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  1. hi i will try to explain i got two dartcharge pcns i tried to have them cancelled on mental health grounds, they refused and issued two charge certificates 4 weeks after that i got a letter from cder group, i arranged a payment plan for payment of £10 two weekly, due to my health this was agreed with them. on the 6th payment i missed by 1 day, but made payment as soon as i knew the next day they sent a bailiff round who clamped my car i told him to take it i am on benefits after about 3 hours of him ringing me every half hour i got fed up and turned my phone off, later i found out he had taken the clamp off and gone. he said he would be back to take goods I had covid at the time as well. to stop him coming back it was suggested to me to ring highways England to see if they could do anything, i was advised to make an out of time statement which they excepted and asked me just to pay the original £2.50 crossing charge x2 i did. today i got a letter from northampton county court saying as follows my car reg the respondent filed a statutory declaration/witness statement on 10 dec 20 it is ordered that the order for recovery of unpaid penalty charge be revoked it is further ordered that the charge certificate be cancelled X2 so given this should i be entitled to recover my payment plan money from cder group thanks
  2. I have today to received a letter from the court at northapton revoking my 2 penalty charge notices and asking me to pay £5 to highways England which i have done. after a bailiff visit in early December where my car was clamped after i was 1 day late paying my payment plan however they left empty handed and took the clamp off, this was all while i was ill with covid, my question is am i entitled now due to the cancelation and payment of the original charge to get the money back that i have paid cder group on the payment plan totalling over £60 thanks for any help
  3. Hi Thanks I am just feed up of them i have been with this company for 7 years if not more and is all i have had is phone call after phone call reminding me that i am 1 day late 3 days late and on the Friday 4 or 5 calls reminding me it my day to pay, BRIGHTHOUSE I KNOW MY DAY TO PAY IS A FRIDAY!!!! when my mother died i told them to leave me alone for 2 weeks while we deal with the funeral Of course they did not. on the funeral day they phoned me 3 times once during the service however off course i had my phone on silent, that was over 2 years ago now but i still remember the hassle. I have mental health problems all this reclaiming just seems to be to much hassle. I dont think i am up to it
  4. Hi Yes I have sent a letter the template I got from this site for both visits and telephone calls, I also sent them a letter saying that I will not pay any more charges however the last few times I have been in the charges still remain and if i refuse to pay them then they refuse to take the payment
  5. I have had accounts with bright-house for about 7 years, but have always paid up my accounts right to the end ie:- finished and kept the goods however as i am on benefits sometimes i would miss a payment 1 week but make it up another week I have seen the charges for late payment go from £2.50 to £5.50 I must have paid hundreds of pounds in late fees over the last 7 years. In the last few months it has become very hard to keep up but i do however i find myself paying charges every week now, the company refuses to remove any charges as i have 4 accounts my charges every week are £22 phone calls are continuous to my mobile phone but very few to my home phone. I use a call logging and blocking app on my mobile and have noticed that since i sent a letter forbidding them to phone me they have increased their calls from 2 calls to my mobile to at lest 5 a day + 2 texts, these seem to be coming from a central call center, these happen every day of the week except Sunday, they have also turned up at my house but i refused them entry and then sent them a letter forbidding them and saying i will call the police if they turn up again. I have only 6 months left on my tv and only a few months left on my other 3 accounts is there anything that i can do to stop these cowboys from hassling me? I think i have paid them far to much already. Help
  6. I am a vanquis credit card holder with a limit of £250 due to fees I now have a over limit balance of £320 to help me i set up a card payment plan to pay my balance off by way of my prepaid MasterCard, they said the system will automatically take the payment from the card on the day specified a reoccurring card payment they called it £50 per month I was told that if it failed then i would not get charged and i would need to ring in or they would contact me to set it up again I thought it would fail and told them this, not because the money wasn't available but because of the timing, The way my account works is that the money is not visible on my account until about 9 am and then I have to transfer it from the bill account to the card account which takes about an hour, They always collect the money first thing so it always fails, They have been phoning me every day now to try and get a payment but I have just looked at my prepaid card statement online and there is a pending card transaction for £25 debit By Vanquis Bank this is not even for the amount we agreed or the day, or even the right part of the month they have just dipped in and taken money from me without asking My question is can they do that? If they can Why? or If they cant what can be done because I am worried about them just dipping in and taking my money when i Need it all , I get payed in the morning and now I am worried THanks
