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  1. Try asking CAB, they should have taken a copy of it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then hit em with Shock and awe
  2. haaaaa,,, do DCA's and Parasitic companies like Crapbot swear on the Hypocritic oath ????
  3. haaaaa Wassock,,, think I will use that long lost term in my correspondence,,, Yes they can ask you to pay politely but as stated you can tell them to Go forth and Multiply, but if Franila you are in a good mood please drop me your address and I will bill you for some dodgy amount,,,,, shall we say £4,000 to the Hippy Debt collection fund... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am being pedantic, get me drift Fran,,,,,, Beg away SB is SB or Unenforceable is Unenforceable, with me they keep telling me on my UE accounts,, Hippy it will help to repair your credit rating if you pay us..!!!!!!!! ( what, !!!! I am i
  4. Hi guy's and girls Well all quiet on the Hippy front at the moment. Marlins offering me discount on a dodgy heavy loaded charges overdraft. Have given them a figure should be fun. Now on a more upsetting front, Crapbot who now have four of my debts, 2 x Barclays and 1 x Yorkshire bank CC have written out of the blue some more drivel, they have already stated in a letter back in February that YES they know they can't take me to court without the agreement but the debt is still legal. Now today I get a letter saying, 1. We refute your claim that you are not a customer of Crapbot
  5. Brilliant, HOC had one today from Marlins, it was for an overdraft of £862, I had £275.00 of charges on this so I keep writing saying no only owe £587. Now they keep offering me a wait for it You got it a £275.00 discount if I pay in full. Ok says the Hippy that's £337 less me three years of Admin charges lets agree £200 FF. Agast e-mails back saying NO NO NO its £587. Now Hippy gives them 7 days to accept or it drops by 10% should give em food for thought.
  6. What is the interest on charges ???? I have a old YB OVERDRAWN ACCOUNT which Marlins are chasing for some muppet..... now I calculated £375 of charges in the £840 demand going back to October 2009... been paying £2.00 token payments as it is a joint account with ex Mrs Hippy...
  7. My only answer here lovepeacetruth is,,, be firm and tell them, take what you can because it's going anyway..... In all seriousness what is it they can do ????? they repossess your house and then its an unsecured amount of money... In most cases people feel so low with a house repo that they decide to go Bankrupt as well and have a complete fresh start. Simples: GE money would be included in the Bankruptcy as it would then be unsecured. This nonsense of second chargee's not allowing sale is just that... Nonsense, yes if there not going to get there money they are going to say that. But the
  8. Hello Tetsukobushi Your position sounds a little like mine, the house I was left with when my ex went is mortgaged and also has a secured loan on it. I have struggled for two years nearly to keep the damn thing, its a lovely house but at present just on the mortgage and secured loan 71% of my money is eaten up. I have worked 7 days a week even had a lodger in and still I am treading water. The lodger moved out after five months and my overtime at work has come to a halt. Today is crunch time for the Hippy, my ex who at first was nasty, devious and downright dishonest came around a f
  9. Thought that was the one Baby Clanger,,, have the same problem with a secured loan from First Plus.... Worst days work I did, ( under pressure from ex-Mrs Hippy ) In the end it comes to a point where you just can't keep up the repayments...... They will quote LIBOR to you hmmmmm just a con to make money me thinks.
  10. Whow Mikey,,,, First things first, never ever ring these pond life everything in writing. Now lets see what's what, when did you take the card out ????? Bang off a CCA request to Freds cost you a £1.00, lets see what they come up with. Cap 1 notorious for dodgy agreements or none at all. They have 12+2 days to get you the agreement. We can then see how to go forward also it could be worth while sending a SAR to CAP 1 to see what charges there are and if any PPI. Remember EVERYTHING IN WRITING
  11. oooops just for the pc brigade,,, its me dodgy orchids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks all for your thoughts. And yes, it is responsible but still highly dubious. As you said, would a thug be so stupid to write to them to tell em !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! urghhhhhh unless your that nutter who shot the cop and he has now sadly taken his own life.. NO NO..... Mind you PC PLOD did say they were going to get there top man on the case and write to remind these morons what could happen....... Oh well, least I did not get a visit from em........ had the air fresher out all day and the plants away....
