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  1. hi thanks for your replys I'm on the case now! either smile or co-op will have to leave this months payments to go out (26-28th) then its all change thanks rivig x
  2. hi Rbs has issued my local court with charging order, Ive been paying my ccj and all previous payments were made on time - can they still put charging order on property? been with cccs since august 2005 and never missed payment I recently sent off court proceedings for nabk charges would this have anything to do with it? I jointly own property now so the only only get a shared interst ( I think) but the equity would be small £15-10 k / 2 (debt is for £27,000 so it would be no where near enough) It worry me out of my mind as I worried work will have to know and it will be in local paper too (my fella knows and very supportive) also my current account is with natwest should I move? cheers quite upset rivig
  3. hi I was with rbs and have a ccj for 28,000, they own NatWest did I do right in opening a bank account with them? do they have access to NatWest accounts? as they now want to redetemine my orginal ccj issued in dec '07 i'm worried they have access to NatWest account details I'm with cccs and pay everything I can cheers rivig [EDIT] Two identical posts merged.
  4. also i can u claim online? - last time I checked into it they advised against it - Is this still the case? cheers rivig
  5. Hi I've been putting this off for ages and ages So I'm going to sort my court claims out with rbs started early on tis year and got nowhere ('cos I didn't do anything...) So best foot forward Im Going IN! :grin: Any advice tips and encouragement welcome! 8)
  6. I got stung via northen rock f0r nearly £7,000 of ERC , I think it was totally unjust but I took out fixed rate still with them but i should have stayed with variable rate with no pentalies they didn't make th eoptions clear enough (as I was very out of sorts at the time) Looking back it fumes that this happened rivig
  7. hi Due to lack of funding i've been unable to fund court, but thanks to rbs paying up mis sold loan insurance i'm able to take them to court. They offered me part last year but i declined, so i'm off to get it sorted. Any advice and tips will more than welcome rivig
  8. hi Many thanks for your post - the 40k is secured and now added to mortgage something i wish i never done! but I am quite happy with cccs I was just keeping my options open rivig x
  9. HI JUST well into reading about IVA's I have been with cccs for 2 and half years (which are really great!) but reading about IVA's. I owe around £36,000 mostly to RBS who are in the process of CCJ:-| and i'm just looking for advice - stick with cccs or go for IVA - still got loads of reading to do! ALSO! I jointly own house with my fella who does not have any credit issues (exceot mine lol!) AND were unsure if to take me off the mortgage (95,000 - 40,000 due to my debts! about 30,000 equity but don't wanna borrow more again they wouldnt let us last time ) as my adverse credit will affect remortgage? has anyone else gone down this path? or any advice or good reading pages? ta muchly rivig
  10. hi just checking you can still claim back even if the bank are taking you to court for ccj? - i didnt counter claim because i was scared but reading around i should'nt have been is too late? rivig
  11. rivig


    hi judt phoned up and checked through me statements seems to be an error on there part not informing me via statement of the charges to be taken - but blah blah blah letter fron the peoeple that deal with it so i'm ringing tommorrow and day after (even without secuitry code) to keep on top riivg
  12. rivig


    hi i've had a quick! read through am not on benfits but very tight budget so will maybe ring e'm later to ask where secirty things are, and plead poverty strickened- which am thanks rivig
  13. rivig


    :o hi just to let you know i'm in the same boat! and unsure what to do as I have got £35 worth of charges going out on tuesday on top of about £150 which has already been taken, again like you if i nnet it i would pop, but can't speak to anyone via tlel phone banking due to them not sending me a new password - so do i pay the £35 in which i dont have or leave it and try and claim them back - i'm off ti look for the forum what was mentioned above
  14. hi there Just getting round to making court claim can I add charges/interest since I last sent them a LBA claim or does it have to be what you orginally claimed for (i've been with the fairys somewhere for past few months) ta in advance rivig xx
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