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  1. Dear Pot Bellied, I can understand where your coming from, now I am in the same situation as you and will be renting from end of May. I have struggled for three years with ex not contributing nothing. The only difference is mine is in slight neg equity with a secured loan on it. My understanding is it's usually three months unless and I think in this case the mortgage company will probably grab at it as there is equity in property some will take six months. Now as u are aware there will be a heap of charges for non-payment, repossession etc so if after that there is still a surplus t
  2. Mav As the amount is now unsecured there is not much they can do. Will be having the same problem myself shortly as I am handing back the keys to my BS after struggling on my own for three years with a secured loan attached and no help from Mrs Hippy. Now first things first, the wife's house is in her name only correct ???? If that is the case there is little they can do there it is her house ( whether married or not ) just to confirm, do you own any property yourself.. !!!! ???? if not again what can they do. Offer what you can afford, you do not have to send them anything in writin
  3. Nice one Brig,,, what a shocking story..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Don't worry Halfangelhalftart this story is so familiar, as you can read. Argos had Moorcrap then Fred then the illustrious Brian himself and then they put Asset Management on me case. Now as you, they only sent a blank terms and conditions.... Hippy say's and I used P1's advice CPUTR HAVE YOU GOT ME ORIGINAL ( nothing at all ) Asset did not even bother with a reply once I told them in dispute.... As many will tell you on here, why mess about either you got it or you have not..!!!!!!!!! if it's pre 2007 then they are going to need it, they know it, we know it the courts know it. Now j
  5. Well said Boo and Brig and Stormski,,,, DCA'S ARE NOT WORTH MISSING A BITE OF YOUR CORNFLAKES FOR. As for the letters, well Boo, I have used a lot of yours and it works a treat, don't hear jack off them after.. PUERILE MISSIVES WILL STAY ETCHED IN MY BRAIN TILL ME LAST BREATH... I have a great one at the moment, ABLE debt collectors chasing what they say is two months of premiums from my old insurance company, I cancelled it as I am giving house back to lender and took a cheaper one, from £57 at the 1st of March they keep upping by £15 every time I don't ring...haaaa now £163 jokers,, m
  6. Had the same sent to me, well somebody elses at first... heeeee then the blank, told them politely that's good you have complied with my request, unfortunately you will need the original if you want to go to court. Still waiting nearly a year on...
  7. Wait till they come,, a bluff most of the time so worry when they come.
  8. I have the same problem... Have a secured loan from Barcalays First plus have struggled to pay over 1k a month on both mortgage and secured loan for three years since ex went. ( take home pay £1460 a month ) a little overtime here and there. A week ago I phoned my main mortgage provider and told them of the difficulties and the effect on my health, told them I was selling. they were very good, have dropped it to a £100 for two months and send details of letting agent. Valued yesterday at £110.00, now on my calculations we wont have enough to pay off the secure charge maybe a £1000-2000 shortfa
  9. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart your a wonderful set of human beings. Thanks RDM2006 but it is time to make a clean start and as Brig say's build bridges. Thanks Vic,,, I will of course keep you all informed of the progress. First off, I am about to ring the Cov building society and then write to the biggest gangsters since Capone and his crew First Plus..... That done it's a nice letter to my daughter explaining why I have not been in contact for many a year and see what she says if she says Foxtrot Oscar so be it.... She is entitled to it and I would not hold anything against
  10. Thanks Halibutt, this is what is so great about this site, support support support...... Will keep you all updated.
  11. Hi all At long last after three years of working seven days a week and spending over £1000 on a mortgage and secured loan I have decided to call it a day. Yes it was my family house of 15 years, watched the kids grow up and then Mrs Hippy and me split. She ran off and rented and never contributed a penny to the house. Now with the NHS cutting overtime and my health beginning to go south due to long hours and no break in working enough is enough. I have a battle plan which I think will see me through but any advice would be welcome. I am 53, I never want to own a property again and ne
  12. Thanks Shadow, will of course be following closely and keeping in touch with all you great guys and girls out there. Will think I will keep this little post as an update to what happens to old hippy. As I said, 53, don't want any credit ever again, don't want a house of my own and just want rid of paying 90% of my main salary on a mortgage and secured loan and boys and girls not working seven days a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The offer of buying the house from a friend has fallen through but I was not holding much hope there.... It is clear Hippy has no luck in 2012.....
  13. A little pessimistic me thinks, to pursue a debt on the other side of the globe would be just too expensive !!!! my personal opinion but to be on the safe side you could always go bankrupt simples, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in the same position now, left with a massive 1st mortgage and second secured loan, house not worth the two amounts. I will put up for sale but hey,,,, what ever.
  14. Firstly, to all the great friends I have made on this site and for all your sound advice,,, thank you very very much, you have been like a family to me. It is now with some regret that I have decided enough is enough, MY lovely three bed house is now going to go,, it is eating 85% of my income with a secured loan attached and is in negative equity with that bad boy attached. Mrs ex - hippy does not want to play ball. At work in the NHS all overtime is cut and my lodger I had decided to move out. But to bring perspective home I have just found out that my daughter of 26 years from my
  15. A good sound re-assuring advice Debtinfo, i have been struggling for three years since mrs ex-hippy ran off, I have a house I loved but with a secured loan on it it is costing me 90% of my take home pay, I have had to work extra which is killing me at 53. Also being in the NHS one has to be on the ball. Today I have taken a big decision to cease paying my mortgage and secured loan, the house is in negative equity with the two together. I have already had an offer of a rented flat... I know they will repossess and probably come up short for the second charge so when it is sold and this becomes
  16. Had the same problem with my late father,,, tell them to go forth and multiply there is no estate, simples there loss.
  17. No, the court will look at your outgoings, it is not in the interest of the courts nor is it under English law your partners problem or debt ( only if in joint names ). If the court started that malarkey you would see a lot of skulduggery by people moving out and saying they were on there own... Remember the debacle of the CSA at first when it took partners wages into consideration, it caused more hassle than it was worth and would have been challenged in the high court so the government brought in a simple formula. YOUR DEBT, YOUR OUTGOINGS YOUR INCOME
  18. Quite right IMS,, who in there right mind would offer up to 70% discount, if I loaned some one a £100 I would expect a £100 back simples...
  19. Had the same on my three CCA requests. Returned £1.00 and told me that they would get CCA. Still waiting for 11 months YB CC, Barclays x 2 CC waiting three months. Now they have written to me telling me there Customer Relations Department will not correspond with me again !!!!! See Hippys post.
  20. Thanks Uncle,,,,, I have written back on the original letter telling them how upset I am,,,,, and pointing out that due to my spell in Broadmoor my communications with Alex was very therapeutic and helped me reduce the Diazepam and Prosac,,,, Now I will be a jabbering mad-man again,,,, heeeeeeee What makes me laugh is all I sent was a Account in dispute where's me CCA...!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Yep, had my letter saying it was sold to Arrow, guess what,, Hippy code no 1 kicked in,,, original creditor has sold so lets see an CCA please, nothing forthcoming yet so they have been told ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE.... Now there is a lot of scaremongering here about charging orders. the fact is like Vic I have no equity at all and this would be my que to just stop paying me mortgage and secured loan and go and get a rented flat..... But as Vic say's, lets see what they have on us. Most MBNA CCA prior to 2007 are either lost, or unenforceable for one reason or another. As for Charging orders th
  22. Sound advice Unclebulgaria,,,,,, complete waste of time Snotcall...... easy pickings in the DCA bait chart.
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