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  1. excellent, thanks very much im in the middle of typing up my masterpiece right now , hehehe i'll finish it off and send it tomorrow first class, recorded delivery will update once i hear back thanks again , much much appreciated
  2. Well they didnt phone me like they said they would. instead i have just received a letter from them today stating that they are NOT going to re imburse me for the charges they put on my account. they also mentioned and i quote " i understand we agreed to refund charges totaling £355.50 which credited to your account last year as a gesture of goodwill (when i got money back due to the bank charge fiasco) our action was not intended as a precedent for any further refunds" "I am sure you will appreciate the responsibility for ensuring sufficient funds remain in your account to cover pa
  3. i took your advice flying doc and mentioned everything that you outlined.. it was funny cause after i did the tone of the conversation changed and i got the impression the bank were willing to help me a bit more. they are going to contact me within 5 working days to notify of their decision whether they are going to reimburse me or not ... if they dont should i then mention the financial ombudsman? the first guy i got on the phone at the bank was as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike. he was obviously just quoting from a previously rehearsed script and i got a bit irate with him an
  4. hey everyone thanks very much for all your advice , much appreciated well i phoned up the bank again and actually got someone really helpful for a change. turns out i cancelled the DD on the 20th and convieniently the car insurance company set up a NEW direct debit on the 20th. as a last resort i stated that according to the direct debit guarantee i cancelled within plenty of time and did not give any authorisation for any direct debit to be reinstated therefore the citizens advice bureau told me that it is the banks responsibility to pay me back immediately. the woman then said
  5. by electronic banking do you mean online banking? because thats what i used to cancel the direct debit. how can i pay for instance insurance without using direct debit? I think there should be a massive widescale campaign to end the direct debit system... who's with me?
  6. thanks mate the thing is i NEED to phone them tomorrow as the charges have put me into an unauthorised overdraft situation which they say i need to pay the amount of charges into my account by wednesday. can you tell me more about electronic banking? because after this i am never getting any direct debits again. also i have been hearing people open post office accounts, whats your opinion on that?
  7. Hi everyone i wonder if anyone can help.... I cancelled my car insurance Direct Debit on the 20th Nov , went on holiday and came back to find out that the insurance company tried to take out money from my account , accruing £104 in bank charges. I phoned the bank who confirmed that i had cancelled on the 20th but that they weren't going to refund the charges and that i should speak to my insurance company about re imbursement... i did and the insurance company states that if i had cancelled the direct debit then they shouldnt have been able to take anything ... and that they wer
  8. has anyone ever had this problem... My insurance contract was meant to end on the 23rd October 2008 but my last instalment was made on the 16/9/08. I waited for renewal documents but none arrived so i cancelled my direct debit knowing that my contract had ended so i could pursue other insurance quotes. The company then tried to take out money from my account resulting in £104 in bank charges and then kindly gave me a letter saying they were cancelling my policy and that my "outstandind debt" was £168 in my naivety i didnt notice that the insurance firm will just continue the po
  9. booooooo yep you're right, i should have read T and C properly.. ah well own fault there but its really annoying.. talk about getting you in a trap. so basically say you had car insurance for two months, your car was unrepairable and you didnt have any money to buy a new one , you could be liable to pay the FULL year of car insurance??? or is it just usually one months premium? i could see the purpose of charging you one month premium for cancelling, but they seem to add on more and more stupid admin costs. thanks everyone for your help , you all really opened my eyes on the s
  10. ok I totally understand the angle and point of view you are expressing and also understand that when i took out the policy the official view is that , the contract lasts for a year regardless of what happens (car stolen, sell it, etc etc) you are still liable for the year (hence your burger king reply, lol) but , from a consumer point of view do you think this is fair? surely its unfair trading ? surely i should only need to pay for the service i receive? i think this is tyrannical trading, heheh lets say that i insure my car and i pay the insurance on a monthly basis, then fa
  11. LOL .. ah but thats different I should be expected to pay because burger king would have provided me with a service .. heres a better analogy.. or maybe not even an analogy , heheh if you had cable tv and paid monthly then cancelled , there would be no cancellation fee OR if you had cable for 8 months then decided to cancel they wouldnt charge you for the next 4 months... because logically and rightly so you wouldn't be receiving any channels hence there would be no service if i cancel insurance why do i need to pay for months afterwards when i didn't have a car... this makes no log
  12. Hi , wonder if anyone can help last year my car completely broke down and i had to get rid of it - i cancelled my car insurance (as you would) and a few weeks later got a bill for £85 from them which is the remaining money to be paid including a cancellation charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it just me , but i find this completely outrageous.. imagine going into burger king , ordering a meal, then changing your mind quickly only to be told that you still have to pay the £6 , without getting anything I didnt have a car so why should i have kept paying my insurance till it expired... thi
  13. Thanks to everybody who replied ....... ok heres what happened.. unbelievable!!! I phoned up the bank and stated that for the sake of £29 , they were gonna charge me £105 , totally unfair , etc , etc , etc The guy on the phone said , ok as a gesture of goodwill we will REFUND ALL THE CHARGES , this just DOESNT happen - it must be something to do with the OFT thing because usually they hum and haw, then pass you onto a supervisor , then a manager who ultimately tell you that it cant be done , but this was just a normal worker , really helpful guy WOOOO HOOOOO !!!!! thanks peo
  14. maybe i should just phone them and ask them to postpone taking it out until i get this sorted ... ?
  15. The thing is, they havent taken the charges out yet , but they are going to - also my benefit gets paid in soon and i need that to go to work ... is there any way i can stop them from taking it out? can i ask DWP (or whoever it is) to pay the money into someone elses account for the time being? I cant afford for them to take it , they are going to try to take it tomorrow , but no money in account , benefit gets paid in on Fri and i need it - i cant try the right of appropriation thing cause you need 7 days notice AAARGH!!!
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