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  1. I realise that deadlines and schedules mean nothing to these DCAs, but I did request that the Postal Order should be returned if they couldn't fulfill my request within the the time limits. So where has my money gone ? I've paid them for a lawful request they haven't provided.
  2. Well that's day 15 gone with no response whatsoever, not even the return of the £1 Postal Order as requested if they couldn't provide the information requested. Couple of questions if anyone could be so kind to clear up. What is the actual point of the 12 +2 working days deadline to produce a Credit Agreement, when they could just take 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months ? Link seem to think I had a Payment Plan in place, I have never had a payment plan in place since Lloyds failed on the CCA request many years ago, I was making payments of a goodwill gesture which I made clear to Lloyds I reserved the right to cancel at my discretion. Which I did Where has my Postal Order gone ? How can I check if it has been used ? Thanks
  3. Well that's the CCA Request on it's way, unfortunately it's going to be well into the new year before they get back to me.
  4. When Lloyds eventually decided to reply to my CCA request well out of the time limit and after a complaint, the letter they sent said "please find enclosed a copy of your Credit Agreement" Unfortunately there was nothing in the envelope apart from the letter.
  5. To be honest, I often wondered why Lloyds didn't take any legal action sooner.
  6. Hi dx It was 2016, that is when Moorcroft started doing the legwork for Lloyds. I have received a Notice of Assignment informing me that Lloyds have assigned all of its respective right, title and interest in the account to LC Asset 2 and they in turn have appointed Link Financial Outsourcing Limited to service the account on their behalf. LC Asset 2 and Link are now the Data Controllers of the account now. I sent a CCA request to Lloyds around 2008/09 but they failed to respond to that, so I told them as a gesture of goodwill I would continue to pay a token £1 pm but reserve the right to cease payments. now after being out of the loop for so long I'm after a little guidance on how to deal with Link. Would a SAR and CCA request be in order to them. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thank you for opening this thread again. I didn't want to start a new one as I didn't know which forum it would come under. I will update tomorrow with the finer details, but basically Lloyds have off loaded this debt to Link Financial despite failing to respond to a CCA request made in 2008. It's late in the day so I'll give a shortened timeline on this long thread tomorrow and hopefully be able to nip this in the bud. Thanks.
  8. Thanks uncleb for the reply. I've never had any such form off the Local Authority Which is exactly my point, when they began Further Education I reported it to the relevant Departments, who in turn notified the Local Authority. At no time have I had to notify the Local Authority directly about them starting Further Education. When he left Further Education I notified the same Departments and my payments from them was adjusted and his name removed from the Child Tax Credits notification, so I think it is fair to think that the Local Authority were made aware as the income from Child Tax Credits changed on the Housing Benefits statements to reflect the changes They have sent amended statements for the period in question from Sept 2018 until March 2021 and the eldest grandson is now listed as a Non Dependent, however, they are still listing Child Benefit for 2 children in the Income section. I know it's classed as disregarded income but it shows that something has gone wrong somewhere, and still is wrong. Even more confusing is the Housing Benefit statements are now produced and sent from a different county, yet they list the Local Authority office to reply to. Too many cooks ? It states that " There is no deduction from your Housing Benefit for these Non Dependents (2), but in the Income total used the amount you need to live on has dropped significantly. That is what has caused the overpayment as far as I can see. Due to his health issues he had no income/benefits at all from Sept 2018 until Sept 2019, that was his choice I know and irrelevant but it's a fact.
  9. I hope someone can assist in this claim by the local council that a change in my household has caused an over payment of £1200. Circumstances are that myself and my wife are in receipt of ESA Contribution Based due to heart problems. We have 2 grandsons and one son living with us. My eldest grandson left college in 2018, the younger one is still in further education. I informed the Child Benefit Office and HMRC about it at the time and he has not been on the Child Tax Credits since then and Child Benefit was stopped. From September 2018 after leaving college he has and still has drug abuse and mental health issues and had no income at all, in September 2019 we managed to persuade him to claim ESA/UC which he did and was placed in the LCWRA straight away after an assessment Two weeks ago I received a letter from the Local Authority asking about the circumstances regarding my eldest grandson and Further Education, which they certainly must have known about because he hadn't been on any Child Tax Credits Statement which the Local Authority are informed of. I have no problem about the fact that I may owe the over payment but what is annoying me is the fact that the Local Authority are provided with all the information from HMRC regarding Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit. At no time have I had to tell the Local Authority that my grandsons are staying in full time education, I inform the relevant departments and they inform the Local Authority as HMRC provide them with the household income and names of Dependents. The Local Authority actually seem to know before me how much Child Tax Credits I'm due to get. I have been sent revised statements covering the period from 2018 to 2020 and they state that there is no deduction from your benefits for these Non dependents(2), but what has dropped significantly is the amount we now need need to live on, approximately £70 per week. The letter states: "I will recover the overpayment from your current entitlement Your repayment will be accepted without prejudice to any further further action the DWP may wish to take against you in this case" There is no mention of how much they are recovering weekly though. Like I said, if I have done something wrong, which I believe I haven't, I will gladly repay it but I feel there is a bit of an administration error here and I'm now in arrears through it. Is there any point in appealing this decision, or any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  10. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Due to personal reasons I have had to bite the bullet it on this. It goes against what I believe in but I honestly need to let this one go. I do have some pictures and believe that the signs were installed after the date I had visited, simply because there was one right behind where I parked, infact the payment machine was right behind where I parked. However, that is immaterial and I apologise for wasting anyones time. Thanks.
  11. I know that, but why do Moorcroft even seem to think I had a payment plan in place with Zinc Group ? They are supposed to be 'administering' my account on behalf of Lloyds. If Moorcroft can't even get the basic facts correct, then why would anyone let them administer accounts for them
  12. Thank You BankFoddder. Just an update to the situation. Since Lloyds asked Moorcroft to administer the account I have not paid them and the letters have been going through a cycle ever since and then stopping and repeating again, with the exact letters being sent, usualy an 8 letter cycle. This years cycle has just started again but strangely Moorcroft have mentioned that the method I was using to pay ZINC GROUP will determine what action I need to take. This seems strange, as I've never had any payment arrangement with anyone but Lloyds, infact I've never even heard of the Zinc Group and had to search online to see who they are Just wondering why they would be mentioning this or is it a template letter again that they haven't edited to suit my situation ? Moorcroft_19_Edited.pdf
  13. I intend going back and getting photos DX, simply because I can't believe that I never saw ANY signs and even missed the machine to pay at. Like I said I've frequented this place many times in the past few years so I think I would have noticed something different, unless I'm going senile The times on the letter are a bit strange, the entry time was dead on x hr and xx mins but no seconds, whereas the exit was x hr, xx mins and xx seconds. I don't really want to go through the appeals process online, confirming all my details in the hope they will show the photos, just the cynic in me coming out
  14. Apparently, on producing your ticket the bar staff will reimburse your parking fee. Not quite sure what that means actually It's not a NTK as such, or it isn't headed as one. It is merely an invite to pay the fee or name the driver responsible whom I obviously have no obligation to name. They don't mention Schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012 in this letter, but could they do so in future correspondence ? I assume it is safe to not enter into any correspondence with them at this stage and await the barrage of threats that will be forthcoming.
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