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  1. We have already put in a complaint to F.L.A and have sent of registered letters to companies concerned so it's got to be easier to try to deal with it now than pay for years while it is sorted out , its a real nightmare if you google fsb global gone bust you'll get the gist of it , we're stuck with huge nightmare and if anyone can offer advice be really appreciated.
  2. Hi if I write a letter to a lender saying that i believe the loan/lease to be flawed and have problems listing my concerns and refuse to make any further payments until they address my concerns and formerly state that this loan/lease is in dispute , then can this affect my credit history and can they take recovery action before addressing my issues if i state that when they do i am happy to pay . thanks in advance Lisa
  3. Hi all , am hoping to get a bit of advice we recently went on a motorbike trip around europe and got The Pride of York ferry from Hull Docks to Zeebrugge and return , we paid £400 for the return crossing which included a cabin both ways . on the way out all was fine we bought a meal and a few drinks went to bed and bought breakfast and embarked on our mammoth ride !!!! however 12 days later back at Zeebrugge after riding 1700 miles through 10 countries in 10 days with not a single insect bite on either of us we boarded the ferryat 16:30 to return to uk . again we had a meal and a few drinks played the casino for a while and bought a few bits from duty free thus creating a total spend of about £250 on the ferrry both ways anyway we got to bed at 22:30 and my partner got into bottom bunk and myself in top bunk . at 01:50 I was woken by the light going on and my partner being extremely distressed when i saw his back and the rest of his body i immediately knew why he had approximately 20 bites all over him , we went to the enquiry desk straight away and they agreed to move our cabin and gave him anti-histamine cream which was logged in the first aid book , they came and looked at our bunk and said that they could see no trace of any critters as they had been told to look for blood spots , well i saw plenty of them where he had been laid . do we have any kind of comeback with p and o for this as we paid for the cabin and couldn't sleep after this so it was a complete waste of time ant help greatly appreciated . p.s the cabin keys were missing when we arrived and had to get spares from lock-up and they told us that keys would now be put away cabin fumigated and left locked for a couple of trips i think this already had been reported before we got on hence keys missing
  4. Thanks that is great got it working , now the letter from the F.O.S says that they must refund the charges the P.P.I and any interest paid on this and then 8% interest statutory . its exact wording is this : A) calculate the anount the consumer has apid you up to the tiem of settlement in respect of the additional borrowing for the PPI premium , including interest charged add interest on each of the additional payments made for this at the rate of 8% per annum simple from the date each payment was made to the date you pay the compensation , less any premium refund actually paid to the consumer on cancellation of the policy . B) re-arrange the loan by writing of all amounts that remain outstanding in respect of the borrowing for the PPI premium , including any interest and charges , so that in future the number and level of outstanding repayments against the loan are the same as would now have applied had the consumer taken the original loan sum without the PPI cover . so does this mean add the 9.9 APR they charged me then 8.0% statutory after that or just 8% or just 9.9% help !!!!! cheers xxx
  5. I am now going to be a huge pain i haven't got excel on my computer so is there any other way i can use this ,Lisa
  6. I can't get at that it needs a user name and password , oh well never mind !!!
  7. Go onto F.O.S financial ombudsman website and you can download a form to make a complaint about them , i did this for 2 egg loans and they have uphel my complaint , so egg have to pay it back inc interest paid and statutory 8% interest worth a go !
  8. Ive not seen one but if anyone can point me in the right direction i would be really grateful , thanks Lisam
  9. if anyone needs any more info to help then I can p.m what you need if i have it , just don't trust egg to work it out properly as they have been so skanky with this !!
  10. Hi have just had a letter from the F.O.S that they have upheld my claim for my partners P.P.I payments and that they have decided that EGG must pay back both the P.P.I and any interest and charges incurred with them and also statutory 8% interest from date of payment to date of re-imbursement to pay the amount of the existing loan and any surplus into his bank account , now i am trying to work this out and am hoping someone can help , here go's . 1st loan for £4000 over 36 months , P.P.I WAS £586 added on at beginning of loan so paid at a rate of £16.27 per month first payment was 28th september 2002 loan taken out in august 2002 over 36 monthly payments interest rate charged was APR 9.9% i have got no idea where to start as presumably there is the 9.9% interest charged on it and the stat 8% son any help be appreciated. 2nd loan for £5000 over 53 months , P.P.I was £750 added on at beginning of loan so paid at a rate of £14.15 per month first payment was october 2003 loan taken out in sept 2003 over 53 monthly payments interest rate APR 9.9% , again any help be appreciated as I am going to write requesting this after getting the letter from ombudsman thanks very much for any help in advance !!
  11. No they have got some of the parts sent back via their courirers and are saying they have not got rest of parts but they were all in same package so I know they have got all of them and are just using it as an excuse , they were sent via UPS and I asked for a receipt for them but the driver only had an electronic thing to sign and wouldn't give me anything else
  12. Yes I have sent this letter but want the court thing to sound ok , and unsure what to put so any help appreciated !
  13. Hi all , I have done some work as an IT consultant for a company and have been working for them for quite some time and now they are refusing to pay me , they say that I have not sent them back some parts for computers that were not needed for jobs , I have sent them back through their couriers and some of the parts that were in a consignment have been accepted so obviously they have them and now I want to put a claim in court for the outstanding amount of nearly £5000 can someone please help me with particulars of claim as i don't know what to put on here please help as I have sent them numerous letters and they just won't pay up and I really need the cash , help anyone please
  14. Well I suppose it's no surprise but still ignoring letter and sent it again by fax and post , got one of their pre-printed posted cards that says we called but actully they didn't they posted a flimsy piece of card , now they are ignoring all these legalities in the letters ent to them what can i now send them please , all help gratefully appreciated !!!
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