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  1. Hopefully they will explain to the judge why they did not comply with the court directions of some months earlier. This would be very interesting to listen too.
  2. Thank you all for your support. I do feel pretty well prepared and as I requested the defence to be struck out (to Rule 3.4(2)© of the Civil Procedure Rules), on July 13 sometime before the test case was announced I am hoping common sense will apply !!!! Will keep ypu all posted.
  4. Due in court on wednesday. My court bundle was submitted on June 25th but nothing from DG to me or the courts. Applied for the defense to be thrown out on July 1st but was told to wait for my hearing. Dg recently applied for a stay and this morning I phoned the court to be told the hearing is still on. So not quite sure what to expect but suspect the stay will be granted on wednesday. But I will be there to fight my corner.
  5. Aubern, I am in a similar position to you. DG have not sent any details to the court or myself and their 14 day deadline was up on the 11th July. I have written to the judge requesting that the case be struck out and when I phoned today the clerk is informing me that they are 4 weeks behind with their cases so very little chance of any action before the hearing. So it looks like it wait and see time and hopefully sooner than later an offer will arrive.
  6. Dougal, this is an interesting idea but as I have already gone down the struck out route I am not sure it would be wise to change tack now,
  7. Thanks Pete. I have done just that today, i.e. written to the courts requesting the defence is struck out. Have not contacted DG, but it does seem to be a good idea.
  8. chauvesouris I thought so to, but they have had my bundle now since June 26th, and all together 5 nugde letters.The hearing has only been allocated 15 minutes, so no not a full hearing. But my point is DG have not submitted anything and the courts are so busy that any further court orders are unlikely to be processed before the hearing date in September. I think DG know this too.
  9. I submitted my court bundle within the 14 days, ordered by the courts but DG has not submitted anything to me or the courts and their 14 day deadline has now passed. I contacted the courts this morning to be told that this is not unusual and it will only help your case hearing in September. Highly unlikey that any letter I would send would be dealt with before the hearing. I feel like I am running the mathathon ......... but the finsh line keeps moving further up the road.
  10. Moneyhelp Thanks. Know what you mean about being quiet. I have been battling with HSBC now since March and that forum is always pretty busy. But good to know that you are around. Incidently do you know at what stage Barclaycard are paying out out ?
  11. This is my first time on the Barclaycard forum, although I have made three other successful claims against egg, capital one and barclays bank. I have so far received an offer from barclaycard for the difference between £20 and £12 per charge and I am considering a MCOL for the rest, but I do not seem to see many cases won against them or to many others progressing their claims in court. Any history of previous claims would help me decide how I play this one. Thanks
  12. In my case, I had notification of allocation to small track (hearing on Sept 12th), but Order as annexed hereto for 14 days for me and a further 14 days for DG to supply bundles. This followed my application for draft order earlier, I think.
  13. MJ still following your case with interest. DG 14 days to supply information to me and the courts expired today. I have already nudged DG and intend to write to the courts to have the defence struck out.
  14. Shar hank you. I have noticed that Cap One seem to be paying out on about the 21st day of most MCOL claims, so no real surprise here. Good luck with yours.
  15. Karhuss see my thread Party Time. Any goodwill offers .......... phases that include where the sun dont shine.... come to mind.
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