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  1. Ignore them, best bet, they have no chance of recovering all they have done is supply a reconstructed agreement, would not be enough to go to court with due to it being pre 2007,,,, so just do as I do, one final letter on bright yellow paper telling them I hope they enjoy the lemon they bought. !!!!!!!!!!
  2. Just had the same and here is the Hippy's action when an OC sells off my debt to these parasites No 1. Inform Crabot I have received it and disagree with the inflated amount and tell them I will be requesting a SAR from Halifax No 2. Inform Crabot I want a copy of me CCA, now Crabot have always refunded my £1.00 they never charge to get one. So to save money it's all done by e-mail. No 3 Check on the left hand side of the form to see if they are going to charge interest, if they are forget any plan let them take you too court. And after checking your SAR put your claim in.
  3. I am sticking by my four year princible, if the OC keeps the debt they get paid ( if they sell it then it's no holds barred, CCA, SAR, play real hard ball, in my case most of my debts were early 90's only two out of 14 creditors have produced valid CCA's. Once those debt buying gangsters get hold of it its party time, they can scream, jump and shout till hell freezes over..... I am heading my FF's if ever one does find a CCA @ 2p in the £,,,,,, then start dropping if they refuse... Yep I expect there is a tax dodge for all those slimey companies....
  4. ah 1.4p in the £ hey, gives me a starting point for any full and finals
  5. but look on one positive side, they could not back date the rules in respect to enforcing non-CCA's pre 2007 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! works both way's I suppose, the only thing if it did come into law would be, ok stop paying any debt and hope you can hit the three year finish line.!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ha ha ha Mrs ex-hippy had that only a court can stop us calling,,,, a load of absolute tripe, send a letter back to them telling them they are not bailiffs or police officers and they cannot ride rough shot over the law of the land... and invite them to try it, they will be feeling the full force of the law against them. They soon back off.
  7. Tell them they have fourteen day's or it's withdrawn...!!!!!!!!!!!!! then down to 8% and don't budge. Personally, I give them diddly hi squat.
  8. Good old Crabot,, I have five accounts sold to them, 3 of them not enforceable 2 NO CCA'S AT ALL ONE RECONSTRUCTED AND TWO i AM PAYING £5.00 ( ON £13K ) AND £1.00 ON £770 Now in my reckoning I will be dead and buried before they get 10% back.... they thought they had me because of me house, ha ha ha , it is now repossessed so guess what, they will be getting zilch they need to pray I live to at least 450 years old. I have asked them to write the 13k off but guess what NO,,,, though they did offer a settlement of £3k ,,,, yo I will keep pushing. I have me BR money stashed away because
  9. Yep oh this brings back memories for Hippy,,, bang the account in dispute letter. You will get a weasel y reply of DUE TO THE AGE OF THE ACCOUNT BARCLAYS ARE EXPERIENCING A DELAY IN RETRIEVING THE INFORMATION WE WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED BLAH DE BLAH...... Now a horrible thought just struck me and I do not suggest in anyway that Crapbot do this, but I hope you did not sign your CCA request Lakeside Lady ???? has been know for a signatures to be uplifted and I have never heard of Cabot doing such a illegal act, as far as I am aware they are reputable in as much as a Debt buying company can be a
  10. beat me to it huggy, more like 60% from those clowns,,, yep bet it's the CCA its self,,,they have probably destroyed it or mislaid it,,,, bet your bottom dollar. DO NOT SIGN YOUR CCA REQUEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST TO BE SAFE. IT HAS BEEN KNOW TO RE-APPEAR ON DODGY DOCUMENTS.
  11. Yes Sash it is very relevant,,, Why would someone offer a discount you have to ask yourself. If I loaned you £10k I would expect £10k back.... It might be that the original OC might not have the signed copy of your CCA,,,, and as it is pre-2007 they will need that to enforce in court.... so get sending that CCA do not acknowledge the debt in anyway.... wait to see what comes back
  12. Agree with Jackospades, if Cabot were confident they would have gone by now... No doubt on that.... I have a YB Credit card with them for three years and nothing yet..... another three to go and it's SB.... NO CCA = No Enforcement. Dodgy CCA = NO Enforcement or thrown out of court. The simple fact I stick too is this, If it goes to court so what, it's another £1.00 - £5.00 I will have to fork out, that would have been my offer if they had of come up with the CCA, the Court is only going to make you pay what you can afford. They know they have no chance of enforcing yours especially as you
  13. Welcome Katie Coffee you are in good hands here. I had that same feeling nearly five years ago and have made some great cyber friends here on CAG. Started off with 17 debts and my postman having physio on his back for the weight he carried around for just me... Now I am lucky if I get 1 every three months, the great guys and girls on here have seen them off good and proper. It's like a second family here and honest I get so disappointed now when the DCA's cave in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They know about this site, one even told me not to take advice from here. so much fun when we hit them back.
  14. Any agreement before 2007 will need the original CCA with your signature to proceed to court. Any after can be taken with a reconstructed agreement. Our dodgy MP's have moved the goal posts for there friends in the financial sector.
  15. Oh and as for the interest, they only tried the 12% nonsense on one of mine, that was a very old YB credit card which they wrote to say they could not enforce. When I wrote to them and told them even if they came up with a CCA I would not pay it as it was not worth it with 12% interest added on they said OH we are not charging any interest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly, it was going up every month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As debt4get say's ignore the fools, give them a final response in writing saying it is un-enforceable it is your last on the matter, the next time will be to the DJ. I hate CRAPBO
  16. Oh Duffers mum, I have had that, we are forwarding to our collections though I never heard from them after that. Just kept e-mailing them and telling them it was unenforceable and if they think a blank set of terms and conditions which were a real botch up was a legal agreement then they are more stupid than even I or the rest of Caggers thought. Also gave them a example of good housekeeping, had a Debenhams card in 1993 and the CCA was spot on, could not pick any holes in it. so why could they ( Barclays ) give me a CCA signed and being the one appropriate to my account when I only took that
  17. Nice one Brig, will keep that in me letters library myself,, any copyright costs sir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lostatsea, they would have a hard job making me pregnant, had a vasectomy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mind you with a DCA they would say they were going to make me preggers heeeee
  19. That's the spirit I love it, have changed me sign on me rented house to read,,,, KEEP ON THE GRASS hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, as me lawn mowers broke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. no no no they can't, bee the same as me telling you to ring me you owe me £xxx.xx silly DCA's they do love there own importance in the food chain of life.
  21. oh Boo your on form as usual,, welcome are a joke, love this thread, stick with gilly, you will get all sorts of WE MAY DO THIS WE MAY DO THAT, NO WE CAN, YES WE CAN TAKE A KIDNEY AND SOME BLOOD, BUT IN THE END it's all ball,, will watch with interest
  22. That's right babydoll, the only thing you have to worry about is assetts, have you any van goughs hanging around, a house that is yours or the blue diamond???? If you have answered no to these then let em spout away with there purile missives as Bazooka Boo would say.... I would report them to OFT but it's a waste of time. Really, what can they do ??????????? I would drop the offer every month and in fact now I rarely deal with DCA's, once one of my creditors sell them off I am straight for the jugular, CCA please and as most of mine are early nineties guess what NO CCA, don't care abo
  23. More likely the Leeds losers. Really, but yourself in there shoes, if you have nothing what are they going to get NOTHING, oh they will get something nearly a £2k bill from the courts. heeeeeeeeeeeeeee so do your really think they will try it ???? not likely... wish someone would serve me one.
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