  13. Rowellfair, Let it go mate, it will only make you more bitter. Put it down to one of life's experiences.... You would have thought in this day and age of internet that many people would be clued up as to there rights when dealing with these low-lifes,,, but sadly NO... HOW MANY people out there are still being fleeced by these B*****ds hmmmmmm
  14. Hi guys Just had to tell you a little story. Now those of you who know me and have followed me on here no I split with Mrs ex-Hippy three years ago. Very acrimonious split at that... but in the past 8 months we have buried the hatched as middle aged grown up human beings should do. I now see my kids again and my boy 15 stays with me three days and nights a week, Mrs x hippy helps me out and all is well in Hippy Land. And my 17 year old daughter passed her driving test yesterday FIRST TIME, now wants £1,500.00 for the insurance, but as a wise girl has saved it up over the years... Now
  15. Exactly Debbbsy,,, Pre-2007 No agreement = No Court... I have kept the letters from Crapbot and others saying we can Bark at the moon till hell freezes over Hippy but yes Mr Hippy you and those motley debt dodgers on CAG are right, we can't put you in front of a Judge. ( Now that is my reading of there letters between the lines ) we know most DCA's monitor this site, we know in what little induction new employees get that CAG and other sites like this are used by only Debt dodgers ( totally wrong ) I paid my token payments to the OC's without fail. But as soon as they sell on and a company tr
  16. Well said Scarlet, remember Cohen after my father passed away suddenly,,,, Kept harassing me till I told them to bog off in no uncertain and that a photo-copy of the DC was good enough, they could pay for it them selfs if not happy... Cheeky sods thought his Nursing Home he spent the last four weeks of his life in after a very quick and aggressive Brain Tumour was his property. They were going to check the Land Registry, told them he was a socialist and never ever owned his own property.... Disgusting business at times.
  17. :violin: For Argoose....:-D for hippy Not my fault if they can't keep there paperwork in the Vaults safe... Mind you was 1998 me thinks or a bit later.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always wonder why companies don't just own up and come to a agreement instead of trying to lie and hide the fact. Me and Argoose could have come to an agreement... Starting at 10%
  18. Good Evening the Brig sir. It is Argoose, the muppets played me a long with not knowing what CPUTR was, they sent another persons application form and then said that I did not have a legal right to view the CCA. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely first class clowns. Brian Carter dropped it like a hot potato and Freds sent it back.... Quiet since September then this letter from Bill and Ben the pre-sue department, thought it was an Native Indian charity at first ????
  19. Oh well I knew it was too good to be true,,, some pond life has emerged with this letter. Well have sent them a in dispute letter with lots of Bazooka's articulate opinions on the DCA industry... No CCA no pay boys. Yes I bet your offering a substantial discount. Oh well have seen off Freds and Moorcroft on this one, let battle commence. assetcag.pdf
  20. I had a old mobile taken out in my mates name contract completed so upgraded. Gave that phone to my son, he now stays with the hippy Monday - Thursday. Tonight his phone rings and I hear him saying he's not here ( street cred junior hippy ) no secrets between him and me. I say in sign language I have just come through the door. This is at 20:45 hours tonight. Lady on other end says she is from I think she said RMA solutions acting on behalf off Arrow Global in respect of a egg account. She says she has written to me on many occasions I then ask her to what pos
  21. Good luck Mr B your in good hands here. Nasty DCA,,,, chancing there luck on vulnerable people, I hate the whole shoddy industry why oh why can't a OC set up there own in house debt specialist theses cowboys would be gone. They tried a sneaky on me, my mortgage arrears were re capitalised but Red Castle wrote to ex Mrs Hippy asking for the money knowing full well it was sorted SHODDY AND DAMN UNDERHANDED GET WELL SOON MR B AND SOD THESE GITS
  22. Had the same this December. Write to Britannia and tell them Account in dispute due to no CCA. Most of these MBNA agreements are not worth Jack (pre 2007 ) just got ex Mrs Hippy off one of thes and hers were 2006
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