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  1. Hi everyone just to let you know i recieved my cheque for bank charges from the court, If anyone who is claiming bank charges back are at the level of sending in the baliffs and they are scared, then dont the courts were really nice and very helpful, I also wish everyone Good Luck on claiming bank charges back and thank you to all who gave me advice through me doing this, A BIG THANK YOUxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Phoned the courts yesterday to ask if they received the cheque from Barclays.they said yes,but i would now have to wait 21 days to receive it from them just incase Barclays go bankrupt !!!!!!!!!!!!!! even thou its my money i still have to wait !!
  3. Hi everyone. Just to let you all know i had an email from Greg at the litigation team,they have posted my cheque for bank charges to the county court recorded delivery and now just waiting to hear from them as to when i will get my cheque. Thank you all for your help and advice. It was much appreciated. A BIG THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. yes thats right. They said they would pay yesterday but since having the phone call from the bailiff they say they now have to go through them ??
  5. Hi sorry i probably wrote it wrong. The litigation team rang the bailiff asking for a copy of the warrant but he said he would now have to pay me through them
  6. Hi when i first applied for my bank charges i asked for the 8% interest but forgot to add when i asked if i could add it after i was told i would have to pay for another request to be sent which at the time i was totally totally penniless. So at present i am only claiming bank charges and fee for mcol and now warrent is it too late to claim the extra 8% as well ????????
  7. Hi i requested the warrant of execution with mcol on friday and recieved an email on monday from the litigation team asking me to ring them which i did today spoke to greg who said they new nothing about the warrant but said if i faxed them a copy of the judgment to them myself i would recieve my bank charges faster than with mcol.
  8. i thought i would have to go to court the person on the phone at mcol said it was still not a garantee that the bank would still pay me so......................
  9. Hi well i have sent the warrent of execution of to the court i rang the court just to make sure i had the correct court on the form and the guy that answered said this should put a smile on the banks faces when they see it. Am i actually in the barclays bank forum as i will need all the help poss now if i have to go to court. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. does that mean i have pretty good chance of winning or can they still appose a stay on court date
  11. judgement was passed on 17th july
  12. Hi I have now applied for warrant of execution today to Barclays. I telephoned mcol today to arrange it and they said the stay was lifted can anyone explain what he meant he wasnt really helpful
  13. can i send the warrent through mcol on line or do i have to phone them
  14. can you tell me if it is still worth sending in the warrent to barclays bank or just to wait to hear about the oft cant really afford to keep paying extra costs if nothing is going to happen any advice ???
  15. i have read that if for any reason we take the bank to court and we lose the banks can be made to pay the banks costs is this true
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