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  1. Hi. This is only an add on that appeared as a result of an upgrade last week. It is a bit facebooky, thats all. But it is on general view so not the same as PMs.

  2. Hello Seansmum , a very warm welcome to CAG, can you please post and start your own thread in the welcome section- here is a link to make it easier. Let us know a bit more about the problem so we can help you ie bank and what has happened.



    Look forward to catching up with you soon!!:)

  3. Not out of the woods yet, but surviving and making things happen. You OK, I hope!!:D x

  4. Well you are a special one!!

  5. profilepic144141_1.gif


    Save to my pictures in my documents in c drive. Then you should be able to use it as discussed. Any difficulties let me know. bYE K

  6. These should all be on the same thread though Jo:confused:

  7. Still working it out Jo!!

  8. Hi jo- how are you, I,m still trying to work out how to do it!!

  9. Remember this bit is public

  10. Hi Money, hope things good with you.

  11. just posting and then will delete

  12. Hello Mr Lex!! Howz trix?

  13. Cheerio Tony:mad:

  14. have you found yourself yet??:p

  15. Hi have you checked this. It is public. Catch you later.

  16. just checking- how are U:)

  17. still learning and trying it out. These are not private.

  18. Hi Freaky

    apologies was checking out this new system and inadvertently hit the report button. Thought I was joining conversation. So your previous post on this thread was reported. OOOOPPPSSS! Sorry.

    Hope all well with you. Weather up here has been brilliant. However, like all grumpy old men I am now praying for rain!!

  19. Hi, just checking this new system out. Hope all well, Kenny

  20. Hi Tilly, check the user cp. Things changed quite a bit on the IT front.

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