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  1. well done,,, same I see Argoose are still playing there naughty games... NO CCA and they try and sell the lemon on""" oh there are things in this world that are so predictable.
  2. Desperate times come's to mind with this one. Agree with reallymadwoman, prove it....
  3. oh dear kingofkings, what are you worrying about..... NO CCA = DON'T HAVE TO PAY IF YOU DON'T WANT TOO. Just write back and say account in dispute no cca and add £15.00 for your charges... Easy ain't it.... They add charges that are uneforcable so guess what, so does the Hippy.... have a blooming problem of a house insurance I cancelled due to bugging out and getting it repossessed, started with 2 x missed DD's at £29 a time it's been through three DCAs since March and has risen to £176.00 I just invoice the DCA's when I reply back... I have a loan debt of £14k and have never had this much
  4. Best of luck Simon your doing a great job..... I have followed with interest hope it all goes well next Thursday
  5. No they have the same right as I do to your personal information ( absolutely none ) but again this is a debatable issue on CAG, I always start with the line of ( as you know only a District Judge can require me to hand over personal and confidential information ) but out of courtesy I have a court orientated income and expenditure form ( NOTE YOUR OWN IE ) not some pie in the sky DCA form.
  6. Vconcerned999 It seems very unlikely, what I believe is that they have mistakenly thought that the house had gone or were answering a question about if it is sold and there is a short-fall. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I find it incredible that a lender would make there loan unsecured and unsafe ( ie they have it secured against an asset ) do you honestly think they would agree??? what is in it for them nothing but lose lose if you refused to pay.
  7. Dawn 78 This is standard practice, firstly,, don't panic, tell your dad not too panic and look on the positives. A mortgage shortfall can be pursued for up to 12 years, now this money owing from the short fall is now UNSECURED, the worst that can happen is for them to take your dad to court, but that is a long way down the road. First thing firsts I am in or will be in the same position as your dad, I am letting my house get repossessed and there will be a shortfall in that. Now I have decided that Bankruptcy will be my best option, but this is my personal situation. Now what your da
  8. hahaha,, good out crabot, still trying that old chestnut..... done it too me on the only one that is enforceable, told em go ahead see you in court..... Now, that my circumstances changed due to getting out of a mortgage and secured loan I reviewed my IE, yes I review not them !!!!! and I found I could offer a small increase to all my creditors with enforceable agreements.. so from me £1.00 all are now getting a fiver.... As PGH say's stop doing business on the phone. Though I have an old mobile that I gave to my son who now has a new one. I put that number down on my correspondence and yo a
  9. oh boy, what depths will they stoop to..... I am such a nice person even towards people who may not quite see my way of things but boy, these parasites make my blood boil.......
  10. thanks mate. Will keep you updated. This insurance was with Ageas ??? thought it was cover direct.... As stated I hate this automatic renewal. If it comes to hey boys hey I would offer only the 1 months premium of £29.00, took them three months to inform me and then it's just charges from DCA's.........
  11. Same problem for old hippy,,, House insurance up for renewal in December 11, wrote and told Ageas insurance don't need it I'm off. March 12 get a letter saying I owe £58 plus £25 for two missed DD's from Mrs ex-Hippy's accounts. Told them I had cancelled next thing various DCA's adding charges on and passing it around. now at £164,,,, and Mr Munn threatening court action. Bring it on.. This debt is like an itch I can't scratch. Have paper trail of replies to DCA's telling them it was cancelled but like a muppet did not get proof of posting on renewal cancellation .... I am still sticki
  12. Having a problem with this muppett. On renewal of my house insurance I sent a letter to Ageas Insurance solutions telling them thanks but no thanks am pulling out of house and ex-wifes bank account is now closed. Well blow me down come February the muppets send me a bill for £58, the two direct debits they did not get. e-mailed them to tell them I cancelled, wish I had telephoned now. Well gone through a few DCA'S and it has risen to £163, now this muppet poking his head out. Say's they have been assigned the agreement !!!!!!!!!!! I have thousands and thousands of pounds of debt and this bad
  13. Again guy's a big thanks. Knew I was right all along but Ms ex-hippy was getting the wind up her, told her this would happen and all kinds of silly rhetoric would be employed short of snatching your children for child labour..
