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  1. do nothing that sounds goos that they paid charges back for joint account take money and run lol
  2. hi yeah i have had anothe raccount with different bank for years not in use though last time i claimed got charges payed back when put in claim to court
  3. haha well i wil do it tommorow will sent 1st letter asking to pay back see what happens here we go again.............to be continued
  4. oh dear really cant be bothered arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh the banks have a hard neck charging me again after reclaiming back them all dont they!!!!
  5. Hi There Just Wondering If You Can Ask For New Charges Back After Reclaiming Old Ones? I Recently Got All My Bank Charges Back From My Current Account. Last Month I Was £2 Out For A Direct Debit Due To Come Out I Forgot About. Bank Charged Me £35 For It ( Dd Was Only For £10) Can I Reclaim It Back Aswell ????
  6. thank you i have just typed up a letter to attach to my decree which i will send today, if i do not hear back i will threaten baliffs sound ok?
  7. Hi I Recently Went To Court On 22 June 2007 To Reclaim Charges On My Lloyds Tsb Credit Card, The Defence Did Not Turn Up So Sherriff Granted Me A Decree Plus Expences, So I Thoguht Great Thats It Done. I Waiting A While And Got Extract For Payment In Post Its Dated 09 July 2007, I Thought The Court Would Send One To Bank To Pay Up But After Not Hearing Anything From Bank I Phoned Court This Morning ( 20 July 2007 ) And They Wernt Much Help As All The People That Deal With Small Claims Were In Court, Anyway The Lady Said I Have To Enforce Bank To Make A Payment But I Am Not Sure What I Have To Do Can Someone Help Me As To Which I Have To Do. Iam In Scotland So Not Sure If Different From England. Help And Advice Much Needed Thank You
  8. just print out all bundles there are in the cases libary ( i dont know how to add links here ) make sure you print out stuff to do with disgusing charges from the oft full report p4.21 because the bank did not show all the judge said to me was has the bank contacted you? i said no not at all since i made the claim he ask barrister ( i thnk she was ) should the bank have turned up? she said yea he told me i will give you a decree would you like to claim expenses as well? i said yes and that was it only took a mere 30 seconds haha
  9. hi i will do my best to reasurre you. i was in court today for lloyds tsb gold credit card and won! banks defence didnt bother to show up at all. after reading many threads with a similar situation to yours i believe you will get a settlement probably day before hearing ( lloyds tsb like to hang to rght till the date) dont think there is anything you can do to make them settle sooner just sit back and wait and iam sure you will get a settlement before hearing date it is still just under 2 months away so you still have plenty of time to hear from sc&m hope this helps a little lol
  10. hi im in scotland i believe your are in england! i was in pasiely sherriff court so this probably wont be relevent to you as you live south of the border and everything seems liitle bt differently done than in scotland!
  11. i was in court today for lloydstsb gold credit card and they never even turned up at all. judge didnt seemed inpressed with them. i got a decree and expenses so bank have to pay me now. they wont turn up even if they dont settle before court!
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