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  1. The SD is just phis and wind, again if your happy with let it be then go for it. I for one would agree with you, if you have nothing then you have saved yourself £750 BR fee's, I would drop them a line and asked how many sugars there brief has in his/her coffee and see you in the Court oh and thank them for paying to wipe out all your debts...
  2. I am getting lovely offers from Marlins over an old YB overdraft. Now I sent a SAR to YB way back in 2010. YB kept charging £25 for a returned DD even though the account were closed, they transferred my old joint account to a single account but did not move over the Direct Debits. Now between September 2009 - November 2009 total costs £275, now in the charges calculator does the interest go to the date the account was sold / closed i.e should I put in Sept 2009 - Dec 2009 or is it to the date of claim. ??? Excuse me for being dumb but this could nearly wipe out my debt with Marlins.
  3. With the price of stamps they can lump it, I am trying to get all my creditors to communicate by e-mail. Even sending my change of address by post one creditor asked me to phone them and go through a security questionnaire they said they could not accept a postal change of address and would be sending a copy to the old address, told them to jog on if they wanted to waste there money sending to old address be my guest. All the others have accepted and I am on the electroll roll.. They just want to hanker you on the phone for more dosh.
  4. Sorry Lakeside lady and thanks DX for putting it so simply. This sounds a very iffy case and it looks like Cabot are trying to make up my bill with a chance of snaring a mug... I think and I hope I'm right you have nothing to worry about. Especially as your getting credit now.... So just have fun with the muppetts, will keep you happy on rainy day's.
  5. Let em send another SD, this time double your cost's as it is double hazzle.....
  6. They have a certain modus operandi these guy's, if they have not got a CCA they will try and bang a recon for you if the OC don't do that for them they will use the line of ( well you have been paying it before so that is admission of debt ) all you do is write back and say, that is not the issue here, I am exercising my right to see the contract in the form of a signed CCA and then quote various court cases where a company has tried that on. The law is the law, any pre 2007 credit agreement needs a signed agreement to allow them to enforce. Any post 2007 and a recon and statements will suffic
  7. That polite DX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Lakesidelady, please do not worry, i have seen this bunch off on three debts due to no CCA's or a dodgy recon. As the good boy's and girls say there blowing phis and wind..... There pre-lit division is in the ladies changing rooms third floor,,, they are trying to scare you into admitting this debt. Let's get the paperwork first. Even if you did pay Westcott, so what it's not statue barred, they will have to produce an agreement signed by you and 100% watertight on its wording. I can tell you I had two Barclays cc and a loan from 2003 and 2004 which Cabot bought and Barclays can produce only 1
  9. agree with renegadeimp, those these boys are a bit more nastier they use the lovely paragraph of be in no doubt we will commence legal proceedings within 10 days if no payment plan is forthcoming.. hugh yep all I say is see you in me local court. But as my debt is now wiped out and they had a lovely e-mail to tell em so I can't wait till I deal with them again..... IGNORE EM AND THERE BULLING TACTICS.
  10. haaa, good old ARC, had a lovely run in with them and there pet solicitor Mr Munn , love there letters MR HIPPY BE IN NO DOUBT THAT WE WILL COMMENCE COURT ACTION IN 10 DAYS IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE A PAYMENT PROPOSAL........ WELL THAT'S 8 WEEKS AGO AND HAVE NOT GIVEN THEM A PENNY. OH AND THE INSURANCE COMPANY WIPED THE DEBT OUT ANYWAY. These are a nasty bunch but full of bluster that's my experience of em.....
