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  1. ok, a young man called Alex has replied to Hippy's get lost letter.... hmmmmm smoke and mirrors again. would like some experience caggers to have a quick shifty and draft a nice reply to young Alex....... basically they are lying through there teeth, my bill stands at £2034, the DOA from YB stated £70 less but that aside I really don't care what they say. As for making payments previous I have seen on here that a lot of DCA state that malarkey Binder1.pdf
  2. Moorcroft ................... HA HA HA HA,,,,, the biggest jokers in the pack me thinks tell em to take a running jump.. Pre this pre that pre anything with those tissers....
  3. Thanks guys and girls that is great news.... Thanks Brig for the thoughts yes Hippy Land is running well I am hoping now after 3 hard very hard and stressful years I am turning a corner..... Lodger is fine and dandy never see him as he is NHS as well so is always at work but nice lad. My boy has come in and cleaned his old room bought a few bits down and is going to stay a few nights of the week... Been on annual leave and we were out at a famous bird sanctuary today with girlee friend and son... See Autumn watch this Friday heeee Right to the nitty,,,, I think I will do what as bee
  4. oh P1 we thought it was too good to be true.... is it Westcotts coming out the woodworm now... !!!!!!!!!!!!! if we saw off the mad carter maybe this is going to be a one sided match P1, my money is on U,,, we should open a book on who will crawl out of the woodworm next... I have JB love em.... can't wait for there begging letter...
  5. Thanks P1,,, awaiting JB begging letter, which in all seriousness is going to get a short bog off in serious dispute back to them.... and that they should really return it to there client as this is a breach of blah de blah....
  6. YEP Hippy has the same trail,,, Muppetcroft,,, then Freds and Bryan god bless him and now they are sending JB heeee after Freds sent me some one elses SAR.... Come on Argoose produce me CCA you did it for Mrs X,,,, who you kindly dropped through Hippys door... mind you Mrs X took hers out in 2006 Data commissioner very interested in Freds and Argoose balls up.. Anyway what are these clowns JB like... ???? easy pickings for you Caggers
  7. Hi Guy's and Girls Hippy back with a smile all is at the moment well in Hippy Land. Now as Mrs ex-Hippy has come to her senses and at last am seeing me children and she is now talking well more like begging the hippy to help her out of her debt crisis.... I have agreed. She has done the Ostrich by letting them stack up and to afraid to open them so it took me about five hours to sort and have sent off a request for CCA from all as her cards are older than mine so must be late eighties early ninety's She has just rang me to say that one has replied by saying that it is noth
  8. BB, i see your comment about not losing sleep over an overdraft, why is that mate,,, ??? interested because I as you know have one which was sold to Marlins with illegal £300 of charges on it which I will never pay
  9. damn ignorant of them, I am awaiting a few offers from CABOT as they bought a 1992 lemon from YB,,,, requested in August for CCA they admit they can't find it but are still looking. I have told them to look long and hard as I know I did not sign one it appeared on me doorstep one day with a £500 credit limit... they even sent me a £1.00 cheque back as they said it was applied to my account and wait for it, they are still awaiting YB to retrieve from archives hmmmmmmm now it started off at £1,940.00 and in four months has risen to £2,030 good little number for them... ha ha ha even had the
  10. Thanks P1 and the Brig,,, P1 have you a link to CPUTR letter, I think I have it stored but I just want to check..... Well its goodbye to Freds and hello JB whoever those bad-boys are. If we can scare Mr Carter off I am sure these will be pussycats in comparison heeeee we await there begging letter....
