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  1. Thank you phantom just had a reply to my e-mail threating them with court. Dear Mr ********* Thank you for contacting cahoot in Coventry. I can confirm that bank charges are yet under review to confirm whether they are unfair. Please remember, the onus of the running of the account is the account holder's responsibility. Therefore you must ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover any payments or direct debits that are due. As advised in our previous email ' If you remain dissatisfied though you can find details of how to take your complaint f
  2. I have a Cahoot current account, which thankfully is not my main account. I have four other bank accounts and have never been charged for anything in over 15 years of banking. Well near christmas I was out shopping and forgot my credit and debit cards, my daughter wanted an urgent present so as luck would have it my Cahoot debit card was in my jacket. I new I had a £250.00 overdraft and so proceeded to take out the balance that was left and some of the overdraft. Well xmas eve computer just dies, very busy at work and other commitments and yesterday managed to purchase new system and install.
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