  7. Help I defaulted on a payday loan from payday express ever since that day they have constantly phoned my mobile and home phone, somtimes they will phone me I will say i cant afford to pay all at once then i end the call and 2 mins later i get a recorded voice sayingthat i need to contact them this happons mostly 5-6 times a day normaly at 8-9 then at intervals throughout the day. I just could not get them to take instalment or stop ringing me. so 2 weeks ago i got my BT number changed but the still send me txts at 3am and ring my mobile, but now they have started ringing my work place, i am part time now because i have been off with depression due to stress they leave messages on the answer phone say leon wallace has a debt with us please get hime to call us, and they tell other workers that i owe them money What can i do to stop these people i know i owe them money but i have tryed to work out a payment plan but they wont take it the intrest is terrable advice is need thanks
  8. I went in today and cancelled the contract as they would not take the OSC off
  9. On the 23rd/04/11 I went into a brighthouse store to get a mobile phone as i have a sim only contract and need a phone and was told that the only phones they had were iphone 3gs so i thought i would have one of them. i was told they were in stock anyway to cut to the chase i was told that i could have 1 but i Had to take the service cover or they would not sell me one signed the papers and was then told that they had none in stock so would send me one rather annoyed i payed the first payment inc service cover, having thought about it a bit I am paying for service cover and i have not even got the product yet also the contract is only for a year doesn't the apple warranty cover it, help any advice would be received with thanks
  10. Last week i made a payment useing my visa electron card, I have a visa electron because i am on benifits and it alows me to buget as they wont let you buy more than you have the money for in your account, after cheeking my balance i took cash out at a cash machine, today i recived a letter saying i was overdrawn buy the amount of the card payment plus £15 fee. it seems that all is not clear, i found out that the card payment had not been taken from my available balance, and was not showing any indication of even being debited it is a fact that the card paynment was made at 17.24 and the cash withdrawal was made at 19.55, a credit of £205 went in my balace was £206.89, when i went to the cash machine i noticed the availacble balace was £200.00 so thinking that the card payment had failed i took the money outand was going to give the shop the cash which i did on saturday but they said it had been paid i was unable to put the cash back in until monday, the long and the short of it are that the bank is saying that i took money out that was not available to me as i have no overdraft but i thiught that if you did not have the money in the account it would not give me any money, but they say that the card payment was not processed until monday, having paid it on friday that is not true on my satement it says that i made the with drawal from the cash machine before the card payment thus making it look as tho it was my fault i have tryed sorting it out but they will not listen i know i owe the card payment money but not the charge, they say its the day not the time that counts but how can this be right, the manager also said that statement are not always factuly correct if this is true then 1000s of people would be affected by incorrect account data ie if a card payment shown on a statement before a credit then the bank could charge a fee even tho the credit was in before the card payment, this is a flaw in the banks advantage the upshot of it is they will not take the charge off
  11. my brother suggested this, it works well, all you have to do is wherever you are just let them ring, answer your mobile ask them to hold on then put the phone back in your pocket, or if at home play them some music, it works well once they know they stop ringingdont let them have your home number just your mobile.
  12. hi i am having great difficulty with hfo services they phone me at home 3-4 times just latly on a weekend they have been phoning on my mobile 10+ times a day, i have got to the point now where i just hang the phone up. the worst thing of it all is i dont owe any money, I do not know where they operate from but it does not appear to be in this country as the operators sound estern european in voice. They have left messages on my home phone saying they will call round to kick the door down, This Company Need to be stopped. They are operating totaly against the law, i belive they work on behalf of 3. Does 3 agree with this practice i wounder.
  13. Help Nedded i have had a collection lettter from cci legal on behalf of usenext saying that i owe them 74 Euro Converted to £74.10 they give an ip address and an email i have never used. if i am correct usenext provide illegal download and file shareing which i have never participated in. the letter states that all there trial accounts are upgraded without notifacation to full paid accounts and that i owe them this money. what should i now do i have sent a very strongly worded email to cci help would be appercuiated
  14. I have read in this forum about the problems with brighthouse i have told my local store dunstable to stop phoning me to remind me to pay but they wont, the accout manager ignors everything what should i do about this now, and as i have missed one payment they are currently ringing at least 2 times a day to get payment, as my weekly payment is £30 on friday i will owe about £65 which i am well able to pay but my question is there is at lest £12 service cover on 1 weeks payment as this lapses if you pay late should i insist that this payment is taken off before i had over the payment and also as i have payed late before should i ask for a refund of those weeks service cover as well. help would be greatly appresiated ps sorry for spelling
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