  11. Good morning all my fellow troops of CAG Just a quick update on things in Hippy's world. Well this last two weeks have seen an up turn in Hippy's fortunes, have a lodger in now, have a part-time job at my hospital ex-mrs hippy back to being civil and me boy stayed with me during half term. First time in 2 years... so fingers crossed. Cabot have still not produced CCA from YB and today are lovely friend at Argoose have sent me the threat of a DCA coming after me... they are still in default as they admit they can't find the original CCA..... So e-mailed them back and told them basical
  12. Best of luck Mrs B,,, Hippy has good new as well Lodger in nice lad from work,, also me overtime back and a part - time job at me same hospital for as much hours as I want... Also ex - mrs hippy has calmed down, my son now comes and stays and she has bitten the bullet and dropped all her DCA debts which she left un-opened and as asked me to help.. Well old HIppy is a soft so and so as my luck changed because I treat others with respect and manners even if they give me a hard time... Seems like Mrs ex-Hippy's boyfriend had enough of her and ran off... What goes around comes around they say
  13. scan and post up Gentle... the guy's can then take a look.
  14. 123 put it down to one of life's experiences get on with the rest of yours. As the Brig say's it would be deemed a gift. ( simples ) the same as many debtors have had when a court ruling on a credit debt without the CCA being produced. !!!! So it works both ways sorry. This mate of yours should become a bus driver me thinks... !!!!!! we moan about the financial institutions changing the goal posts, but we must always adhere to the laws and play them to our advantage and not whinge when something goes wrong through either lack of knowledge or just dumb conned.... You are in the right plac
  15. I think Brig as Cabot and Argoose have confirmed in writing it varies on the date of taking out the CC. If pre-2007 they will need the original credit agreement ( simples ) now if after that date, the Brig is quite correct. Proof of purchase and the application form will be sufficient. ( see Hippy's thread on Cabot and Hippy Vs Freds ) letters confirming that they do not hold a valid CCA and of course are unable to enforce in the courts but can and I expect will continue to demand payment. The only reason I stopped paying CABOT is there 12% interest which made my pound token payment a waste of
  16. Thanks brig, what is the address do I just google the DATA Protection Commissionaires office ???
  17. Right, the saga continues, a nice little nasty letter on my doorstep on my return home this morning. Have e-mailed them back saying, DO YOUR WORSE, YOU HAVE BEEN VERY ECONOMICAL WITH THE TRUTH. Also had a letter back the lady who's SAR they sent does not live at the address on her CCA. So can someone give me the address of the Data protection Commissioner and I will send to him. Freds also sent me a nice little letter saying they are investigating the breech of DP...hmmmmm As I said and hope you guys and girls will agree this is now ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE. Binder1.pdf
  18. Ok Mr Hat I am going to take a look. Me and Priority one sent him packing before...
  19. A muppet outfit this lot of Croydon Chavs and Chavettes... Very rude on the phone but I just laughed and said that is what your getting less £20 late payment fee. paid it in five months but then out of the blue, you owe us £20 so all I said is my invoice is in the post for twenty five pound you owe me five ponds Never heard a bean from em... And I did send a proffesional invoice, more than theres. Might get Moorcroft to collect. These are numpties of the highest order. Would not ever entertain them again.
  20. hmmmm interesting.... 1964 hey,,, should he now be near retirement ??????
  21. Yep Muppetcroft and CCSCollect tried that old Badger, told em here is my invoice ( never heard a dicky since ) though I have dispensed with the services of Moorcroft and have SAR O2 I only owe them £70 and I bet you that has a few late charges on it. Will make an offer to them when I get it... bye bye Moorcroft, good budgie and hamster bedding heading Hippies way.
  22. Yep, me to in the NHS and helping people for as you say peanuts.... but so satisfying.... Keep your chin up,
  23. Sorry P1 read yours with a view that you had lost and was renting... GOOD ON YOU P1 stuff it to em. :wink::wink:
  24. Yep Zakfixit,,,, same again, Argoose sends me somebody elses completed CCA,,, through those muppets freds, but say, we don't have to give you yours hippy here is a blank copy of what you would off signed are you saying Mr Hippy you did not sign it.. !!!! NO I am saying I want a copy of my original for my file and perusal please.... Oh no we have complied with Section 76/77 yep,,, well see you in court then if you have a case... you have already removed £80 in late payment fee's well that tells you something does it not. I expect some weazel will pop out of the woodwork later....... But un
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