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  1. This topic was closed on 2019-03-08. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks Andy. There used to be a link on here to print off a court bundle but I can't find it. Does it still exist?
  3. Hi, I've got an ongoing claim going against Cap One for account charges. I've submitted the N1 and the alocation questionaire and I've just got my court date for may. Cap One have refunded the charges up to six years ago but my claim goes back 9 years in total. I've used s32 in my poc. I need some help compiling a complete court bundle, could someone please provide me with a list of everything that should go in it as I don't want to miss anything out. Many thanks
  4. Subbing too. I'm expecting an offer from Cap One very soon too
  5. Well I've finally got a letter from them. It does say that the account was passed to Metropolitan and then Moorcroft. As far as I know Moorcroft aren't linked to HSBC are they? What should I do now??
  6. Thanks DX. I got a statement and all it says on it is 'Arrangment'. No idea what that means. I'm not ringing them again so I've sent a message through my internet banking so I can get something in writing. Once I know who has actually taken the money then I'll have some idea what to do next. Thanks again.
  7. Well when I was on the phone to HSBC earlier they kept saying it was nothing to do with them as the account had been sold to moorcroft. I will get a full statement tomorrow and let you know. Thanks
  8. Hi, Yes the card and Bank Account are with HSBC but the account has now been sold to Moorcroft.
  9. Please help. I had an HSBC credit card which I cca'd them on and they just sent a blank credit agreement. I put the account in dispute and apart from a few template letters I heard very little for over a year. The account is now with Moorcroft. I got paid yesterday and checked my bank account this morning and Moorcroft have taken £400 without warning!!! I rang the bank as this is my rent money and they just keep saying I agreed to it when I signed for the card but they cant even provide a copy of a signed credit agreement. As far as I am aware moorcroft are not part of HSBC so I don't understand how they can do this. I am in a right mess now and cant afford to pay my rent. Is there anything I can do?? Thanks
  10. Hi Stella, as I'm not paying them a penny at the moment it seems a bit pointless claiming back the charges. If they do decide to take me to court then obviously I would counter claim the charges and offer a token payment for the balance. If and when it comes to that I will be asking for help..........
  11. Hi again, just a quick update. I've written to logbook with an income and expenditure sheet which basically shows more going out than I've got coming in and offered them a token payment. They replied saying they wanted £120 a month. I've now written back saying take me to court, they've now passed it to Adams, Spencer and Phillips who are sending me letters and I've told them the same thing. I've looked through the Bill of Sale and I found an interesting line about them adding on 'Reasonable Costs', to date the total charges for letters, phone calls and removal of the car is over £850. I would obviously deny that these are reasonable. They sent an up to date statement yesterday which has been filed with the other paperwork and I'm just going to ignore them now until I receive something with a court stamp on it.
  12. Hi, Got in a right mess with Logbook Loans. Basically they lent me £700, I made payments for around a year, totalling around £1000. I then lost my job and missed about 4 payments. Logbook loans have charged me £12 a time for ringing a mobile number I no longer have plus other charges totalling £800. They have recently sold the car for £400 at auction but still want nearly £2000 off me. I realise the car has gone but really dont want to pay them another penny. What would be the best way to tackle this one? Any advice would be great.
  13. HSBC have now sent me a letter saying they refuse to comment on the matter any further. They also keep sending monthly statements and are charging interest as normal. I haven't made a payment for around 7 months now but not one single threatening letter. My statements say my minimum payment should be over £500, which is nearly half my entire balance. I've written to them now to offer a pound a month on condition they freeze all interest and remove the interest from the date I requested the credit agreement.
  14. Just thought I'd give a quick update. After months and months of letters and being passed onto sc&m and then a debt collectors I now have a letter saying they will accept one pound a month. I've just written back asking if they will accept one years payments up front.
  15. Just something I noticed. You mentioned about not damaging your credit rating. I'm currently dealing with HSBC and they are masters at sending out blank application forms and anything else they can find to claim they have fulfilled their duties. Once you decided to stop paying them they will trash your credit file. I've told them they wont receive any money off me until they provide a valid credit agreement, I haven't received a single letter, phone call or statement off them for over 4 months now but it's all shown on my credit file. Just a word of warning.
  16. Nice one. She can pay fifty quid at the end of the month when she gets paid. I'm sure they'll get bored eventually
  17. Thanks calvi. She doesnt drive so no car. She knows not to answer the door or let them in. We wondered if there was any way of going back to court to show what she can afford and get a judge to agree a repayment plan?
  18. Hi, My friend's had a visit from Bristow and Sutor for unpaid Council Tax totalling around £300. She didn't answer the door but they posted her a nice letter demanding £65 a week! She works part time and sometimes looks after her grand daughter. She asked me to get in touch with the council by e mail and also Bristow and make an offer of £50 a month, this would leave her short but she just wants it paid off. Today Bristow and Sutor have replied saying they wont budge on their repayment plan and will be calling again soon. We've already told them they wont get let in and she wont open the door. Where does she go from here? Thanks for any advice.
  19. Thanks again Tilly, I'll just omit the T&C's for Halifax. Egg and Cap One are next on my hit list and I just noticed the poc's are on that list. Thank you
  20. That's fantastic Tilly, I looked everywhere and missed that. Don't suppose there's one for Halifax Credit Card anywhere too is there?
  21. Hi, I've done my spreadsheets, got the jog on letters and am now about to issue my N1. I've looked through the stickies and can find lots of Credit card Poc's but none for lloyds. Has anyone got a link they can give me please?
  22. I think that's more scare tactics than anything. They can't take anything like household requirements. It's more to stop people with big houses and posh cars taking the proverbial. I'm sure other people on here will advise of the pros and cons better than I can but it's certainly something I'd think about. Your call at the end of the day.
  23. Would an IVA help you? Not suitable for everyone I know but you pay what you can afford for 5 years and after that they have to write the balance off. I'm sure you could get your payments to less than £35 a month too by the time you've included living expenses etc.
  24. Hi, I'm taking on yes loans for a wide variety of things from mis sold PPI and medicare to penalty charges on the account and extortionate interest rates. I've sent off my prelim letter and done my figures. Would anyone be able to help with particulars of claim for the N1? The account is now paid off after making a massive lump sum payment but I still know Ive been ripped off by these cowboys and want my own back now. Many thanks
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