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  1. Hi everyone I sent my first letter to Lloyds beginning of Jan 2007 asking for over 2k in charges they sent letter back saying no. I sent 2nd letter saying i would take court action and they never replied to it. Then all the claims were put on hold, how do I stand now do I start all over again and send in first letter (I still have their reply letter) or do i now start my court action letter and attach their original refusal letter??? Or am i too late to claim charges back at all now?
  2. Really hoping someone can give me some advice. My friend bought me a 9ct Gold bracelet for my birthday in December. It wasnt a cheap one it cost £85 from a supposedly reuputable jewellers. I wore it from 21st December when i received it and never took it off. on 19th January it fell off my wrist, when i examined it the clasp had just come apart, on closer inspection the links of the bracelet were also coming away from each other. She returned it to the jewellers but they have said they have said it has been snagged and the force of the snagging has pulled the links apart and broke the cla
  3. i am struggling to find the forms on faq which were suggested i download. can anybody point me in right direction.
  4. many thanks for this. so do you think they are in their right to prosecute for this I will do as you say and look on faq
  5. Can someone advise me on this. My friend has just rung to ask if i can find out if she can take action against Llloyds. She and her boyfriend are overdrawn at their bank. The bank has rung her boyfriends father and discussed their account with him, telling him how much they are overdrawn and asking him to contact them and ask them to come in to the bank to discuss their account. They are naturally furious that the bank has done this. where do they stand and can they take any action and if so what? Hope that all makes sense
  6. i have a copy of the cca request and it was sent recorded delivery but i think i threw the receipt away when they replied to say they had closed the account, have i dropped a clanger
  7. thank you both, I didnt think they would be able to get an order on my house but i did want your 'expert' advice the letter is from 1st Credit and i am sure i have the letter from connaught stating that they had closed the case and were passing it back. So how do i complain to the OFT/FOS/Trading standards? is there a template on the site i could use and should i write back to these people or ignore the letter? thank you again
  8. Hi everyone i posted on this site back in August when my daughter got a letter from Connaught collections threatening to take her to court for bankruptcy over a citi financial debt of almost 4k which has not been paid since 2003. I did as you told me and sent them a letter asking for the original signed agreement and as you all said they never contacted us again.........until now She has just had a letter sent to my address saying we have recently obtained office copy entries from the land registry and note that you own/jointly own the freehold/leasehold interest for the above proper
  9. I am currently £150 over my £50 overdraft mainly due to being charge £90 and £30 in bank charges last month. I have just had a telephone call from the TSB to my office phone in front of my collegues asking me why I am overdrawn and how do i intend to get the money back in my account. I just said that i was at work and couldnt discuss it. they said they will ring me back tonight at home. I just said right and put the phone down. what should i say to them tonight???? I do actually get paid on Thursday so my account will be in credit again. albeit for a short time as they will be charging me for
  10. thanks for that, i did think that would be the answer.
  11. My husband went for an interview yesterday with the NHS he is currently working within the private sector. On his application form he stated that under no circumstance were they to approach his current employer for a reference unless he was offered the position (it did actually give this option) To his dismay when he attended the interview the HR Dept. had in fact written to his employer and asked them for a reference. Where does he stand on this? He could now face serious implications at his current place of work who will be none too impressed with him seeking other employment. It
  12. HI everyone, i have still not sent off my N1 form yet (due to lack of funds!) is it worth me sending one off? what will happen if the bank wins the OFT case will i lose my court money as well as the huge amount of charges i have had. yesterday I had a really arrogant man from Lloyds on the phone wanting to know when i was going to get my account back inside its overdraft limit, I told him i would never have gone outside it but for them slapping a £90 charge on me. He just said i should use my bank account correctly then i wouldnt get charged!!!! I am really in a quandry with it all I know it
  13. thanks Gizmo I will personally go along with her and make sure everything gets sorted, was just very worried about her going to jail and what would happen with the children
  14. no idea who the letters are from they are for some vandalism she caused while drunk!! From probably around 18 months ago (when she went off the rails) she has managed to contact a number on there who say there will be no action over the weekend but that she should present herself at the magistrates court on Monday morning. what do you think they will do will she go to jail or wil they allow her to pay weekly with me as guarntor or something
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