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  1. Hello All Had my hearing at the County Court today and had the court judgement stayed pending the outcome of the OFT test case. I'd received a letter at the end of last week from DG solicitors telling me they were applying to the court to stay the case. I rang the court and they told me they had received the application but the hearing would go ahead regardless. I turned up this morning expecting to be told that the hearing wouldn't go ahead or somesuch. If it was to go ahead, I wasn't expecting DG to turn up to defend. The adrenaline surged when I heard the defense solicitor sign in with the court usher. It wasn't DG but a firm acting for them I assume. They gave me a copy of the skeleton argument they were putting before the judge. When it finally came to going in for the hearing it seemed the judge had already made up his mind about the pros and cons of staying the case. I said I would prefer to have a judgement sooner. He said the judgement he made would not be definitive (obviously) and that it would possibly drag on by being subjected to appeals. Therefore I should wait for the outcome of the test case, seeing as it wasn't that far away anyway and should it find against the banks I could claim comensurate compensation for the intervening time... So there you have it. Roll on Jan 2008. I heard mention in another thread the use of an N244 form. Would this be a way forward?
  2. Greetings all. This is my first post! I've been reading threads on CAG for some time now whilst going through my own claim and have benefited no end from everyone's willingness to help and advise others. It's definitely inspiring! Not surprisingly I've been strung along by DG and reached that crucial stage now where I'm putting my court bundle together. The nerves are getting to me. I just want to check I've got everything I need. In the bundle I have; 1) Statement of evidence 2) Correspondence (less the “without prejudice” ones) 3) Bank statements 4) Schedule of charges 5) Relevant case law to penalty charges 6) Early day motion 7) Dunlop v new garage 8) UTCCR’s 1999 9) UTCA 1977 10) SOGA 1982 12) OFT’s summary on credit card default charges 13) Money Programme Bank Commission report. 14) First Direct T+Cs 2003 Is that everything covered? I have to beat the postal strike by sending it in tomorrow... One question I have is this. Do I need to print out an updated schedule of charges - recalculated to this point? Or should I stick with the original one sent in to the court? Hope someone can advise me. Thanks.
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