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  1. Had the same with this bunch, Fletch is right, Cap One could not supply even an application form just a set of terms and conditions no name on it or nothing, told them they had not complied they then sold to Lowells who said they are waiting for a CCA from Cap One who are searching there very very deep archives hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Told them best of luck as Cap One had been searching for it for 18 months prior to selling Lowells a lemon. I took mine out about the same time, at some Airport if I remember !!!!!!! The only good thing I can say about Lowells is they have an e-mail address and are happ
  2. Yep concur with Brig, They would have used that if you had defaulted on CCJ. Go for your sale with a easy mind.
  3. Wetcloths haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Well said Brig, they are bullies and you know what to do with bullies. !!!!!!
  4. Had the same problem with these muppetts when my late father passed on, they even wrote and told me he had a property call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX house, which in fact was the Nursing home he spent is last few weeks in with his nasty Brain tumor, and if they properly checked they would see he was a council tennant all his life. I knew nothing of the debts he had and the insurance just covered the funeral and what was left over went to his Grand Children £100 each, it was over a year after is death that I was contacted. They had it back big time. Tell em to jog on, in more stronger words as I used.
  5. Ok, I re-sent them the CCA request and a letter telling them they had a duty to pass on the request and today I find the same mantra letter from Wetcloths. What a bunch of Muppetts, this account is now in dispute as the request was made in August. The request was made with the template letter, there was the correct fee as you can see at the bottom of the letter. What are these idiots trying to prove. Should I now just ignore and tell them to bog off if I have anymore requests from these dicks or is Boo around to give me one of his charming polemics, now that would be good. Again dea
  6. Westcot ruthless, about as ruthless as your Garden Slug,,,, that is why they are called Wetcloths on here. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Guys just as I thought. I have sent it back to them with the £1.00 PO and told them it is there responsibility. And yes Citizen B they did return the money. Thanks again.
  8. Recently Wetcloths have been trying to collect on a old Mint Card. I sent in a CCA request and this is there reply. My question to refresh my memory is, Should they not have passed it on, what should I reply back to these muppets ???? As ever I await my learned friends advice.
  9. HSBC, what a bunch of T**sers, ( we don't freeze interest and charges only in exceptional circumstances ) and no repayment plan for benefits,,,, Tell them in no uncertain terms then until they stop adding charges and interest and come to a sensible decision then no payment till Hell Freezes over, as Boo say's what can they do to you. !!!!!!! Your on benefits, no assets the whole industry is a joke. I would like to see the face of the DJ when they put that bad boy in front of them. But to cover your back, paper trail, paper trail, one thing I learn't on here, is to reply by e-mail if po
  10. had the same problem with Tesco this time, have been paying them for four years have managed to raise it from £1.00 to £5.00 over that time, this time they kept saying I need to fill in there IE, BOY they did not give up, kept saying they would take me to court so in the end done me simple one £ income £ outgoings money left over this is what your getting. There IE form is so personal, with questions like why did you get into debt, partners income if your sick send in sick note ( bunch of jokers ) so my three line IE is all there getting. Will see what they say.
  11. Thanks guy's your great. Thought as much, when First Plus rear there ugly head as we know they will eventually or some muppet that has purchased it I will play a little ball game at first take it to the wire then go BR and Mrs ex can do what she wants. Oh how what goes around comes around, for five years after dumping me and me paying the mortgage and secured loan working seven days a week, no car no money, it is now me who has money put away beyond the reach of anyone, a little car now a lovely home. She on the other hand is now so broke she had to borrow £30 of my sons birthday money I gave
  12. Hello to all my CAG friends, all is well in Hippy Land so far, tempting fate I know. !!!!!! Most debts unenforceable, lovely rented three bedroomed detached with a work colleague as lodger who is never here. Never been so well off and its 99% due to you great guys and girls out in CAG land. Now I let them repossess old house and low and behold made enough to pay off mortgage with £10k to spare which went straight to those gangsters First Plus. Now even with that me and ex Mrs Hippy still owe them about 30k, no worry for me as I have BR money saved and will just go BR if the g
  13. Really nice take on life wastedmoney, I have thought many times about it, my lodger has just gone bankrupt and it seemed so painless. Have about 90k of debt, secured loan and credit cards and loans etc. I am just waiting for First Plus to raise there head and ask for there 45k back and then I shall go. In rented accom no assets so again what can they have. Probably left with same as you so as you said, three years and it's over. I will look you up on site if I need advice
  14. Oh Duffers Mum, is this little odyssey still continuing ????? Now take a good big chunk of delight out of this. 1. Wright Hazzle were caught with there pant's down telling you a porky pie, if they think they can do it,, what do you think Crapbot do.. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I SEE ON MAY 21ST 2013 IS THEY STILL HAVE NOT TAKEN YOU TO COURT !!!!!!!!!! SPEAKS VOLUMES TO ME. IF THEY THINK THEY HAD A CASE FOR YOUR HARD EARNED THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE FASTER THAN MR BOLT. I hope there is a little smile on duffers mum's face,
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