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  1. tammi I still await my CCA from Cabot for the Halifax, why bother paying the minimum let the clock begin on SB, they have failed to produce. I know they will have trouble in finding mine because halifax bought up the card when it was with Amazon. Your choice though.
  2. Dump them and deal with them yourselfs, I have a marlins debt and I have played hardball with them myself, overdraft full of charges so brings the total down by £375, told them time and time again this is what your getting less £375, always offering me a discount if I pay full amount, guess the discount amount everytime You got it £375, so I just take the discount figure of £350 off me £745 owed then take another £350 off that for illegal charges and offer full and final. Guess what, they slither back into there hole. I have told them if I ever reach my figure of what I owe which stood at
  3. Wish they would make me BR,,, save me the dosh.... ha ha ha, Most is hot air, a scare tactic as Uncle will vouch, but if they try it on just get ready to get it set a side. Do you own your own property ??? ah no you don't,,, well they are talking out of there air holes.
  4. Load of horse shep, it has to be over £750 to issue a SD, what a shower of maggots don't even know the law.
  5. Entirely up to you, if the account was opened before 2007 then it is un-enforcable in court. My personal view would be to put it in dispute and then after six years it will drop off your credit file. By the way I had the same with Morgan Stanley Card and others. Have not paid a penny until they produce that is three years now and counting. They can continue to ask you to pay but that is all.
  6. yo will be posting that bad boy card to Crapbot x 4 UE 2 x Barclays, 1 x Yorkshire Bank and 1 x Halifax. 1 to Argoose, 2 x to Egg, 1 x to Arden ( MBNA ) 1 TO Marks and Sparks, 1 x GE Money and 1 x Mint. My printer will take a hammering.....
  7. Exactly Citizen, I am in the same position, 1st charge repossess sells and just about makes a profit, pays any left over to second charge then that debt becomes unsecured. As I have borrowed over £25k it is not covered by the CCA, they will either have to accept what I can afford, ( not much ) or else I will go BR.
  8. Boo, I wish you were right on your statement that the DCA's will be be pretty redundant, it's great for us being a member of such a great site as CAG, but take it from me I have work colleagues who don't know diddly about DCA's and are paying up ridiculous amounts I have directed them to this site and also given some advice I have learnt on this brilliant site. I read somewhere that if you put out a 100 leaflets say for carpet cleaning the minumum response would be 4% but on average 12% is the figure. So if a DCA buy's or gets 1000's of lemon's even at the lowest end 4% of millions of pounds
  9. Catherine, tell the idiot to go and play on the M25 motorway at peak time, you do not need to send the idiots a I&E only a judge can order you to supply one. As was stated, if it is six years old and they have signed up to the mortgage code they should not be chasing shortfalls after six years. Even if it is not six years,your son need only pay what he can afford. A lot of these companies know that going to court is a waste of time as the judge will only make him pay what he can afford.
  10. Naughty Uncle Brian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that old badger,
  11. following with interest, what a plank, pity he did not have a recording device. Always open my door to people I don't know and iphone record is on, would love to catch them doing something like this... As for going to your work, yep let em try Muppets, let us know the company.
  12. Best of luck Grace, I have now had confirmation that they have received my key's that I sent back last week and will be taking control of the property and will try and sell it as quickly as possible. The usual warnings, charges and interest accruing and if there is any shortfall your liable, ( so is Mrs ex-hippy ) hmmm I am waiting for the sale of the house before I go bankrupt, have the money squirreled away safely but to cover all bases I want the final figures from the mortgage company and the second charge First Plus. It does not matter then what you have signed, it will be lumpe
  13. BARCLAYS FIRST PLUS are a bunch of money grabbing dodgy dealers who have only one aim, to rip off the people who took out a secured loan with them. Within a year my interest rate had risen from 7% to 9.5% with the usual waffle about costs of borrowing money. I just ended up throwing the keys to my mortgage provider and decided to jump before I would be pushed. My mortgage company accepted Voluntary repossession so they now own the property. As far as I am concerned FP can take a running jump, I have no income to pay them off and am saving towards my bankruptcy so they can whistle. I feel
  14. I had the same problem with these guy's, had a second charge with first plus, split with the wife in 2009 and stayed in the house on me own paying over £1k on the mortgage and First Plus. This year I decided to go and rent a house and let the mortgage company repossess the house, First Plus are hard nosed, they will increase and increase your interest rate and in the end I see no way out. I know my house will just meet the mortgage payment ( just about ) I have had Gothia on me case but told them to sod off as it was a secured loan at present go and repossess and stop telling silly
  15. In May 2012 a old Morgan Stanley account of mine was sold to Crapbot. Had all the assignment letters etc. I then sent off a CCA request to Crapbot and as I thought due to the age of the account no CCA could be found. Well told them that until one was forthcoming the account was in dispute and that enforcement could not take place. They agreed they could not enforce and the last correspondence was in August saying you were paying Barclays so that is proof of debt. Sent them the various cases on here quoting that basically they were talking bullocks and to either put up or shut up... Well t
  16. yo Zonker, it won't be hippy that's for sure, expect world war 3 from Mrs ex-hippy then.
  17. As Brig say's tell them to walk on the M25 at 8am in the morning if they don't like the offer. They won't go near any court,, all phis and wind.
  18. Thanks Uncle, yes it's going to be a strange case !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. It's the old Hippy again with just a quick question. If like myself me and ex have a joint liability i.e. we had a secured loan which is now become unsecured and the creditor goes for a CCJ do they do it on an individual case or Jointly, ???? or would they go after the one they think they can get the most out of. I am not really worried about it as I have my BR money ready if needed. I have seen off most of my creditors from the naughty 90s who could not supply any CCAs but I know in a few months time the lovely people at Barclays First Plus will come wanting there cash Hi to a
  20. I think it's a lot more than £500 for some one to make you BR, more like £1200 was a figure I had seen... is it worth it if you have nothing, I always hope someone will make me BR, save me the fee of £750
  21. Just noticed they keep quoting McGuffick V RBS they love quoting that but forgot it was the debtor who took action against RBS. Straight forward and to the point, if the debt is pre 2007 they must send a signed copy of your agreement, without it they cannot enforce simples. Any post 2007 then a reconstructed agreement will do, I know it stinks but hey... SO NOW STOP PAYING TILL THEY PRODUCE THE AGREEMENT, IT WILL FOCUS THERE MINDS BELIEVE ME. Your a lovely little cash cow for them.
  22. had the same with crapit, two Barclaycard accounts purchased, one they admit there is no CCA, the other just a reconstructed, as both are way pre 2007 told em wanted the original and they would need the original for court action.... They admit they can't under English Law enforce but you had the money hippy now pay.. More chance of me beating the bolt at the 100metres than them getting a penny. Then comes the 50% discount letter,, keep going boys, down to 2% and you might tweek the Hippies interest.. !!!!!!!!!!!
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