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  1. Myself and my partner are in the process of taking out a remortgage with Beacon and I must say it's getting beyond a joke. We submitted the application in early June. They came back wanting more and more information/documents, which we provided immediately. Eventually, we managed to arrange a survey, which was favourable. Then we received our mortgage offer and returned this straight away. We subsequently heard from the Solicitors, and carried on providing documentation, etc. Then we received a phone call from a second surveyors looking to set up another survey! As no one had mentioned this to us, I called Beacon, who informed me that this was due to the first surveyor only being able to find one comparable property in the local area when they would normally ask for two or three. Fair enough. The surveyor came and went over two weeks ago, and we have still not received a copy of the report. In the meantime, the Solicitors had everything they needed and were looking to complete around 20th August. Beacon then told them that they would not be releasing any more funds in August, as they had reached their quota for that month (I kid you not!) and therefore the Solicitors told us that the remortgage would complete on 1st September. We received a completion statement to approve yesterday, and were told that the funds had been requested from Beacon. So far so good! But guess what? No completion. Beacon refused release of the funds yesterday as there was a phrase in the second survey that needed to be clarified and they were waiting for the surveyor to come back to them. We have now been told that once this has been received, if the underwriter is happy, then we are looking at completing 'shortly'. If not, it could mean more documents to sign and/or negotiations between the surveyors and further consideration by the underwriter...... It has to be said, I'm starting to lose patience!!!
  2. Hi all, Just thought I'd tell you about my dealings with Carcraft before I contacted Sandra (sorry, Sandra!) so you could see how I get on. I bought my car (56 plate Focus) from Carcraft Merseyside in September 2007. I had to wait around 4 hours in the showroom for my finance to be sorted, but by the time I got out, I was under the impression that my finance was with Marsh Finance, and that I was also paying PPI on that loan. Fine, I thought. No problem. However, it came to my attention a few weeks ago whilst sorting my desk that I appeared to be paying Marsh Finance and a company called Creation Consumer Finance for PPI. So, I wrote to Carcraft, explained that I thought there had been some mistake, and asked them to arrange a refund of one of the policies. I received a reply today stating that I had two PPI policies because I had two loans! One for the car, and the other for a 5-year NAC guarantee. I've never heard of this before, and have no documentation relating to it. I have no credit agreement for Creation Consumer Finance (copy now requested), and have received nothing from them or anyone else about this guarantee business since purchasing the car. I would never have knowingly taken out this cover, as my Dad is a menchanic and has always worked on my cars for free (thanks, Dad!). I have been told by Carcraft that I can cancel the PPIs on both loans should I wish to do so, but now I'm left paying £56 a month for this random warranty. Not only that, but by Googling the NAC cover (as I had no documents relating to it), it appears that I have unwittingly invalidated it, as my car was not serviced within 6 months/6000 miles of purchase! At the end of the 4 hours at Carcraft, I admit that I would willingly have part-exchanged my soul for the car just to get the hell out of there, but the sales person did not tell me what all the papers I was signing were (my understanding was as above), and I even recall that he advised me that I should part-ex in about 2 years to get a better finance package! Why the hell then would I need a 5-year guarantee on this car! Obviously, I will be taking this matter up with Carcraft tomorrow...watch this space!
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