they delete any telephone numbers that they hold for you, and they must comply with your request. This then forces them to communicate with you in writing (or personal visits (though these are less likely)) only.
  11. It could well be just a copy of the ParkingLie DQ. You should get your own to fill in from the court. Have you done this on paper or MCOL so far?
  12. I think MadScouser meant Aldi's HO address dx, not ParkingLie's. Aldi Holly Lane ATHERSTONE Warwickshire CV9 2SQ Strictly speaking, under GDPR your SAR can go to any part of the organisation and it must be treated as valid and be dealt with. But it's probably best to send it to the head office as a lot of companies still don't have the first clue about how to deal with SAR's under the new regulations.
  13. paulieT65. That looks like someone at the court (probably a clerk) has misread your driving record then. If that is the case, they should put this right without too much of a fuss. Although, without trying to preach to the choir, it's a valuable lesson for both yourself and any others in a similar situation as to the necessity of engaging with the process and filling in the forms.
  14. Ahh, had no idea how these newer licenses work. I had just assumed that it was the same as the old system, where it'd be a standard ban from a court rather than a revocation. Every day's a school day As for not being convicted of both... I've seen it happen. The court 'decides' that the keeper was also the driver and infers that that is why they've not told the court any different, and if they're not in court to contest the point, well, you know the rest. The Magistrates may have been procedurally incorrect and it may have been overturned at a later date (I don't know that bit) but it has/does/can happen.
  15. Might be way off the mark, but you have had your driving licence for 2+ years, right? Otherwise that *might* also explain it Or as MITM has said, it could be totting up. It'd be bloody harsh, but SP30 is 3-6 points, and the S172 offence is another 6. So the Magistrates may have been 'making an example' of you and given you 6 points for both offences in your absence, so 12 points and a totting ban. If that's what happened, I guess they were having a bad day
  16. But, equally, you could argue that anyone who drives but does not go past a speed camera location at excess speed does not get points or have to part with any money, and the camera partnership go broke. It works both ways. And before you counter with, I'm obviously a lover of speed cameras... I'm not, I hate the damn things. I've been driving 35 years but I'm also switched on enough not to travel everywhere at warp 9. The only time I have been 'caught' by a camera in my own car was 75 in a 30 (3am, only car on the road, dry, clear, good vis etc) but that was a genuine emergency and it got NFA'd by the police. Oh, and I did once get stopped by officers, not long after I'd started driving for doing 36 in a 30. But that was on a dual carriageway and I (wrongly as it turned out) thought it was a 40. That got NFA'd as well.
  17. ParkingLie will try to argue that your vehicle was in the car park for 4 hrs 10 min and 59.9 seconds and there's only a 10 minute grace period. However, also of note in that scenario is that it is not a "time in the car park" limit but a "Parking" limit. So, unless they can show that 'Scotty' had a hand in beaming your vehicle in to a car parking space or some other major scientific discovery that you've made and managed to keep rather quiet, there must be a certain amount of time upon both entry and exit that the vehicle is not "parked" at all. So, whilst they'll huff and puff and threaten and cajole, I wish them all the luck in the world in getting that past a Judge... They're gonna need it
  18. It's up to you, but if you send email you give them a free way to hassle you. In my opinion, it's better to send a letter and make them spend their money to reply and/or hassle you further
  19. Definitely get on to the Lidl CEO regarding this. In fairness to Lidl, they are pretty good at putting Athena back under their rock.
  20. As for a complaint to the SRA.... You could, but it's probably a waste of your own time to be honest. If the SRA were serious about 'regulating' the industry, Gladrags et al would have been struck off years ago
  21. post for future reference. https://www.shoreham-port.co.uk/write/Documents/Port%20Map%202011%20final%20version.pdf https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Basin+Rd+S,+Southwick,+Brighton+BN41+1UQ/@50.8282816,-0.2228219,16.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x48759a8dc0b4ea91:0x111e47657d26a57a!8m2!3d50.828315!4d-0.2195507 https://www.shoreham-port.co.uk/write/Documents/Byelaws%202012%20Shoreham%20Port%20Authority%20approved.pdf
  22. They won't have done. That is a Notice to Keeper (NtK) and not a NtK Reminder. So that will be the first one in the chain. A chain that they have already broken themselves, and can't even argue that they haven't because they've provided the evidence of their own failure. As your vehicle had a Windscreen ticket (Notice to Driver (NtD)), they can only write to the keeper after 28 days from the day after the parking event. And that has to arrive on the keepers doormat not before the 29th day, and not after the 56th day. That's written in to the Protection of Freedoms Act (the POFA) 2012. So, going by their own dates. Your vehicle was parked on 21/04/18 (so the clock starts from 22nd). They therefore had from between 19/06/18 and 14/06/18 (allowing 2 days for postage) to write to you. Their own NtK is dated 26/06 (or a full 12 days after the allowed time) and in law, you cannot have received that until 28/06 which is 68 days after the parking event. This is without going in to their other failings. Don't bin it, file it and sit on your hands. Do not contact them at all. Let them waste their own money unless and until you get a Letter Before Action from their pet solicitors (probably Gladrags). Then, with our help, you go for the jugular
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