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  1. Oh Brig, the lovely Scott-Call, love em the only one's to ever turn up on me old property... Say hello to Kevin as soon as I opened the door and gave him 5 seconds to remove himself he could have beated Mr Bolt in the 100 metres haaaaa,,, this lot are one of the bottom feeders. They must be the only one's who chance there arm at taking your doorstep,,, heeeeee,,, soon as you write and say what Brig recommends they close the file...
  2. Yes PGH7447 is correct. If as is likely the house is in joint tenancy then it will pass to him lock stock and two smoking barrels. Now as long as the debt from his deceased good wife is 1. Unsecured and two not in joint names they can whistle. Had the same sceniro for Daddy Hippy, he took out credit for Mummy Hippy unsecured credit cards and unfortunately he contracted a Brain Tumour. Mummy hippy gets house and I think it was Cohen and Cohen who came chasing. Explained sorry, no money in estate to pay you. They tried it on but under English law your debts if you have nothing die with you......
  3. Spot on Halibut,,,,, £1.00 and that is pushing it...... Not a penny more in your circumstances, I am at work but with all my priority outgoings i.e Rent, council tax, utilities MAINTENANCE etc etc I could only afford £1.00 to all those who supplied a correct CCA. Now I have had the house repoed, I calculated that they could each have a fiver. And duly set up a £5.00 standing order. Out they came from the woodwork looking for more. All they got was that is all your getting for now if it improves then up it goes. simples. Now over three years at £1.00 and now a fiver. I shall ( NOT TH
  4. No NO no your on benefits, that is the amount you need to live on by LAW.. £1.00 and if they get shirty, drop it to 50p and so on... idiots the lot of em..
  5. I have been doing that Halibut with all mine for any correspondence needed. Only had one payment from Fred's/Argoose when they sent me someone else's CCA / Application form...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least it keep's them on there toes. Oh and as Sandanter would not refund me PPI for me Debenhams card I did the calculation and deducted it from me total, paid the balance off. They write now and again threatening all sorts but as I say, see you in court oh and £12. + the bit's and peices for paper stamp etc.... Might increase mine though to £25 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the moment they owe me.
  6. Just to jump back here to IQOR'S Letter, this theme seems to be rearing it's ugly head again. Mrs ex-hippy in one of my posts had a similar situation where a DCA said the law did not apply to them. With BB and Brig's guidance I soon told them if they felt they were higher than the law of the land, see you in court. ( whether civil or criminal ) They had the cheek to say it was Mrs ex-hippy who had to get a court order to stop them. Now with this case I feel that the DCA's know they are losing a weapon in there limited Armoury and trying to fob off us mere mortals with phis and wind.!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. A good post RC14 and best of luck with taking this further. A point made from this is that you need no proof of sending, DOES THAT APPLY TO THE DEBTOR AS WELL. I am having a run in with an insurance company I sent they said they did not receive... lets hope it is a level playing field on that one, but I doubt it very much. Again, Not getting into dialogue with DCA's is a valid point. I and this is me personally just state the bloody obvious i.e. NO ORIGINAL CREDIT AGREEMENT PRE-2007, CAN'T ENFORCE PUT UP OR SHUT UP... I HAVE NOTHING TO TAKE SO I DON'T CARE IF THEY GO FOR IT. I STATE THIS
  8. Morning Brig,,,, I have not heard of or seen that Bird for many a good year. New house and I have dug out the old military albums and am in the process of scanning them as some of those old Black and Whites are beginning to fade. MERLIN, this sounds very very iffy mind you if you read some of Crabots letters they are a law unto thereself. They have threatened old Hippy with everything, including ripping me kidneys out for sale !!!!!!!!!! I heard there chap on Radio 4 trying to collect a 15 year old £47 debt heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bloke was as cool as a cucumber, he uses t
  9. love it guy's and girls,, will be using some of them letters ( brilliant ) I have a doorstep now, should I ensure against loss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. oh good old Crapbot, they have written to me on a goldfish account and informed me due to the age of the account no cca,, but then in the next letter ( all addressed to my old abode ) they were informed by e-mail that I had left over six weeks ago that they were going to put it out to a external debt collection agency,,, ( hmmmmm I have told you and you have agreed unenforceable ) but let em spend there money..... my credit file is so trashed and to be honest don't ever want credit again. Merlin, is there a charging order ???? have you a CCJ for the debt ??? and good morning the Brig
  11. Just to add to Lea_HTH's advice, she is correct, before deciding get some advice. I was a financial and mortgage advisor for many years prior to me returning to the NHS, but even so I sought a second opinion from CAB, it's nice to let others chew over your predicament and you may have missed something, however well you have researched or know. At the start of my reply I did say it was MY DECISION AND PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES. Because basically I could not afford it, the mortgage and FP secured loan was taking 93% of my take home money and with Cuts and overtime stopped I could not see anyway out
  12. your all lucky, poor Mrs ex-hippy was told she had to get a court order to stop them visiting,, see my thread DCA Collections are above the law... Now they had a lovely letter back with the help of Bazooka Boo !!!!!!!!! sent it to OFT they are investigating., won't hold me breath.
