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  1. money went into bank this morning ...........yeha...hang in their folks
  2. yes i received it this morning in the post will be in bank in within 14 days . that will do me fine it will pay for an unexpected summer holiday ....at i`m` happy thanx
  3. got offer of £1700 this morning ...that will do me lovely
  4. hi I phoned the FOS they stated that you do not have to wait 8 weeks after you have hade your first refusal letter from the bank
  5. hi all , received usual answer from BOS stating their charges were appropriate and legal.. they gave me a timetable of 8 weeks to look into my complaint if im not happy .I am going down the FOS route for £2313, do I give them their 8 weeks to answer my appeal against their desicion. or do I send my case to the FOS now .. any help appreciated thanx
  6. Can You Guys Tell Me How You Claim Over £750 In Scotland
  7. Hi all found out that i am £2313 due over the last 5 years .the small claims court only deals up to £750 in scotland .is it a case, that is the max i will recieve or can i make mulipule claims at £750 ..any help appreciated Derek
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