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  1. I have had letter 2 and letter 3. Letter 1 I have had from Moorcroft with the same wording as this one. I think that they are only threats as I am starting with a collection from moorcroft now.
  2. well the phone calls have started again from them. They phone and hang up when someone answers
  3. It is getting me down though getting the yellow letters from moorcroft even though they have not replied to my request.
  4. well I have sent citi a cca request and I have not recieved nothing. It is now 12 + 2 days so I am going to sent them the second letter on monday. I have had another yellow letter from moorcroft saying that they will take me to court, if I don't contact them. I have paid either. shall I pay citi £1 a month for now. I would like this to be settled some though I don't think that I can keep this up much longer as I am scared of what might happen next.
  5. If you have all the information for your 5 creditors and have the account details, why dont you go it alone. That way you can pay the three creditors and keep the money from the other two in a bank and then when you can offer F&F settlements to them.
  6. the arrears are under 5 grand. 5 grand too much if I had to come up with it within 30 days though. I also want to know if it goes to court does anyone else know about it. IE does it appear in the local paper?
  7. Citi have terminated my agreement with them. I thought because moorcroft were asking me for money then I sent moorcroft the cca request as they have my account now with them instead of citicards. I am getting very confused now of where I should of sent the CCA request.
  8. I cant remember when I took the citi card out. I think it was about 1999 ish. So are you still paying citi at the moment , or do you or did you pay anything to moorcroft?
  9. Who was it that could not find your CCA? citi or moorcroft. I sent the request to Moorcroft and they have said to contact Citi, but moorcroft want some money off me not citi. I have not phoned them yet and I dont think that I will phone them. I would like to know if you had your account with moorcroft and asked them for the CCA or was it in the hands of citi when you asked for the CCA. I have not paid citi or moorcroft this month as moorcroft have not supplied their bank details.
  10. Im not very good at filling in forms. What kind of things do I put on it. Also what happens with Moorcroft now, will they back down or will I get more threats, as it is doing my head in now as it has been going on for a while now. Also will the debt go back to Citi? Thanks for all your help so far.
  11. Is this not the letter that I sent them on the 4th of August as the second letter? They have got the second letter as they have signed for it. Do I send it to them again then?
  12. Also they have asked me to phone them. Shall I ? if so what do I say. Also they are not reading my letters that I sent them. Is there another letter that I can send them?
  13. I have had two letters this morning from moorcroft. One says to contact citicards to get my CCA, which inculdes my £1 back and another says that If I do not contact them they have given me what I could be paying back if it goes to courtand it has a date on it that I have to contact them by, with the words NOTICE OF INTENDED LETIGATION on it. What my next step then???
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