  14. What utter ubbish me thinks, or is this the shape of things to come. Only a court can stop them A letter from Credit Solutions to Mrs ex-hippy Reply's to these cowboy's greatly appreciated. file 1.pdf
  15. Duffers Mum, I had the same problem with Crabot with an old Yorkshire Visa Card, they were adding on 12% but could not supply CCA due to age of account, Now it seems to me without a job, a dodgy CCA to say the least these muppetts know they have a lemon, time for you to baton down the hatch write once more and say, see you in court, Account in Dispute you have not sent me what I believe is a valid CCA... As one Cager said, if and it is such a big if they are daft enough to go for it defend it on the CCA not being supplied. Bet your bottom dollar they will not see the inside of the court room,
  16. Well done Rosey, two down and as we suspected you have been a cash cow for all these years. I would and this is just me to really finish this off, write to them and say and quote ( as you have pointed out this is un-enforceable and until such time you provide a CCA for this alleged debt then I consider this matter closed. ) Put a big big kiss on the end, alway's does the trick, now the reason I do this and I have had three from Crabot and one from Argoose without CCA is it just outlines your knowledge of the law of the land also it points out that it will be there money they are wasting. Now,
  17. Very very iffy, no prescribed TC's hmmmm try hanging in there for the Statue Bar...
  18. Hi Perplexedofdorset I have now had time to read this sorry story from post 1 to 735. If I can give you a little re-assurance it is this. I have had two relatives and a couple of friends in the same position from the naughty nighties property scandals and can add that each one has won. Yes it's a long haul and as pointed out it is a DJ lottery if ( and I very very much doubt it that it goes to court. ) Again look on the positives, 1. They have no evidence to back up there claim of a payment ( simples ) yes a DJ could agree with a Barrister and say yep it was paid because my learned friend
  19. Exactly what I have done with three of my accounts with Crapbot,,, they have admitted that one is UE as they can't find the CCA from Yorkshire Bank, could have told them that as it was given to me in 1993 and I mean given, no agreement, just arrived on me door mat. !!!!!!!! Now I have two Barclayshark, one is the old Morgan Dean Stanley what ever, now they say its a goldfish card, never had a Gold Fish card at all it was called some thing else. Now as for the Barclays Branded card they have sent to satisfy my request a blank screen shot of terms and conditions !!!!!!!!!!! hmmmm, so mixed up
  20. Big hug to Ell-enn and broken, I feel like a new man guys, really... and so nice to have you guys behind me.. Lovely,,, you have restored my faith in the human race... big hugs to you all
  21. mate, With no assets, they would be out of there tiny minds to make you bankrupt. They will go no-where near a court knowing you have nothing. As with borrowing from your parents PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT !!!!!!!!!! end off... There is nothing they will do, they will at a 5% chance take it to a county court for a CCJ, you are playing right into there hands also THE OFT states a debtor should not go into further debt by borrowing even if from relatives. Please mav, just offer what you can afford, whats the use in making u BR,,, u have nothing, it will cost them £2k plus and then the debt is d
  22. Absolutely Feebee,,, any sniff of discounts always gets the hippies few live brain cells wondering, who in there right mind would offer a discount for money owed ???????? nothing in this life is free.. I am letting my house get repossessed and the only 3 enforceable debts a large £13,500 from my old friends YB now with crapbot I had a lovely letter saying they will settle for £3,600 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now there is a shocker.. NO HOUSE NO CHARGING ORDER, NO ASSETS, AND THIS GREAT SITE has really to be honest with you saved my miserable neck.. Yes made mistakes, over spent in the good times t
  23. ok you great guy's and girlees on here especially to Lea-hth and Ell-enn At long last after two years and eight months of struggling to pay my mortgage and secured loan I decided to take the plunge and put the house up for sale. Not moving at all fast but I expected that. In February 2012 all my overtime was cut, leaving me taking home £1,390.00 net hmmm now the mortgage and the secured loan came to with a few arrears payments back to £1,050 then add council tax £80 you can see the figures just don't add up. So I made my decision then and there to inform both the ML and Secured loan
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