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  1. I got the paperwork through from MCOL this week and the defense stated that the requested amount has already been paid. Checked my account and it was paid in last week (I didn't notice it before now as I do not use that account any more). So my final question is the claim is being transfered to a local court, how do I stop this. Many thanks to everyone on here for all of your support. Keep up the good work. Many thanks as always, Jonny Ball
  2. The latest in the saga... MCOL reports that SC&M have chosen to defend the claim, so am now waiting for court allocation etc. Wish me luck! Jonny
  3. Hi drifter, I'm currently waiting for my MCOL deamed served date to expire in a weeks time, so would be interested to hear the outcome. Good Luck! Jonny Ball
  4. Thanks for that. Regards, Johnny Ball.
  5. Ok, So having send letters via recorded / signed for post, I have now submitted my claim via MCOL; And considering this weeks events in birmingham with Lloyds, I am now going over everything for inclusion in my court bundle. One thing I am not sure of, when will I know when my court date is? Answers on a postcard please! Many thanks, Johnny Ball
  6. So I posted my initial letter off on 2nd April with a claim for just over £1200. Today I received the standard letter from Andover "Sorry you are unhappy about your bank charges..." etc; so I'm now going to start preparing my LBA for posting early next week. Jonny Ball
  7. Well, having received a letter through the post this morning from the copy statement unit, I reckon that I have about £1200 in charges that I can claim back. I'm about to start entering everything on to the calculation spreadsheet; I'm not 100% clear about what can and cannot be claimed for, I'll re-read that part of the FAQ. Wish me luck! I'll keep you all updated. Jonny Ball
  8. Hi, I have today received the list of charges through from Lloyds TSB, relating to my former current account and I am about to start entering everything on the calculation spreadsheet. I have approx £550 of unpaid D/D & S/O charges and approx £650 of O/Draft excess fee's. I'm not completely sure I understand exactly what you can and cannot claim for, I'll re-read that section again. :? Anyway, thanks for the website; it's great that individuals are helping each other with challenging the unlawful actions of large corporations - and winning ; keep up the good work! Jonny Ball
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