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  1. Thanks Russjo for your quick response, I will give it a try with a SAR and see what they say.
  2. Could anyone tell me if the Mothercare card is run by GE Money, My daugter in law was defaulted on this card back in 2002, for the sum of £130 she said she thinks it was all charges. Trouble is she does not have the account number anymore and it was paid off when when she had a CCJ. How could she obtain the account number, I have seen somewhere that it is on your credit file but none have shown on mine. She is in the proccess of requesting her credit file. If I had known back in 2002 what I have learned on this site the situation would have been so different, you all do a fantastic job.
  3. Thanks for your reply Caro, glad to see you back on the site, hope everything is sorted now with your recent flood.and family commitments.
  4. Thought I read somewhere on this site that a precedent had been set recently in a high court, and you are not entitled to contractual interest.
  5. No joy on the Select account fee, sent all paperwork to FOS regarding this account fee last week as 8 weeks as passed and no refund or satisfactory reply. LBA sent 12th June for bank charges of £3200 it will be interesting to see how FOS respond.
  6. Just seeking clarification on how long YB have to file their defence, the MCOL claim was issued 31st May (deemed served 5th June) YB acknowledged 5th June, is the 28 days from the 31st May or 5th June. Thank you
  7. What's going on today with Yorkshire Bank, so many wins are showing. Just posting to ask a moderator if they could change my title to CF1958 -V -Yorkshire Bank As the case has progressed to Court stage now to reclaim the charges. Thank you
  8. I felt no need to start a thread as found charges of £130 on statements, wrote to them asking for it back received a GOGW £100 after first letter. Happy with this as I am spending all my time on two claims within my family against YB and LLoyds.
  9. Tried it again it is my eye sight I was looking under credit cards, It is shown under Banks, great tool but account number was not shown. Looks like you are working on this from previous threads.
  10. Someone correct me if I am wrong but if the N224 form is the same as the N1 form you download it, you can then type all details into it while it is open then print it out, it does not save the details that have been entered.
  11. Not on your own with the high charges, one month was charged £180 for unpaid DD and the same month £60 for unpaid SO, a total of £240, I think it is a charge for each direct debit eg: 6 at £30 each and the same for the standing orders. They will find it hard to justify these as service a charge when it gets to Court, exactly what service has been provided to cost more than 50% of someones monthly salary, when we all know it is an automated service and costs next to nothing.
  12. I am currently trying to claim back the account Fee charge for the select account, as the account was changed from a Classic to a Select account without authorisation. I have asked for a copy of the agreement to upgrade the account and so far have been unable to supply one. I will be adding this Fee (£395 since May 2001) to the charges if it comes to filing at Court.
  13. I have had the same response, today a letter from the Leeds Solicitor with an offer of £200 gesture of goodwill as a full and final settlement, there was no cheque my claim is for £527 plus interest and Court costs. Had no response to LBA so filed a claim on MCOL on 30th May, the day after LBA deadline was up, it was acknowledged on 5th June by YB, then the letter received today is dated 7th June, just wrote a rejection letter today I used template letter 6, I hope this is the right one it sounded appropiate. Good luck with your claim
  14. Managed to get back into MCOL it must be a very busy site, the claim was issued 31st May & Acknowledged 5th June, they have 28 days now. Today received a gesture of goodwill offer from Solicitor in Leeds for £200, going to reject the offer as charges are £527 plus interest and £80 court costs so far which equates to over £700. Just another big thank you for all the people who run this site.
  15. Has any one else had any problems trying to access MCOL once you have lodged a claim. I have been trying for nearly 2 hours to get back in to see any progress and it is very slow on log in then it says page not found, I have now been locked out for 2 hours, I am entering the right details but can' seem to access the claim.
  16. Had no response to LBA sent 13th May, just filed a claim tonight with MCOL, do I need to give any details to the site at this stage. Thanks Chris
  17. Just an update so far, sent a letter on 12th April requesting all the Select Account Fees taken from the account to be refunded unless they could supply a signed copy of the agreement. Had a reply 25th April saying: "The account was upgraded on 30th April 2001 when a bank loan was taken out with them, As it is nearly 6 years ago you can forget what has been agreed and I can assure you the account would not have been upgraded without your permission, it would be difficult to retrieve a copy of the agreement as they are kept in central storage." Also on 12th April S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) was sent in a seperate envelope and by recorded delivery list of charges just received but only to Sep 2001, Hand delivered the prelim today dated 26th April 2007 requesting charges back, received a letter this morning from TSB dated 21st May 2007, refusing to refund the charges (not even asked for them yet). Sounds like the standard letter but it is stating these charges are a charge for a service they are not default charges because you have not broken your agreement.(yes she has). So what kind of service was given in Jul 03 to justify a service charge of £240. I think they have presumed the first request for a refund of £395 for the fees on the Select account, was a bank charge refund, obviously they are not even reading what iis being sent to them. If anyone could advise please if it is better to complain to FOS for the £395 Select account fee, I have read somewhere that if the FOS get involved it costs the bank £350, thought they would rather pay the fees back than do this. I will of course use all the procedures on this site for the charges, as that is over £3000 excluding interest.
