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  1. Mines around the same time as yours then, mine was acknowledged on the 9th. I wish they would just sort it out, there not going to bother taking it any further.
  2. Hi all ive reached the MCOL stage of my claim, its 2 weeks since Cap One acknowledged my claim. How long have they been taking with other peoples claims to offer to settle? Obviously there not going to be wanting to take this all the way but i just wondered how quick theyve dealt with other peoples claims.
  3. Dont suppose anyone did record the whole program?? I really want a copy as my mate missed it last night, i wanted to show him just how bad things with the banks really are. There will be a reward in it if anyones got it.
  4. Can anyone recommend the best of a really bad bunch then if i get her to open another account? Halifax are ****h**es, they should try treating their current customers properly before spending a load of money on the crappy adverts that seem to keep popping up. Seems which ever bank shes going to use is going to be a pain in the backside for charges. Just halifax always seem to be rude on the phone to me for my account or the gf for her account.
  5. Hi im posting here for my girlfriend as ive already done my claim. She had a £250 overdraft on her visa debit account now due to charges she ended up going over this amount. Halifax were semi helpful in extending her overdraft on a temporary basis to £500 to clear the outstanding charges. She agreed to pay £50 a month off the outstanding balance when she got paid. so 5 months and it would be clear. I saw how many charges she had and decided it was a good idea to ask for them back. So we went the usual route and she recieved an offer of around £550 it was only around £50 off the full claim so she decided to take it. This is where the fun begins, money appeared in her account yesterday. She decided to pay some bills off and phone retail collections and sort her account out. The guy on the phone said the money had settled the temp overdraft and she would be able to use her card as normal. She went into the bank this morning and strangely shes £50 into an unauthorised overdraft Shes just phoned collections as thats who shes back with again now. First woman seemed to hang up (wasnt even as if the gf was being rude to her) she was certainly rude to my gf. The second person she got through to told her her £250 overdraft has been removed as well. Can they do this with no notification? Shes now stuck with absolutly no money until she gets paid again. I really am fuming right now, Halifax bank need to be taught a lesson or 6 about how to treat there customers. Any help would be much appreciated as the gf is in tears at the moment
  6. How long has it taken anyone else to get a response from these lot? I sent my prelim request on 15/01/07. It took 2 weeks to even acknowledge they had the letter. They sent the usual response with we'll look into your complaint blah blah blah. I then sent my LBA on 02/02/07 and am yet to get any sort of valid response. As far as im concerned theyve got another 3 days before i can start action against them. I may give a couple of days after as i think i actually sent the letter on the 3rd in the end.
  7. Yes m8 i made sure i went by the book, ive decided to settle for £900 of the £1200 that halifax owes me. Took me a while to get the woman to that figure but its one im quite happy with to be honest. So its onto capital one now. We want our money back
  8. Well what can i say that hasnt already been said on here about these lot. Constant phone calls for money i dont have from there indian call centres (Up to 5 or 6 times a day when theyve been told im working between these times) . Just a whole lot of hassle from a pain in the bum credit card company. Well its time for me to get my own back, ive had all my statements sent out for free (just took asking a lady in the collections department after "discussing" the unlawful charges on my account) Well outcome is..........unlawful charges total up to £1606. So it time to set about taking this to the next step. Ive also got a claim ongoing with hellifax which is going to mcol i i dont get the answer i want when i phone customer relations tommorow. Oh if anyone feels the name in my title is inapropriate please let me know and i'll change it
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