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  1. Thanks to everyone who has responded.When I hand delivered both letters requesting statements I got a Barclays Business card from the Girl with her name on she wrote on it she has accepted money £10x2 and letter, but rang me in the afternoon to say she would credit money back into my acct as Barclays would provide this info for free .I am thinking about sending DPA non compliant letter.Any thoughts
  2. Hi EveryoneI have seen some real interesting comments and advice regarding bank charges ( Barclays in my case ).It has now been about 60 days since I hand delivered letter requesting last 6 years statements for my wife and I . They said they wouldn't charge me the £10 but would still send me my details .I am still waiting for info I have logged a complaint with Barclays for which they gave me a log number last week and have also emailed a complaint to Info/Commisioner last week (Thursday) . I don't seem to be moving much on this.Can any one suggest what I should do now , would be really greatful ....
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