  18. Just updating the position so far. Finally received the rest of the statements on 27th April, I had the N1 completed about to take it to court for non compliance when they dropped through the letterbox. Sent prelim requesting charges of £527 back on 27th April (delivered by hand) had the usual bog off letter. Hand delivered LBA 13th May they have until Tuesday taking into account the bank holiday. if no refund I will be filing at court on the Tuesday on behalf of my son of course.
  19. Going through some internet statements and noticed the charge for UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE was increased from £20 to £25 in May 2005 and then to £30 in November 2005. Just wondered if anyone has used this as part of thier Court claim, that they increased the FEE or so called SERVICE charge by 50% in a space of 6 months, surely they cannot justify such a huge increase.
  20. Can anyone tell me if you can claim back a missold PPI taken out in April 2001. I do not have a copy of the agreement and it was paid up earlier, are Lloyds Tsb required to keep this information longer than 6 years, if so would I be able to request a copy of it for the details. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  21. Caro has advised me to start a new thread on Lloyds Tsb as I am dealing with 2 seperate banks. Claiming back bank charges for my sons partner, thay have really treated her badly over the years, some months they have taken £250 out in charges, which is more than 2 weeks salary for her, I would like to put her figures in front of Judge Cooke and let him say these are for a service. Apart from the charges, for the past 6 years she has also been paying for a Select account which was £7.00 per month,which she has never requested. I am trying to claim them back at the moment, a recent reply from Lloyds said she was transferred to this account in April 2001 when a personal loan was granted (this would be the loan conditional of PPI costing over £700) which i am also hoping to follow up. I downloaded her statements from July 2002 from the website, however still waiting for other statements, S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) up on 26th May. I am now thinking of trying to go back past the 6 years on her charges, as it is probably why she took the loan out in the first place, through the banktaking 50% of her salary in charges on a regular basis. I would appreciate any information from anyone else who has also been upgraded to the select account, and has tried to claim the fees back.
  22. Thanks Caro, very interesting I am hoping that the recent judgement by Judge Cooke will not influence any other Judges. I am also doing my sons partner's reclaim of charges, still waiting for 12 months statements, the 40 days is up on 26th May, so far the charges come to around £3000 excluding interest and i am sure there will be about another £1000 on top of that, as they really struggled when the children were born she banks with TSB. Her's will also be at Oldham County Court as I am sure TSB will not pay out, they are filled with false confidence at the moment I am going to look on the site about claiming PPI back, as I recently found out that she had been paying the Select account fee for the past 6 years, currently £7 per month, she was unaware of this and had never requested the account (trying at the moment to get back the 6 years from TSB). A recent letter from TSB said that she agreed to this when she was granted a loan in April 2001, she cannot recall being told about the select account and is pretty sure she did not sign for it, she said she was forced to take out a PPI wich was over £700 on a £5000 loan. I would just like to thank everyone who works on this site, you really have given people inspiration and confidence, i could not have got this far without this site, there is still along way to go but all the information is here and I will see the cases through to the end win or lose.
  23. Reding your thread regarding the Court wanting the costs disclosed is a relief, after reading the Judgement from Judge Cooke today. the onus should be on the bank not the claimant. I will be filing at Oldham County Court against Yorkshire Bank on behalf of my son in 10 days if they have not settled, i doubt they will. Wishing you all the best, was not sure if there were any more claims going through for the Oldham area.
  24. Hi I am new to this site i am claiming charges back for my son, wrote to Yorkshire 12 Feb 2007 to request 6 years statements, £10 cheque cashed 15 Feb 2007, acknowledment letter around 18 feb 2007 saying they have 40 days, 22 Mar 2007 another standard letter from them saying as they are experiencing a high volume they would not be able to supply them within 40 days, 26 Mar 2007 wrote to ICO to complain had no response yet from ICO, 27 Mar 2007 18 months statements arrived saying others would follow shortly, wrote to Yorkshire again 2 Apr 2007 reminding them that outstanding statements were required without delay as they had already not complied and the ICo had been contacted to seek remedy, what do I do next as i am unable to calculate his charges until information is availabe. My son also had a Yorkshire bank visa card a few years ago and i had to take a bank loan out to clear it as he was constantly being charged foe a late payment he has no details now of his account number how would I chase the charges from this without any details, any advice would be very much appreciated.
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