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  1. Bit of advice if possible? We have rented our house since June 2005 from a private landlord. The property was initially let by a local agent and we signed a tenancy agreement with them but they didn't 'manage' the property for the landlord. After two years, the landlord decided he no longer wanted to use the letting agent and said to us that the tenancy would just be a rolling agreement based on the terms & conditions of the original contract. We've had very few issues over the years - we are very good tenants as my husband can basically fix anything a
  2. Thanks for your reply. What do you mean that IM are shrugging responsibility? Not sure why they should be sued. Could you explain a bit more please?
  3. Hello My friend made a personal injury claim after a car accident at the beginning of last year. The 3rd party & insurance company accepted 100% liability. She made a claim for personal injury due to neck pain/whiplash through Irwin Mitchell. In July 2018, an approximate settlement was made to the value of £3000 odd. My friend received £2700 and the rest was taken in fees by IM. On Saturday she received a letter from IM with a copy of court documents headed 'EUI Ltd v ********' - the papers state that they are not disputing liability but they are disputing the amo
  4. Thanks for your advice - the ship has sailed, at the present time, for any kind of gentle talk. We haven't seen each other since June with no hope of repair of the relationship until she realises how much we do love her - which will take a big helping of me admitting that I've over-protected her, mollycoddled her and generally made my own bed! Unfortunately, when you consistently try to over compensate for your own childhood, you run the risk of ruining the next generation too. £200 is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the thousands that she has categorically stated that she is not
  5. Hi all - hoping someone can give me some guidance. Back in June, I withdrew £200 in cash from my Credit Card as my daughter was going away and urgently needed funds. She agreed to pay me back when the statement came in the following month. So, she paid the £200 back in July directly to my credit card and we have since fallen out - basically over her lifestyle and dishonesty pertaining to it. Anyway, the upshot is, Vanquis have reversed the payment this month and debited the account as she has disputed the transaction saying that she doesn't recognise the payment. I'm not
  6. She has been interviewed under caution - bailed - went back to police station and they have charged her. They searched her property and my house and no phone was found. Due to the fact that she didn't take it! She had a solicitor at the police station whilst being interviewed but we're not sure how she would proceed - does she use this solicitor? Or does she have to find another solicitor? Not sure how to contact the solicitor that was present as she didn't give her a card. This doesn't relate to the phone that I was talking about in the other thread - he still has that phone - the
  7. Hi - I hope someone can give me a bit of advice. My daughter, who recently split with her ex, got into a fracas with him and he is accusing her of robbery i.e. taking his mobile phone. Laughable, considering he stole her phone, run up £100 debt on it and also left her thousands of pound in credit card debt (in another thread). Police don't want to know about that part. Anyway, because of the tussle, they have decided to charge her with robbery contrary to section 8(1) of the Theft Act 1968 and she is due to go to court in November 2016. She suffers from depression and anxie
  8. Ok - thanks for your help. I agree very unfair but don't want her in an even worse position than she is now!
  9. Hi - just wondering if I could get some advice. My daughter's boyfriend upped and walked out one day leaving the tenancy (in both their names) and a pile of debts. All credit cards were taken out in her name (about £15k), money borrowed from us (her parents) which amounts to £3000 and utility bill debts, some of which are in both their names. The last thing he took with him was a phone that she had recently taken a contract out with (because he was denied credit) and has consequently run up a bill amounting to £100. She mistakenly thought that he would be reasonable and they wo
  10. Some really helpful answers - thank you so much. My friend has an appointment with a solicitor on Monday morning - the company has already been in contact with her today asking her for the name of the solicitor she's contacted. There is obviously some sort of time limit. She said that in the letter there is mention of £800+ severance pay but no other compensation. I would presume this amount would just cover lost wages for a couple of weeks? Once again, thank you.
  11. Hello - I'm hoping you will be able to shed some light on a colleague's awful predicament. Today, our Head of Ops came over and asked my colleague to have a word in a meeting room. She was ushered into the room to be met by some head guy and a HR representative. Whilst she was in there, the Head of Ops and second in command took my colleague's Manager into another room to tell him what was going on. Basically, my colleague was told that she was being dismissed due to her performance. The last time performance was mentioned was in January this year when she was told she wouldn't
  12. The drama person is moving to a different department - I'm very happy about that. And I think I can manage not to say anything more on FB - apparently the settings can change every so often, so I wouldn't take the risk. I'm not the type of person to usually put anything on there anyway, it's more for finding people's dogs and desktop games! Thanks for your advice, it is appreciated
  13. All's well - apparently HR have said that it's not a matter for them as I didn't mention the company name or the surname of the person involved. They stated it wasn't an ideal status but there wasn't any disciplinary action they could take. Worth knowing, I work for a multi-national company so obviously their HR is not some tinpot setup. What is now ideal though, is that FB is now completely private and only has my personal friends on there
  14. Hi I've had a few problems with a group of girls at work recently - one in particular who likes to cause trouble. Anyway, after a horrible day on Friday - I came home and put a status on my wall - this is exactly what I wrote but fill in the blanks. "Thank f**k for the people that make working bearable - because f**k me do I work with some a**eholes". The majority of comments were asking if I was ok but one of the above group of girls started an argument and goaded me into stating one of the girl's names. I stated her name and basically that she knows that she causes drama fo
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