  13. Well Squaddie they have, and I replied to them and lucky this time I kept certificate of posting... £15 a time they saying I did not contact them blooming cheek. Thanks Brig have done a complaint to insurance company and the SAR and CCA request will e-mail copy to the DCA and pet solicitor. I would have come to an agreement with the insurance company by paying a cancellation fee if they had contacted me straight away.... but from January 14 and no notification till April sounds blooming dodgy..
  14. Thanks Brig for your prompt reply. I am now on to it, will get it up and running. Should I send it to the DCA, let them know I am not going to be pushed over on this or straight to insurance company.. . You know brig, all my massive debts and this little blah blah has given me the most headache, they are like a dog with a bone. Was going to offer the two months premiums missed but I am so disgusted at the way this has been handled they can run and jump.... Think I have enough to defend if it is and I think they will go to court for this one... . No Default
  15. thanks Brig and Squaddie, Problem is Brig that I would be hard pushed to prove I sent the letter as unlike my debts I thought all would be fine no need for certificate of posting, done business with this company for years. As you know I let the house get repossessed and the premiums for this insurance was through my ex-s bank account. when the renewal came I straight away wrote saying NOT REQUIRED> Thought all was well until April when I get a letter saying we could not pick up the January and Februarys DD. Honest this one is a night mare.. . then went
  16. Hi Jace Firstly, take a deep breath and honest, once you have made your decision your life will return. I am in the process of getting the main charger to take possession. First Plus have tried to get there pet DCA to try and get the arrears of the past 7 months total £3,157 with threats of all sorts but as I pointed out to them this is a secured loan and until it is sold hot air away. They even tried to say they would take me to court and attach earnings all the phis and wind.. As I said to them, it's secured on the property boys go forth and multiply. You ask why FP are so pedanti
  17. Very nicely put DCA hater, can you answer a question, If a DCA say's that We are writing to give you notice that by agreement between blash and us the parasite DCA the outstanding balance owed on your accout to blah blah comapny has been assigned by blah blah to Parasite DCA limited together with all rights and title to interset in respect of the outstanding balance this means the outstanding balance should be paid directly to us Does this mean they have bought the debt or should they say we have bought the debt. Also I have had no notification from Blah that they
  18. Sorry to here that Sillygirl,,,, blooming shame,,,, it is just that advice,,,, it is up to the individual if they take it or not.... my oh my..... haaaa stig,,, I have a funny feeling Mr Munn will try a sneaky action as I have replied to him personally and his muppets ARC,,,, with the few words of AT LAST,,, BRING IT ON SEE YOU IN (MY LOCAL COUNTY COURT ) 2 sugars in my coffee please...
  19. Up date, I have just received the threat O gram letter from Mr Munn,,, 10 days or else... Can't wait. Have my paper trail in order.... Miki, let me know how you get on. Silly girl may need your input when this muppet goes for it.
  20. Hi Jace Firstly, I sympathise with your predicament. I am in the same position as yourself but have now decided to jump ship and let them repossess as I know for a fact that First Plus will not let a sale go through if there is a short fall. Again, it depends on situations here, I managed to get FP to reduce the loan for a few months and then consolidate it over the rest of the loan, also my main mortgage company did the same, gave me breathing space for a few months. I am a bit luckier as I am divorced and a mate had a three bedroomed house for rent at a reasonable rate, saving
  21. Yes if it were me I would write and tell them to go forth and multiply personally, the Account is in dispute simples !!!!!!!!!! and yes tell them that you are reclaiming PPI and illegal charges depending on how much you owe they could be sending you a little cheque in the post. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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