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    hi all, i sent a letter to woolwich on 29th march asking for the information relating to charges on my current account. i then recieved a standard reply a couple of weeks later telling me that they would be in contact about my complaint by the 10th of may. on the 4th may i recieved a list of the charges from the last 6 years these charges add up to £8,212.50!!! I will be posting a letter to them tomorrow requesting that the £8212.50 is paid back into my account. Will update soon.
  2. hi i sent a letter to the woolwich on march 29th 2007 asking for details of my bank charges have recieved a reply today 4th may 2007, witha list of all my charges over the last 5 years this list totals £8212.50 !! I will now be sending a letter requesting that this amount is repaid to me within 14 days.
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