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  1. Hey hellhasnofury I so know how you feel !! infact the whole group is going through this with you. Keep ya chin up:) chelli
  2. hi hellhasnofury:) Lets hope you have a decent judge who will take the time to listen to your side, as it seems that a lot of the judge's are getting fed up with these case and taking the easy option of a issuing a stay! I know how you feel about the court bundle i have got tons of paper that i presume my kids will get to scribble on soon! good luck again and speak to you soon michelle
  3. Hey hunny chin up sorry to hear about your news. I think everbody case is ending up the same and the only thing we can do is to sit and wait for january. chelli XXXXX p.s you sure know how to cheer me up - Your thread so funny to read pls dont do the bleach! put it up along with ya fishnets and mini skirt!!!!!! and as for the judge dolly WHERE CAN I GET ONE..................actually that could be a great money spinning idea ....we could start our own huge business....just think of all that money.......................................:o
  4. I emailed Inga Kirkman but she didnt reply. I think the banks have been ordered not to reply to any claims whilst the oft case is pending so dont expect much soz chelli :o
  5. hi hellhsnofury To email the abbey = [email protected] If you look through the search tool at the top of the page for abbey email details you should find lots of names that have been used. Good luck for the 17th chelliX
  6. Thanks Gary i have posted a letter to the court Fingers crossed chelliXX
  7. Hi just a quick question Now that my case has been stayed do i need to continue on with the direction of the order. thanks chelli
  8. sorry it didnt go well - join the club! CHELLI
  9. Hi again No they are not the same . You definately wont recieved any type of bundle from the abbey chelli X
  10. Hi Giltastic Good luck for today:) i have had my case stayed, after submitting a letter for non-complience so i have major headache now! just totally fed up with the courts as they just dont seem to be bothered. Hope you have better luck to cheer us all up:) chelli
  11. so sorry jo Sort of know how you are feeling right now- my case has been stayed - these ruddy judge's think we just download everything and stick in it in envelope. It has been really hard work trying to understand everything and it is so trying, both mentally and physically. I feel so let down - you have worked so hard and followed every rule to the letter!!!!! And as for that abbey girl i would have give her a piece of my mind and would have probably got myself on central news :o keep your chin up (guess not wearing those fishnet didnt help oops;) ) love chelli XX
  12. HI Just to give you the bad news our case has been stayed. We rang the courts this afternoon to find out if the defence had been struck out and we were told that the case had been stayed until feb08. I Am Really Annoyed that the court can be so fickle when it comes to law and the abbey because if it was me breaking the rules i would have been struck out without question. Any suggestions from out there or do i just have to wait until Feb08??
  13. Hi my speedy fingered tortoise. Whats with the stressing? You will be fine, you have helped all of us at one point - you understand more than you give your self credit for! Good luck for the 21st knock em dead (Well not literally) and for goodness sake put on a skirt if ya gonna wear the fishnets! HOTPANTS at your age HOW VERY DARE U!!! p.s only joking GOODLUCK;) luv michelleX
  14. thankyou got the Abbey's envelope ready!! will let you know of any news asap thanks again michelle
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