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  1. :???:Hi peeps, I have a natwest step account but needed a 'normal account' natwest wouldn't upgrade even after banking with them for over 6 years always in credit and working. However, decided to try for an account with RBS applied on line. The on-line process is that you fill in details and drop box appears and this tells you what account they will allow you to have. In my case I wanted the standard account- no fee with cheque book (not basic account). However, I was surpraised to be offered a basic account or their silver account without cheque book/overdraft which costs £8 per month. The
  2. Hi could somebody help my friend as she doesn't Know what to do. The problem is that Marden's keep harassing her for debt owed by someone else. A Bailiff visited her address lives in a block of flats and put hand delivered letter through the WRONG address. Then she got a letter through the post saying Mardens are in receipt of a High court Writ against defendant. the defendant is not her and has never lived at that address. She has told them on numerous occassions that this person doesn't live at the address by letter and nothing owned by the person is in her property. She is worried if they
  3. Thanks for your reply. I have another 5 months payments to reach half the agreement. however the £1000 trade in and £250 cash back are not shown on the agreement. The salesman said i could vt my agreement at 19 months. So I feel I have been done over by them. my agreement says half the amont must be paid.
  4. Hello, I bought my car from welcome car finance. However the salesman said after 19 months i could terminate my agreement. 19 months have elapsed however I got my agreement out and the vt agreement says 50% paid not months. However, I know that I am right as did make a note about the 19 months. However looking at my agreement the part exchange value is a £1/ deposit says nil. However I was told I would get minimum part exchange £1000 for my old car and also £250 cash back. I cannot see any of these figures on my agreement and i havent received any cashback either. i really want to vt my c
  5. Hi everyone. thanks for the support. I have writen to telogram limited told them I have no knowledge of them or capquest and the information is data protected and that they are not to visit my address as I have a right to refuse visits from them and if they do so the police will be called. I did not sign the letter just put from the occupier. I have also reported them to trading standards as they are acting against guidelines of using wording which misrepresents what or who they are creates alarm and distress and they are also unsure if they have the right person in the first place. I hope thi
  6. Hi, I sent a letter offering the council £90 per month and begged them to take the debt back off the bailiffs. I told them that I would pay them direct and that my daughter and I were distressed at the thought of bailiffs. I pointed out the rules of no chasing lone parents and also that they levied my neighbours car, to add shame to my situation. The bailiffs were acting in a inapproiate manner and against guidelines. I wrote to bailiffs and told them that I will not allow peaceful entry and that the car was not mine and they are chasing a lone parent which is against guidelines. The council
  7. Hello, I have received a letter from H L Legal Solicitors and they refer to the letter sent by Telogram Limited. They have said ' our client will have been unable to confirm that the information supplied by the external agency is incorrect and follow up action including further attempts to contact you will be taken. Such follow up action may include a visit to the above address for verification purposes. To stop this action you must contact our client' I have not lived at the address in question to be verified for nearly 12 years. I don't want to confirm it is me because I feel that they are
  8. Thanks again all. All I know about this company Telogram Limited is trading from the same address 100 Barbirolli Square Manchester M2 3AB which is the same address as N Hunter the name of the 'anti-fraud' database. N Hunter has businesses subscribed to it which include over 90 organisations debt collection agencies, banks, credit card companies. I found this out on here on searching found this N Hunter Limited - The Secret Credit Reference Agency! (1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page) TheAnalyst It is a real eye opener. Thanks I will make a complaint to OFT and Trading stardards. CapQuest OWNS
  9. Hello, Thanks for your replies. I have been digging around and found that the company who sent this letter is Telogram Ltd. They are registered at the same address of N Hunter, the secret 'anti-fraud' database. They have requested that I confirm my residential address as they are 'acting as the authorised agent for Capquest' They 'Capquest have an obligation to update their file with data concerning change of address or establish a new residence' If I don't confirm by a certain date it 'will result in this record moving forward to our investigation unit where further research will be undertak
  10. Thanks for your prompt replies. They have not mentioned any debt.my student loans 1993/94 year at uni. Is this statute barred? If I reply to the letter and acknowledge the information to be correct I could be opening a can of worms. If I don't answer the letter and ignore it they will assume my guilt and put unfair information on my credit report. Also why are they so interested in me now after over 10 years. I thought they only recorded the last 6 years addresses? They need this information for their clients/originator records. I'm so confused.
  11. Hello, I need some advice as I have recieved a Telogram by letter at my current address requesting information about me at my previous address. I have never been on the voters poll until this year, since leaving the previous address. The address is correct, but I did leave a very small amount of debt, however that was over 10 years ago. Debt may be student loans pre 1996. I have never had any letters or contact with anything from my previous address. They now want to record this detail on my credit report I assume. However, how can they be still chasing me after all this time? Is this legal
  12. A well known bailiffs company have posted through my door a notice of seizure of goods and inventory. They want to seize a car that is not mine my neighbour owns the car. I have never spoken to the bailiffs, or answered the door I have always been out when they have called. the car they want to seize is not parked outside my home. there is a communal parking area. I feel the bailiff is trying to scare me, into paying the council tax bill as they have never seen me get out of the car and the car is not mine. I am really embrassed at this as if they try to take the car my debt will be common kno
  13. Please can anybody help and advise my friend. The DWP will not pay all his mortgage interest. He bought his house in 2002 for £27K. however, since then he had remortgaged twice due to the house needing totally renovating. he filled the forms in detail. Now they say that they will only pay interest on just under £28K and the mortgage is for £67K. He is very distressed and confused as to what he can do. can he appeal to their decision and what will be the likely outcome? Has anybody else been let down by this? He took the extra mortgages out to improve and to make the house a home ie kitchen, ce
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