  11. Good news on house insurance made complaint to company requested a SAR and CCA letter back with three pages of drivel and saying they were not at fault but due to my predicament of house repossession etc they have wiped out the debt etc etc,,, funny but no signed CCA only a blank and letters that did not tally with the letters that were sent but accepted and said I would withdraw me costs I was demanding off DCA and me distress and inconvenience heeee
  12. Depends on the make of the doorstep, is it river stone, concrete, brick or just plane bog sand stone... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Again Brig it is the lottery of the District Judge, I think it rather depends on what the Creditor thinks is his best chance of succeeding !!!!!!!!!!!! but the law should be the law,,, NO agreement then its gloves off... I am waiting for a discount offer from Crapbot ??? also on that other point the other Barclays ( old morgan stanley ) have nothing at all they admit it as well. Now if this goes the same way as a YB CC I had with them then its game over. They try the usual oh but you had the money etc blah de blah, I am not denying that I want to see the terms and conditions simple. I could sa
  14. agh Duffers mum, when they write to you they write to me... Same letters as well.... I have stuck to my guns it's a pre 2007 agreement they have no agreement just a blank load of rubbish terms that cover god know's what. I just reply back see you in court end off. If you think you can win with a set of screen shots go ahead. I have not had any offer of discount as yet, and Crapbot has said they wont talk or enter into any correspondence with me anymore..... Just stick to your guns, I had a blank recon sent and I saw of Argos when they tried that one with Bryan Carter even started the cou
  15. The debt must be pre-2007 I believe not 1985 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for there to be a court case without the original agreement... If it is covered by the 1974 Consumer Credit act they must have the original for court action. A recon can do but as Brig say';s it must be from the original which you would be entitled to know existed.
  16. oh good old resolve call, had the same problem with ex,, they said the same bullocks but with the help of Boo and Brig sent them a really nice letter on behalf of mrs ex and in no uncertain terms told em they were talking bullocks and the police would be called etc and to add a little flair, explained to them in no uncertain terms that they certainly were not above the law of the land... Letter back saying we know that blah de blah, we won't be calling again !!!!!!!!!!
  17. I usually add this ( as you know only a District Judge can request information of a personal nature, but out of courtesy I have enclosed a court orientated income and expenditure form. Please be advised that I ( note the royal I ) will review every six mouths and if any thing changes I will advise accordingly
  18. sorry Ishahf, what paperwork are you referring too ??? as stated the only people you should make a priority of informing are the Bank, the Council tax as a discount would now be forthcoming and any utilities that MIL was paying. The Land registry etc will be done by your solicitor. As for gifts of personal items all are correct they can be gifted and anyway nobody's business what MIL had in respect to personal jewellery. Only when the letters start coming do you inform them of your MIL death, just get lots of copies i.e. photocopy the death certificate or scan it if you have a scanner and that
  19. Had the same problem with ex--wife on mobile and insurance and other things... she even crashed the car and me no claims went up the swannee lucky I am only 6 minutes from work. No she is stuck with it.
  20. Firstly, yes you can reclaim the PPI, NOW as far as I am aware and others will be a long to confirm or change a tomlin agreement stops short of court but it is an agreement with the creditor backed up I think with the courts approval of a voluntary agreement to pay back the amount you say you owe and at a rate acceptable to all sides. Now not only should you be reclaiming your PPI with interest but also other charges on the account. This will knock a good sum of the outstanding. But remember do this before an agreement is in place. So at the moment tell them you are seeking advice and will be
  21. it does not matter if it's rings or anything else if it is unsecured how are they to know what your mother in law had. As long as the executor has said there is nothing left end of..... !!!!!!!!! Honestly, without security they are up the river without a paddle.....
  22. A lovely part of the world,,, Brig, not only is it such a sad loss of the County Regiments but hey we have lost our Armed Forces now...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few more years and the feral Hoodies and low-life will take the streets.
  23. They are easy meat, they want a quiet life. Have sent them packing for a couple of ex-Mrs Hippy's.... I think they troll around at the small debts and employ quite a few Field Agents !!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmmm so they know they will probably get a return. They troll a lot of the council estates for Catalogue debt and those dodgy 5000% apr loans that come to the door,, No Names no pack drill.
  24. Seanie, you say you set up an account for a friend, Now by that what do you mean. Is the service agreement in your name have you signed the agreement with Virgin, if you have then you are responsible for that debt... Now if you only allowed for the payment to come from your bank on the first one then No you are not liable But I feel here that you may have signed for her, I don't know if Virgin Media do guarantor but that would also leave you liable. I had the same problem with ex-wife had an O2 agreement in my name and yes you got it, she failed to pay. So it is I that am liable..... You
  25. No low life in Glos Brig !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can assure you of that. Though did have the finest infantry regiment ever at one time,,, Back to Back and all that, imjin river.... Long live the Glorious Glosters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gone but not forgotten.
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